Confederate States of America
Postal History
Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries

Added Stamps

Middleburg, Va Handstamp PAID with an added
pair of the 5c Green Lithograph

The above cover is a genuine Middleburg, Va Handstamp PAID cover with no rate indicated. The pair of Confederate stamps are also genuine but did not originate with the cover. With the "PAID" marking, there would have been no need to also put stamps on the cover. These stamps were added in the direct attempt to fool the collector into believing that this was a very valuable cover. The stamps are pen-cancelled and not tied to the cover. They are also superfluous to the cover because of the presence of the "PAID" mark. These are all clues that the stamps are not original to the cover but were added later.

Adding stamps is a very common method used by fakers in an attempt to enhance the value of a cover.

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