Confederate States of America
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Fake Bisect on Cover

Raleigh NC Hanstamp PAID with Bisect 20c Green Charleston SC

Occasionally the 20c Green was cut in half and used as a 10c stamp. Such usages were legal but are very scarce. A legitimate 20c Green Bisect usage can sell for as much as $2,000.00. On the above cover, someone took a genuine Raleigh NC Handstamp Paid 10 and affixed a 20c Green which had been cut in half to resemble a bisect usage and then struck it with an extremely crude fake of the Charleston SC postmark using a rubber stamp. In order to hopefully give the cover further credence, the faker also changed the address to read SC (Louisburg is actually in NC). No one but the most gullible collector should ever be fooled by this ridiculously crude attempt at creating a rare and expensive cover.

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