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Fake Wetumpka, Ala Postmark

The Wetumpka, Ala postmark is a well-known fake and is listed as such in the 1986 New Dietz Catalog on Page 168. It is not known who created this fake postmark or when it was created, but it can be found listed as a fake as far back as the 1945 edition of the Dietz Catalog.

The cover itself is a genuine period cover and was probably originally handcarried with no postal markings. It is from the Pettus Correpondence. John J. Pettus was the Confederate Governor of Mississippi. This cover is actually from the Governor to his wife. He wrote extensively to his wife as she stayed home in Scooba, Miss while the Governor was in Jackson. So the faker took a genuine handcarried cover with no postal markings and added the stamp and the fake postmark.

The catalog listing is for a fake Wetumpka postmark on a 20c Green stamp with a 1 NOV date. It is unknown exactly how many of these fake Wetumpka covers are out there, but the cover presented above shows the fake postmark on the 10c rose stamp (the stamp itself also appears to be a late 19th Century woodcut facsimile and is not a genuine stamp in my opinion) with a NOV 9 date. The catalog listing mentions only a NOV 1 date and only the 20c Green stamp, but we now know that there is at least one other date involved with this fake as well as another stamp. How do we know that this is a fake postmark? We know because it does not in the least resemble the genuine Wetumpka double circle postmark used during the Confederate period. And Wetumpka was never known to have a postmark similar to this fake. The fake and genuine postmarks are illustrated below. (Cover presented and illustrated by the kind permission of the current owner Mr. John H. Gaskell of Guilford CT 13 SEP 2000.)

Fake Wetumpka
Genuine Wetumpka

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