The Confederate government did contract for the printing of postage stamps to conform with the new CSA rates. However, the actual printing of the stamps and the distribution to the post offices, particularly to the small rural towns, was slow. When 1 JUN 1861 dawned, there were no stamps available. Postmasters resorted to having stamps printed locally (with government permission) known as "Provisionals" or to simple handstamp devices showing that the postage had been pre-paid. Items with handstamp devices are known as "Handstamp Paids." PAID covers are common in the early months of the Confederacy but fade from usage as stamps became more generally available. Provisional stamps were limited to only a relatively few towns and cities. Provisional stamps used on patriotic covers do exist but are very scarce and seen only very rarely.

7 - STARS *

Handstamp "PAID 5" 6 JUL 1861
Charleston, SC to Friendship, SC
Single Rate for under 500 miles

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