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Genuine or Fake?

5c Green Hempstead, Tex 29 NOV 1861
Alexander H. Stephens Correspondence

What a dream cover. Wonderful Texas usage on an Alexander H. Stephens Correspondence cover complete with summary on the back referencing a Texas Regiment with the proper Nov date included. The cover, the stamp, the address, the summary on the back are all genuine. BUT THE POSTMARK IS A COMPLETE FAKE based on the genuine Hempstead, Tex postmark with exact measurements and lettering.

No display of phony CSA Postal History would be complete without showing what can be done with today's computers. The postmark was created using a scanner, computer integration to furnish the proper date, and a laser printer to print it onto the cover. Close examination would show that this is not a handstruck postmark and that the ink is not period acid fast ink. Just remember, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

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