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This Confederate Philatelic website has been continuously operational since February 1997 and has grown into a major source of Confederate Stamps, Postal History (Covers), and Currency for both the beginner and the advanced CSA Philatelic Collector.

Web Site Designed and Maintained By

John L. Kimbrough MD
Colonel USAF (Retired)

This website was entered in the 1999 APS Philatelic Literature Competition and was awarded a Silver Medal at the APS Stamp Show '99 held in Cleveland, Ohio 25-29 AUG 1999.

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Third National Flag adopted March 1865

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Personal Background
Introduction to Confederate States Stamps and Postal History
Current Catalog of CSA Postal History, Stamps, and Currency For Sale
My Upcoming Show Schedule
Confederate Stamp Alliance
The Stars and Bars
CSA Postal History and Stamps -- Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries
Questions and Answers
Gun Collection -- Civil War Percussion Revolvers
Philatelic Links

Personal Background

Many of you are here because you already know me. For those of you who do not, allow me to give you a little introduction. You have reached the web site of John L. Kimbrough MD -- dealer, collector, exhibitor, and sometime philatelic writer.

The purpose of this site is to introduce the collector to the wonders of Confederate Philately by providing information on CSA stamps and covers, answering any questions from collectors and other dealers, and certainly to offer Confederate material for sale.

Just to give you a little information about myself, I am a full time dealer specializing in the stamps and postal history of the Confederate States of America. I have been a lifelong stamp collector since I bought my first pack of stamps at the local five and dime store back in the 1950's. I began collecting Confederates in 1982, and it has been my passion ever since.

I retired after 24 years of service in the US Air Force in the summer of 1991 (after my Desert Storm deployment I figured I was getting too old for that sort of thing and finally put in my retirement papers). I was a military surgeon and was fortunate enough to retire with the rank of Colonel. Since then, I have been pursuing a second career in philately. My mailing address is below.

  • John L. Kimbrough
  • 10140 Wandering Way
  • Benbrook TX 76126
  • Phone: (817) 249-2447 (9:00am - 10:00pm Central)
  • FAX: (817) 249-5213 (anytime)
  • E-Mail:

Before you ask "Where's Benbrook?" ( I am asked that question a thousand times at each stamp show that I attend), it's a small residential community located just Southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. I am a member of the following philatelic organizations:

  • APS (American Philatelic Society)
  • ASDA (American Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • CSA (Confederate Stamp Alliance)
  • TSDA (Texas Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • FSDA (Florida Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • AAPE (American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors)
  • USPCS (US Philatelic Classics Society)

In the July/August 2007 issue of The American Stamp Dealer & Collector, I was the subject of the philatelic profile article on Page 68. The photo used in this article was taken at my booth at the Washington 2006 International show in June 2006. If you wish to read the article, click the link below which opens in a new window. The article is posted on this website courtesy of the magazine's editor, Randy L. Neil. (Warning: this is a large 2 MB file in .pdf format which requires the Adobe Acrobat reader).

-- John L. Kimbrough MD - Philatelic Profile --

My partner in these philatelic endeavors is Conrad L. Bush of Fort Walton Beach, Florida -- a well-known and respected Confederate collector, exhibitor, and contributing writer to the Confederate Philatelist journal. Connie's book Straightline, Fancy & Unusual Cancels & Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps was published in 1997. The book is a superb reference that should be in the library of every Confederate collector. For more information on the CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels, please visit the Fancy Cancel page. Connie Bush can be contacted at the following address:

  • Conrad L. Bush
  • 39 Iowa Drive NE
  • Fort Walton Beach FL 32548
  • Phone: (850) 243-1638
  • E-Mail:

Connie has his own personal web page. As a Philatelic Consultant, Connie can assist you in planning and building your Confederate Collection, performing appraisals for insurance and selling purposes and answering questions about authenticity, etc. He can certainly be a big help to both the advanced and beginning Confederate collectors.

-- Gen Conrad L. Bush CSA Philatelic Consultant --

Introduction to Confederate States
Stamps and Postal History

Many of you who are browsing the philatelic web while being experienced collectors may nevertheless be new to Confederate collecting.

In 1996, I wrote a pamphlet titled "Introduction to Confederate States Stamps and Postal History" to help collectors get started in the field. My thanks to John Hotchner for giving my little pamphlet an excellent review in the Philatelic Exhibitor magazine in early 1997. Since then, the pamphlet has been rewritten into an illustrated magazine article which appeared in the January 1999 issue of Scott's Stamp Monthly. Presented here is the full article with illustrations. This article is aimed specifically at the beginning CSA Collector, but even the most advanced collector may find it to be useful. Just click on the title to bring up the document and feel free to print it out (9-10 pages depending on your browser) for later use.

-- Introduction to Confederate Stamps and Postal History --

Ever since the above pamphlet was written and then expanded into the larger article, collectors have been asking for a full book size Introduction to Confederate Philately. We have listened to the collectors and are happy to announce that after 5 years of research and 1 year of actual writing our new book Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately was published in 2002.

The Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Color Companion volume to the original Guidebook was published in 2003.

These two books were phenomenally successful and are now sold out and out-of-print. But they can still be obtained occasionally on the secondary market.

UPDATE -- 11 FEB 2012 -- The decision was made some time ago that a second edition of the Guidebook would be published as the demand appears to be there and is very real.  After over one year of work and preparation, The Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition is now finished and is ready to ship. The new second edition is a complete revision of the original book with updated and added new material and is a full 100 pages longer. The original edition was Black & White and soft cover spiral bound with approximately 550 illustrations. The second edition is a formal hardbound book in full color on glossy paper with over 750 illustrations. Please use the Guidebook Order Form if you wish to order the book or click the link immediately below for more information. Price of the new Second Edition is $95.00 postpaid anywhere within the USA by Media Mail. For shipping outside the USA, please contact me by E-Mail for shipping information and costs.

-- Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately --

Enlarged illustrations of the 14 major Confederate General Issue Stamps are presented below. Included are the images of the 1929 Dietz Die Proofs as well as images of the genuine stamps themselves for reference purposes only.

Included with the images are all the pertinent facts about each stamp. These "Stamp Facts" are courtesy of Conrad L. Bush. The "Stamp Facts" (#1, #2, #3, #11, #12, #14) were recently updated (10 DEC 2001) with regard to the largest known unused multiples using information contained in the Robert A. Siegel Auction Catalog for Sale #840 (The Hall Collection Confederate States). The large multiples that were part of this collection had not been seen in many years and in some cases were not known to exist until the collection was made available for sale.

Just click on the Scott Number to bring up the images with the "Stamp Facts" and use the back button to return to this page. These "Stamp Facts" can also be accessed within the "Introduction" article above. Please be advised that these scans (especially of the rare strips) are the property of myself and Conrad L. Bush and are not to be downloaded and used without our permission.

CSA General Issue Stamps

CSA #1
CSA #2
CSA #3
CSA #4
CSA #5
CSA #6
CSA #7
CSA #8
CSA #9
CSA #10
CSA #11
CSA #12
CSA #13
CSA #14
CSA #11 and CSA #12 Color Shades
Strip of 4 of the Frame-Line Stamp from the Bush Collection
Strip of 4 of the 2c Green with Color Dot from the Bush Collection
CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels

My very first Confederate Cover from the Kimbrough Collection
Robert E. Lee Cover and Photograph from the Kimbrough Collection
Jefferson Davis Executive Dept Cover from the Royster Collection

Listed below are 19 articles which I wrote. I hope they will be of interest to both beginning and advanced CSA Collectors (JLK).

  1. -- CSA Stamp Printing Methods and a Short History
    We have prepared thanks to the research of Conrad Bush a summary of the three methods used to print the Confederate stamps (Stone Lithography, Typography, Intaglio) with a short history of how these stamps were created.

  2. -- "Seguin, Texas, June 4, 1865: Latest Known Legitimate Confederate Postal Usage"
    The May-Jun 1995 issue of the Confederate Philatelist journal contains an article that I wrote concerning the discovery of a Texas cover holding the distinction of being the latest known Confederate cover. (Update 5/4/2008 -- as of this date, this cover still holds that distinction as to my knowledge a cover dated later than 6/4/1865 with CSA postal usage from Texas or anywhere else has not as yet been confirmed -- JLK.)

  3. -- "A Prisoner's Story"
    The Jan-Feb 1997 issue of the Confederate Philatelist journal contains an article that I wrote concerning an important new find of a CSA POW Correspondence between a prisoner at Fort Delaware and his wife in Hillsville, Va. The photos of seven of the covers originally published with the article are now available for viewing on-line within the document. The correspondence was shown as a one-frame exhibit at the Confederate Stamp Alliance (CSA) Annual Convention at ROMPEX '97 and was the winner of the CSA "Trustee's Trophy" award.

  4. -- "A Prisoner's Story Revisited"
    Since "A Prisoner's Story" was initially published in early 1997, four additional covers in the Smith POW Correspondence have been discovered. This followup article with pictures of the four newly discovered covers was published in the Mar-Apr 1999 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

  5. -- "Through-The Lines West Tennessee to North Carolina"
    How important is it to keep the original letters with the CSA Covers and not separate the two? Read this report written only for this website and find out. The letter by documenting details of the cover's usage turns a very ordinary looking cover into one of significance.

  6. -- "A Strange Premonition"
    This article which I wrote appears in the Nov-Dec 2000 issue of the Confederate Philatelist. It tells the story of a premature announcement of Gen Patrick Cleburne's death found in a newspaper clipping within a Mobile, Ala CSA cover dated 19 SEP 1864.

  7. -- "New Earliest Known Usage for the 5c Blue Lithograph Stone 2"
    Another article which I wrote reports on a new discovery earliest known usage (EKU) for the CSA #4 Stone 2 stamp and appeared in the Mar-Apr 2003 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

  8. --"Transatlantic CSA Patriotic Covers"
    In 2003 and in 2006, two covers were discovered which traveled from Georgia to England in the Spring of 1861 and which are currently the only known examples of Confederate Patriotic Covers used in the Confederate Period to a foreign country. Read about this important find in an article I wrote which appeared in the July-September 2006 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

  9. --"Jefferson Davis Death Mask Cover"
    This well known unique item of CSA Postal History was first noted in 1946. August Dietz included it in his 1959 Catalog and it also appears in the 1986 New Dietz Catalog as "A Prounouced Freak." Read the story behind this exceptional cover which appeared in the Apr-Jun 2008 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

  10. --"Confederate Missouri"
    Read the story behind a very scarce cover of Confederate Missouri Military Postal History from a soldier in the 16th Missouri Infantry Confederate to another soldier in the 2nd Texas Cavalry Partison Rangers. This article appeared in the Apr-Jun 2009 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

  11. --"The General Issue Stamps of the Confederate States of America" This article appeared in the October 2011 issue of the British philatelic magazine Stanley Gibbons Monthly and gives a capsule history of each of the CSA General Issue Stamps. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  12.  --"Civilian Through-the-Lines Mail Accepted and Rejected -- An Overview" This first part of this article appeared in the Oct-Dec 2011 issue of the Confederate Philatelist and the second part in the Apr-Jun 2012 issue. Read the complete article here. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  13. --"Eagle Furnace, Tennessee -- The Clack Estate" This article appeared in the Apr-Jun 2012 issue of the Confederate Philatelist. Read abount what is believed to be the only recorded CSA cover from Eagle Furnace, Tennessee found in the estate of Private William R. Clack of Co B 43rd Tennessee Infantry. -- 9 JUN 2013 -- Updated with additional information. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  14. --"The De La Rue Stamps of the Confederacy" This article appeared in the October 2012 issue of the British magazine Stanley Gibbons Monthly and tells the story of the Confederate stamps printed in London, England. This article was adapted from the award winning book Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition. The book can only be ordered from this website. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  15. --"Andersonville - Letter to Union Colonel William H. Noble, A Prisoner at Andersonville" This article appeared in the Jan-Mar 2013 issue of the Confederate Philatelist. Read the story of the highest ranking Union officer held at Andersonville and the newly discovered through-the-lines postal route through Union Jacksonville, Florida and Confederate Lake City, Florida. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  16. --"The Gray Ghost: A Prisoner of War Cover -- John Singleton Mosby's Famed Partisan Rangers" This article appeared in the March 2013 issue of the American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  17. --"Confederate States of America -- The 10c and 2c Altered Plates" This article appeared in the November 2013 issue of the British magazine Stanley Gibbons Monthly and tells the story of the Altered Plates, an area of Confederate philately that is very often misunderstood. This article was adapted from the award winning book Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition. The book can only be ordered from this website. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read. Acrobat to open and read.

  18. --"Skirmish at Falmouth, Virginia April 1862" This article appeared in the 1st Quarter 2014  issue of the Confederate Philatelist journal about a cover with a letter containing a first person account of this action near Fredericksburg, Va.  This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

  19. --"Confederate Provisional Stamps of New Orleans" This article appeared in the May 2015 issue of the British magazine Stanley Gibbons Monthly and gives an overview of the New Orleans provisional stamps and the fakes associated with these stamps. This article is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read.

CSA Postal History, Stamps, and Currency For Sale

Here's the section where I am offering items for sale. After all, this is how I currently make my living. I must sell an item or two now and then to stay in business and to keep this website running. I hope when browsing the listings that you will find something for your collection.

This Confederate States Stamps and Postal History dealership is now strictly Internet. Printed listings of the CSA stamps, covers, and currency are no longer offered by mail. The printed listings were simply too large, too labor intensive, and too expensive to produce with too little return from non Internet using mail buyers to justify continuing the practice. The vast majority of collectors are now well versed in using the Internet. The time has come to make the change to a totally Internet dealership. Please check the "Show Section" of this website to see which shows I will be attending as I usually attend all the Confederate Stamp Alliance Conventions and Meetings as well as a number of major shows throughout the year.

These on-line CSA Net Price Lists are updated frequently by removing the items as soon as they are no longer available. New material is posted to these listings on a continuous basis as it comes in and is prepared for sale. Next to the links below are the dates when new material was last added to that particular listing. In order to take advantage of newly listed material, it is recommended that this website be checked on a periodic and regular basis. One never knows what I may come up with as I am constantly on the lookout for good quality material. Newly listed material very often sells quite quickly after posting.

Before examining the Net Price Lists, please review the "Sales Policies and How to Order" section. All images of the stamps, covers, and currency are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox for some reason does not show the table border colors. The images should all be sharp and clear. If they appear a bit fuzzy, particularly on AOL, check your Internet Browser settings and make sure that "Never Compress Graphics" is checked.

Images of ALL the covers, stamps, and currency items on these listings are available for immediate viewing. These images can be easily accessed within the documents.

-- Sales Policies and How to Order --

  • I have available the secure transmission of credit card information.
  • Visa / Mastercard and America Express accepted.
  • Payment can also be made through PAYPAL if so desired.
  • Access to my secure order form can be gained from this "Sales Policies and How to Order" page and from any of the Net Price pages below.
  • Any Questions?


The CSA Postal History and CSA Stamp Databases are fully searchable. If you are looking for a cover or a stamp related to a specific city or town, or perhaps a cover with your family name on the address, or perhaps a military address or endorsement related to a specific unit, then just enter your keyword(s) below. Click CSA SEARCH for a short tutorial and explanation (opens in new window or separate tab) of how best to use the Search Engine with my databases. Those who actually read the short search tutorial and follow the guidelines will have much better success with their searches. This tutorial is more detailed than the "Search Tips" accessed from the Search Engine itself. The search will show results in the CSA Postal History, CSA Stamp, and CSA Currency databases. The USA Modern Mint Stamps on my secondary website are NOT included in this local search engine. Search results appear in a new window or separate tab. This is a new search engine but is very similar to my previous search engine. For a more detailed or more refined search, use the "Advanced Search" option which also opens in a new window or separate tab.

30 JUL 2015

Number of Covers in the CSA Database: 624
Number of Stamps in the CSA Database:  394
Number of Currency Items in the CSA Database:  198
Total:  1216

Search Tips Advanced Search

Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition

-- Guidebook Order Form -- 

4 JUN 2012 -- NAPEX 2012 -- Gold Medal and Grand Award
19 AUG 2012 -- APS StampShow 2012 -- Gold Medal
18 NOV 2012 -- CHICAGOPEX 2012 -- Gold Medal

16 JUN 2012 -- The Second Edition of the Guidebook was noted to have several typographical errors in the Secession Table presented on Page 7 and Page 423. For a copy of the current Secession Table which can be printed out for reference, click the link below (opens in a new window and requires Adobe Acrobat). This is Appendix A Page 423 (corrected and up-to-date with the typos removed) in the Second Edition Guidebook.

-- Secession Table -- 

20 OCT 2012 -- The Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition is an explanatory narrative of the story of Confederate Philately completely illustrated in full color and is an excellent complement to the new Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History. The new catalog is now available for ordering through the Confederate Stamp Alliance website. (Update 7 APR 2013 -- The new CSA catalog is now sold out and out-of-print. Copies may still be available occasionally on the secondary market.)

10 DEC 2012 -- The new CSA Catalog recently published has changed the Secession Table to reflect only 2 MAR 1861 as the secession date for Texas with a three day Independent State period. Texas history and Texas tradition have long accepted 1 FEB 1861 as the actual date of Texas secession and will continue to do so. It needs to be pointed out that the change in the Texas secession date in the new catalog with the resulting radical change in the Independent State period was done over the objections of the Texas postal historians.

8 JUN 2013 -- Dynamic Duo -- Read what Randy Neil, editor of the Confederate Philatelist and the ASD&C magazine, had to say about the two new major publications on Confederate philately -- Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition and the new CSA Catalog -- in an editorial published in the April-June 2013 issue of the Confederate Philatelist. 

15 APR 2015
The long awaited book on Confederate fakes is now completed.
The book is in the pre-publication phase and can be pre-ordered at a discount.

Confederate States of America
 Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies
of the
19th and 20th Centuries

Peter W. W. Powell

John L. Kimbrough MD

This book represents 10 years of research and preparation and is an excellent companion volume to the Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition and the new CSA catalog. Over 150 fake cancellations photographically illustrated and compared to the genuine marking, and the descriptions are all original and never before published including most known John A. Fox Confederate creations. The pre-publication price is $80.00 (including shipping within the USA) with expected delivery in September 2015. After publication, the price will rise to $95.00. The printing will be limited to 500 copies. Bonafide philatelic dealers can contact me ( for the dealer pre-order price. The book can be pre-ordered only by mailing a check or money order for $80.00 per book (sorry no PayPal or Credit Cards can be used to order this book) made out to –

Peter W. W. Powell
5502 Cary Street Road
Richmond VA 23226

-- Net Price List Part 1 --

Covers Posted 28 JUL 2015
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida
-- Net Price List Part 2 --

Covers Posted 25 JUL 2015
Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana
-- Net Price List Part 3 --

Covers Posted 20 JUL 2015
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina
-- Net Price List Part 4 --

Covers Posted 25 JUL 2015
Tennessee, Texas

-- Net Price List Part 5 --

New listings in Virginia Part II.
Virginia -- Part I
-- Net Price List Part 6 --

Covers Posted 17 JUL 2015
Virginia -- Part II
-- Net Price List Part 7 --

Covers Posted 17 JUL 2015
Army Field Cancels, Patriotics, Railroads, POW, Blockade, Miscellaneous
  • Old Time Collection -- A collection of 28 General Issue covers formed in 1949 that has not seen the collector's market in over 60 years. This is a very general collection of various stamps and usages. The covers are presented together as they were originally collected but are for sale and priced individually. 
  • Bush Exhibit -- A grouping of both covers and off-cover stamps from the Conrad Bush Collection / Exhibit of CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels on General Issue Stamps many of which were used as illustrations in his definitive 1997 book on the subject. All the covers listed in this section have been SOLD, but the listing remains posted for examination and reference purposes only.
  • Teffs Collection of Independent State and USA Used in the CSA Postal History. All the covers from this collection have been SOLD. But since these covers are so significant, the collection remains posted for examination and reference purposes only.
9 NOV 2013
The Bush Exhibit / Collection is now posted and ready for sale.
The collection can be accessed using the link below.


The original pages of the exhibit itself can be viewed as .pdf files by accessing the links below.
  • Frame 1 -- Title Page, Synopsis, Outline of the Exhibit, Straight-Line Cancels
  • Frame 2 -- Fancy Cancels
  • Frame 3 -- Uncommon Circle Date Stamps
  • Frame 4 -- Grid Cancels, Army Field Cancels, College Cancels, Other Seldom Seen Cancels
  • Frame 5 -- Railroad and Express Cancels, CSA Handstamps including Provisional Handstamps used as Cancels, Union Handstamps Canceling CSA Stamps, Foreign Cancels on CSA Stamps

-- Net Price List Part 1 --

Stamps Posted 30 JUL 2015
Provisionals, CSA #1, CSA #2, CSA #3
-- Net Price List Part 2 --

Stamps Posted 30 MAY 2015
CSA #4, CSA #5
-- Net Price List Part 3 --

Stamps Posted 23 JUN 2015
CSA #6, CSA #7
-- Net Price List Part 4 --

Stamps Posted 27 JUN 2015
CSA #8, CSA #9, CSA #10, CSA #11
-- Net Price List Part 5 --

Stamps Posted 28 JUN 2015
CSA #12, CSA #13, CSA #14


-- CSA Currency Net Price List --

Currency Posted 16 JUN 2015


-- Items "SOLD" --

28 JUL 2015
  • Items SOLD 1 JUL 2014 - 30 SEP 2014.
  • Items SOLD 1 OCT 2014 - 31 DEC 2014.
  • Items SOLD 1 JAN 2015 - 31 MAR 2015.
  • Items SOLD 1 APR 2015 - 30 JUN 2015.


In response to numerous requests from CSA collectors both beginning and advanced, I have designed a set of preprinted Confederate Stamp Album Pages which I am offering for sale. There are three separate sets --

General Issue Stamps
Detailed Set
General Issue Stamps
Type Set
Provisional Issue Stamps
If you are interested in CSA Stamp Album Pages, click the link below for more information. I am also offering a custom album page designing service for those who are interested in expanding their collection.


In order to have CSA material to sell, I must first buy it. I am always on the lookout to buy good quality Confederate stamps, covers and currency.

If you have any Confederate material to sell (individual items, multiple items, or an entire collection), please contact me with your asking price. I will pay a fair price for good quality material. The emphasis is on "good quality material." Significantly damaged material and "Spacefiller" type material is not desired. Please be advised that under no circumstances will a valuation or an offer be made on Confederate material sight unseen. An offer can only be made after the material has actually been examined in hand for authenticity and condition.

I am a major buyer of Confederate States of America Stamps, Postal History, and Currency. To see my full page color advertisement which appears in various publications, use the link below.


I  have a secondary web site with its own separate domain strictly for the sale of mint modern USA stamps from the year 1929 through 2000 . Many collectors have told me that there is a need for such a site as it can be difficult to acquire odd individual USA stamps to fill holes in a modern collection. If you need to fill a few holes in your USA collection or would just like to visit my secondary USA site, please use the direct link below.

-- USA Modern Mint Stamps --

From time to time I offer philatelic items (both Confederate and non-Confederate) for sale on E-Bay Auctions. Click below for a listing of my current E-Bay Auction Lots.

-- E-Bay Auction Lots --

Of late there has been much publicity both on the Internet and in Linn's Stamp News concerning various Internet Philatelic Auction Scams. I am asked frequently by collectors who do not understand these scams and have little or no experience with the Internet Auctions to explain some of these scams and also to give suggestions about how to protect oneself from these scams. Many collectors are understandably apprehensive about bidding in Internet Philatelic Auctions. I have therefore prepared a short page explaining some of these auction scams with suggestions about how to bid as safely as possible in such an environment. I hope this will be of some assistance.

-- Internet Auction Scams --

Show Schedule

10 JUN 2015

Below is my upcoming Show Schedule. My list of planned shows will be periodically updated as schedules are confirmed and more shows are added. If you are in the area, please stop and see me at my table and mention that you have visited my web site.

  • CSA Mid-Year Meeting Asheville NC 9-10 OCT 2015 -- CSA Members and Guests only with pre-registration required.
  • Middle Tennessee (Nashville) Civil War Show 2015 -- Franklin Williamson County Agricultural Center 5-6 DEC 2015.

Washington 2006 International Random Photos (New Window)

Washington 2006 Washington DC 27 MAY - 3 JUN 2006

APS StampShow Random Photos (New Window)
APS StampShow 2003
Columbus OH
7-10 AUG 2003
APS StampShow 2004
Sacramento CA
5-8 AUG 2004
APS Winter Show 2005
Atlanta GA
18-20 FEB 2005
APS StampShow 2005
Grand Rapids MI
4-7 AUG 2005
APS StampShow 2008
Hartford, Conn
14-17 AUG 2008

Confederate Stamp Alliance

The Confederate Stamp Alliance (CSA) is our national philatelic organization for all those who are sincerely interested in Confederate Philately. 30 MAY 2015 -- The Alliance now numbers 626 members across the USA and in quite a number of foreign countries as well. Some of the advantages to being a member are:

  1. All members receive the quarterly journal (The Confederate Philatelist).
     -- 30 MAY 2015 --The current Second Quarter 2015 issue contains the following articles:
    • "New Orleans Postmaster Provisional Stamps: Were There Reprints?" by Justin Poklis.
    • "An Arkansas Post Adverisity Cover Made from a Slave Census Reveals a New Stampless Listing for Red Fork, Arkansas" by Patricia A. Kaufmann.
    • "Money Letter Handling by the Confederate Post Officeby James W. Milgram MD. (Click the title if you wish to read the article in .pdf format.)
    • "A New Tudor Hall, Virginia, Postmark and Rate Marking" by Stefan T. Jaronski.
    • "A New South Carolina Way Cover" by Harvey S. Teal.
    • "A New South Carolina Independent State Use" by Harvey S. Teal.
    • "Auction Highlights" by Peter Martin.
    • "President's Message" by Richard Murphy.
    • "News  of the Alliance
    • "Book Review" by Patricia A. Kaufmann – Every Stamp Tells a Story: The National Philatelic Collection
    • "Closed Album: Joseph T 'Joe' Holleman (1923-2015)
    • Click Confederate Philatelist Archives if you wish to review and read previous articles that have been posted here. There are currently 66 past articles posted.

  2. Access to an Authentication Service for CSA stamps and covers. The authentication service is also available to non-members, but the fees are higher. For more information about the CSA Authentication Service. (opens in a new window) please visit the Service's separate website.

  3. Annual Confederate Convention and Exhibition sponsored by the Confederate Stamp Alliance and held at various shows across the country. The next Confederate Stamp Alliance Convention is scheduled for the St. Louis Stamp Expo 1-3 APR 2016. Convention Reports and Photos chronicle the CSA Conventions from 1999 to the present including a report and photos of the 2015 Convention at the London, England international show in May 2015. Full details concerning the upcoming 2016 St. Louis convention will be posted when available.
  4. In addition to the annual Convention, the Alliance sponsors another weekend meeting for Confederate Philatelists at various locations throughout the country and usually midway between the annual conventions. The 2014 Mid-Year Gathering was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia in October 2014. The next Mid-Year Gathering is planned for Asheville, North Carolina 9-10 OCT 2015. Reports and photos of prior Gatherings as well as the details of upcoming meetings can be found on the CSA Mid-Year Gathering page
  5. Confederate Stamp Alliance members receive an automatic 10% discount from my Confederate Stamps and Postal History Net Price Lists.

Confederate States Catalog and Handbook -- In October 2006, the Confederate Stamp Alliance announced acquisition of the rights to the New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook last published in 1986. The 21st Century edition of the Confederate States Catalog and Handbook is long overdue and will no doubt be in much demand by collectors, serious students and dealers. The new catalog will take advantage of all the marvelous changes in technology that have occurred in the past two decades and will be a full color catalog. 17 OCT 2012 -- After six years of  intense work, the new catalog is now finished and will be available before the end of 2012. Pre-publication orders are now being taken through the Confederate Stamp Alliance website 7 APR 2013 -- The new CSA catalog is now sold out and out-of-print. Copies may still be available occasionally on the secondary market.

If you are an active CSA Collector, the Confederate Philatelist and the above described discount from my net-price lists are well worth the annual dues. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, just access the CSA Membership Application (opens in a new window) and print it out. The directions for filling out the form and mailing it are self-explanatory.

To learn more about the Confederate Stamp Alliance (CSA) and review the history and services of the Alliance as well as the latest official newsletter among other features, please visit the official Home Page of the CSA using the link below (opens in a new window). As of July 2004, the Confederate Stamp Alliance Website has been redesigned and placed under new managment. I am no longer involved with the design and updating of the Official Alliance Home Page which I first put online in 1999. Some elements and write-ups of my original Alliance Website were incorporated into the new site by the designers. Also, my original write-ups and photos from the prior conventions and gatherings can all be found on the new "Convention" and "Gathering" pages above which are now part of this website. These have also been incorporated with a different design into the new official Alliance website. (JLK)

-- Confederate Stamp Alliance --

Stars and Bars

The "Stars and Bars" is the name given to the Confederate 1st National Flag adopted 4 MAR 1861. The usual flag that is seen and associated with the Confederacy showing the 13 stars in a large St. Andrew's Cross is actually known as the "Battle Flag" (Army of Northern Virginia) if square and the "Battle Flag" (Army of Tennessee) or the "Naval Jack" if rectangular. The "Stars and Bars" flag is illustrated below.

The above is an oil painting by Confederate Stamp Alliance member Ian Tickell of Leigh-on-Sea, England. The flag depicted is the 12-Star Flag used by Colonel John S. Mosby's Partisan Rangers. The original flag is in the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia.

CSA Navy Jack and also the Battle Flag of the Army of Tenneessee

My own primary Confederate Postal History collecting interest has been in the area of the Confederate Patriotic Covers which show the Confederate Flag. I first organized my CSA Patriotic Collection into a 2-Frame exhibit in 1990 and showed it for the first time at the Confederate Stamp Alliance Convention in Nashville, Tenn (NASHPEX '90) where the exhibit was awarded a Silver Medal and the CSA Van Dyke MacBride Award. Since that first experience with exhibiting, I continued to expand the collection into a 48 Page 3-Frame exhibit which was shown at various CSA Conventions over the next several years. The exhibit was last shown at the St. Louis Stamp Expo in 1996. During those intervening years, the exhibit received a number of Silver Medals as well as one Vermeil Medal awarded at VAPEX '95 (Virginia Beach, Va). The exhibit also was the recipient of a number of Confederate Stamp Alliance Awards including the Van Dyke MacBride Award and the William G. Bogg Award. The "Stars and Bars" exhibit has now been retired and will not be shown again at any stamp exhibitions.

Instead, I have posted the entire 48-Page "Stars and Bars" Exhibit here at my web site for the collectors to browse through at their leisure and enjoy. This simple CSA Patriotic Cover Collection and Exhibit took 15 years to form. The pages displayed have been reformatted to better display on the screen, but they contain exactly the same text, data, and composition as the original exhibit pages. I hope that you enjoy the exhibit as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

--The Stars and Bars --

CSA Postal History
Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries

Collecting Confederate Postal History can be very complex. The fact is that many fakes exist just ready to trap the collector. For example, is the cover illustrated above Genuine or is it a Fake? (The answer can be found on Page 15 of my "Fakes" exhibit.) I have put together an exhibit of Fake and Phony Confederate Postal History to help the collector recognize some of the ways covers can be faked. The exhibit now numbers 34 pages. Sixteen selected pages were shown as a one-frame exhibit at the Sarasota, Florida National Stamp Exhibition in February 1999. The exhibit was awarded a Silver Medal. Please take note of PAGE 32 in the exhibit which illustrates and explains an Old Capitol Prison Fake POW Cover. These covers are newly documented fakes which have been around and unrecognized as fakes for many years.

If you are a beginning collector, I strongly recommend that you buy Confederate Covers only from reputable dealers and auction houses that will stand behind what they sell. More expensive items should always be purchased subject to certification by one of the expertizing committees. I hope that you will enjoy the exhibit and will find it to be of some educational value.

-- CSA Postal History -- Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries --

Confederate Philately is plagued by the existence of numerous reprints, fakes, counterfeits, and outright bogus issues of the General Issue and Provisional Stamps. I have put together in this section a demonstration of the more commonly seen fakes and fantasies. Items currently illustrated and discussed in this section are:

Springfield Facsimiles
Altered Plates
New York Counterfeit
Birmingham Counterfeits
Sperati Forgeries
Confederate Fantasies
CSA Fake Provisionals

To view this demonstration, just click the link below.

-- CSA Stamps -- Fakes, Reprints, Counterfeits --

Questions and Answers

In this section, I will attempt to answer any questions that visitors to this site may have concerning Confederate Philately.

This is your chance to talk to me and hopefully obtain answers to some of your questions. However, "How much is it worth?" type questions which seem at times to dominate certain philatelic bulletin boards and newsgroups are respectfully declined and will not be answered. It is not possible to give a proper valuation to a Confederate philatelic item without examining it in hand because so much of the value is determined by the condition. The public "Message Board" function that was once a feature of this website has been discontinued because of the incessant and uncontrollable spamming.

E-Mail me your question and I will do my best to answer it. E-Mail:

Questions which are of value to the entire group will be posted in the "Questions and Answers" section below. Questions currently discussed in this section are:

  1. CSA Perforated Stamps
  2. Differences between CSA #6 and CSA #7 on De La Rue Paper
  3. Condition of the CSA Stamps and Gum
  4. Identifying CSA #11 and CSA #12 stamps and their printings
  5. Differences between the CSA #2 Patterson and H&L stamps
  6. Altered Plates 2c and 10c
  7. Old Point Comfort, Va Covers
  8. CSA #8 and CSA #13 used stamps and fake cancellations.
  9. Advice for beginning a CSA Collection

Just click the "Questions and Answers" link below to review these discussions.


Gun Collection

30 SEP 2004 -- -- Here is a small section that has nothing to do with philately. In addition to my interest in Confederate Philately, I am also a full-fledged Civil War History Buff and have formed other collections as well. For those who are interested, I have compiled a small demonstration of my collection of Civil War Period Percussion Revolvers. I hope you enjoy the exhibit.


I certainly hope that you have enjoyed your visit to my Confederate Philatelic website and will come back often for a visit. Before departing, please sign the Guestbook below. I am anxious for your feedback both positive and negative, so be sure and leave some comments. Your comments will help me to improve the site. Happy Collecting to all.

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Great Seal of the Confederate States of America


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