Confederate States of America
Postal History
Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries


Knoxville 5c Provisional Blue Entire Unused
Forgery by James A. Petrie in the late 1870's

The above is a very dangerous forgery of a somewhat rare and expensive item of Confederate Provisional Postal History. The knowledgeable collector would only buy such an item subject to certification by one of the major authenticating services.

Even as early as the 1870's, unscrupulous individuls realized that money was to be made from collectors of Confederate Stamps. James Petrie was one of those persons. In the early 1870's, he went on buying trips throughout the South looking for Provisional issues. Petrie would buy the originals and then make forgeries based on these originals. His forgeries were very successful and still plague us today. He was known to have peddled his forgeries in Europe to none other then T. K. Tapling and Philipp von Ferrari, the two most prominent collectors of the period.

The above is a known photograph of James A. Petrie in the uniform of a Union Officer. He was an Assistant Surgeon in the US Navy during the War.

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