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You are about to embark on a journey through my own personal collection and exhibit of CSA Patriotic Covers. These covers are my pride and joy. They are not for sale. Presented here is my entire 48-Page Exhibit of CSA Patriotic Postal History. The exhibit has now been retired and will not be seen any more at Stamp Exhibitions. During the active life of this exhibit (1990-1996), the exhibit received a number of Silver Medals and one Vermeil Medal. Also included are two separate AAPE Awards for Presentation of which I am particularly proud. The Confederate Stamp Alliance has honored the exhibit with the Van Dyke MacBride Award (3) for the best exhibit of CSA patriotic covers and the William G. Bogg Award (1) for the best exhibit on the evolution of CSA Postal History..

The exhibit is also something more than just a display of Patriotic Covers. By cycling through the exhibit, you can also follow the story of the various CSA usages and Rates.

To the viewers of this exhibit -- I hope that you obtain as much enjoyment viewing the exhibit as I did putting it together.

John L. Kimbrough MD

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Table of Contents

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