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Genuine vs Fake

Below are pictured two CSA #13 covers. One of the covers is genuine and has a value of $1000.00+. The other is a fake and has essentially no value. Can you tell which one is which and why?

CSA #13 pen-cancelled and not tied. Manuscript to the left reads "Frdg Sep 28 64." Coarse paper cover addressed to Miss L(?) Scott Auburn Mills PO Hanover Co, Va.

CSA #13 tied by the Linton, Ga postmark dated 2 OCT 1862 with the full yeardate in the postmark. Coarse paper cover addressed to Ivy W. Duggan Q. M. Sergt Richmond, Va with an endorsement at the upper left which reads "49th Ga Reg Thomas Brigade Wilcox Division."

-- ANSWER --

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