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Counterfeit Postmark

CSA 10c Blue Type II (KB) Blue Brownsville, Tex

The genuine Brownsville, Tex CSA postmark is indeed a rimless mark, but it is known only in black. There are no known recorded CSA usages of a Brownsville, Tex postmark in blue. In comparing the cover with a genuine Brownsville postmark, the size of the CDS is wrong as is the style and spacing of the letters. The postmark also most likely appears to be a rubber stamp. The use of rubber stamps is of course post civil war.

This type of CSA counterfeit cover could easily fool a collector who was not familiar with the genuine postmark. In fact this very cover was offered on E-Bay Auctions recently as a genuine cover and was drawing serious bids. When the seller was informed that it was a fake, much to his credit he then withdrew the cover from auction but later offered it as a fake. It subsequently came into my hands and will no longer be offered anywhere as a genuine cover as I have indelibly marked the back as a "Fake."

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