Confederate States of America
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Substituted Stamp

10c Blue Richmond Print Raleigh NC

A very poorly done fake Confederate cover. The Raleigh NC postmark is a post war mark that in no way resembles the genuine CSA postmark. The faker took a post war cover and then removed the original stamp and replaced it with the CSA 5c Blue Richmond printing stamp.

This cover would not fool anyone with a basic knowledge of CSA Postal History because the postmark is all wrong and the usage of this particular stamp is also all wrong. Even the novice postal history collector will note that the postmark does not tie the stamp. The 5c Blue Richmond Print first became available in August 1862 at which time the basic rate had already changed to 10c. Therefore, proper usage of the 5c Blue Richmond Print requires that these stamps be used as a pair to pay the 10c rate. This cover had a $300 price tag on it when I found it in a dealer's stock until I explained to him why it was a fake. The collector of CSA Postal History must do his own homework before making a major purchase.

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