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Collecting Confederate Postal History can be risky. There are all sorts of pitfalls waiting to trap the collector.

The purpose of this exhibit is to illustrate for educational purposes only a few of the more common ways fakers have tried to forge and phony Confederate material.

In this exhibit you will see covers with added stamps, covers with substituted stamps, covers with phony postmarks, and a cover that is an out-and-out forgery. For comparison are also shown an example each of a cover with a repaired stamp as well as a restored cover. All of the covers here displayed were obtained either from private collections, large auction lots, or as individual items from various dealers. Most were at one time or another thought to be completely genuine by the owner. Only two of the covers shown were specially prepared for demonstration in this exhibit.

To the viewers of this exhibit -- I hope that you enjoy my educational display and that you will find some useful information to help you detect the numerous fakes that are just waiting to trap the postal history collector.

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19 OCT 1999 -- An interesting dilemma concerning a cover that was the subject of a 1992 Confederate Philatelist article has recently surfaced. Is the Clarks Mills NC Grid Cover a Fake or a Genuine Cover -- or is it possible to tell? Read about it here.

-- Clarks Mills NC Grid -- Fake or Genuine? --

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