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Soldiers (Due) 10 Army of Tennessee Field Handstamp Dietz Type A in use July - December 1864. Endorsed across the top “From W. A. Chunn 40th Ga” and addressed to Mrs. E. W. Chunn, Grantville, Ga. William A. Chunn was the Commissary Sergeant in Co I 40th Ga Inf and survived the war surrendering with his unit at Greensboro NC 4/26/1865. Coarse paper homemade adversity cover with minor backflap opening tears but otherwise Very Fine.

CSA #12 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel. Small blue paper cover addressed to Miss M. S. Browning, Appomattox PO Appomattox Co, Virginia. Unfortunately the original letter is no longer with the cover but has been broken out and separated from the cover by another collector. The letter dated NOV 1864 was from Lieut J. Shook Co G 15th Va Inf thanking the addressee for supplying socks to the soldiers. Small piece missing from the backflap and a little corner edge wear upper right but an overall Very Fine appearance.

CSA #11c (AD) (4-Margin Greenish-Blue) tied by the Army of Northern Virginia Field Target Cancel. Addressed to Mrs.E. H. Harding Care of Mrs. C. R. Richmond, Milton NC. The cover was sent by Ephraim H. Harding who was the Chaplain of the 45th NC Inf to his wife. Very Fine.

Army of Tennessee Handstamp Field Due 10 Dietz Type II which was in use Jan-Sept 1864. Very coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mrs. M. A. McCorkle in Care of C. E. Wingfield, Washington, Geo. Endorsed at left “Privet John McCorkle in Co H 37 Rgt Geo Vol ters (Volunteers).” The 37th Ga Inf was an Army of Tennessee unit. Private John McCorkle enlisted 8/10/1863. He is listed as caputured as a POW near Nashville 12/16/1864 and confined at Camp Douglas (Chicago IL). He is recorded as having died of pneumonia 2/6/1865 while confined at Camp Douglas and is buried in the Camp Douglas Confederate Cemetery. Very clean cover with a trivial reduction at the right and minor corner faults at the left. $150.00

Army of Tennessee Field (Due) 10 Handstamp Dietz Type B which is actually a Griffin, Ga mark appropriated for use by the army in September 1864.  Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mrs. D. B. Johnson, Hernson, Burk Co., Geo.  Endorsed at left “From Sarg D. B. Johnson 2nd Redg 1st Brigade Militia.”  The unit refers to the Georgia State Militia which served with the Army of Tennessee June - November 1864.  A letter written by Stefan Jaronski to Earl Kaplan in 1987 is included with the cover which gives a complete history of the cover.  Cover has been professionally cleaned and pressed some time in the past to a Very Fine appearance. $175.00

CSA #12c (AD) (4-Margin Greenish-Blue) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target Cancel.  Addressed to Mrs. A. W. Charles, Unionville P.O., Union Dist SC.  Cover was sent by Private Anderson W. Charles of Co I 1st SC Inf to his wife.  Small part of backflap missing and a very light edge stain at top right. Still a very clean appearing cover. $90.00

CSA #12 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target cancel. Addressed to Mrs. A. C. Hopkins, Paineville PO, Amelia Co., Va. The cover was sent by Rev Abner C. Hopkins (1835-1911) to his wife. Rev Hopkins, a Presbyterian minister, enlisted as chaplain of the 2nd Va Inf 5/3/1862.  He was later promoted Corps Chaplain for the 2nd Corps Army of Northern Virginia. His wife was the daughter of Dr. J. M. P. Atkinson, the president of Hampden-Sidney College. Very Fine Cover Signed by Brian Green. $200.00

CSA #12 (AD) (4-Margin with a little edge gum toning and a minor corner fault at the upper right) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target cancel. Addressed to Mr. Jas. A. Debnam, Louisburg (Franklin County), N. Carolina. James A. Debnam had a son in the Army of Northern Virginia, Thomas R. Debnam in Co G 47th NC Inf. Private Debnam is listed as having Died of Disease but a date is not given. Also in the same company was Private William R. Debnam. Thomas and William were not brothers but were most likely cousins as the company was raised in Franklin County NC and they enlisted at the same time about one month apart. Private William R. Debnam was transferred into Co D 8th NC Inf on 1/3/1863. The 8th NC Inf was part of the ANV in late 1864. Not sure which one of these two soldiers sent the cover as could not find a date of death for the son. Part of backflap missing, but still a very clean cover. $100.00

CSA #11c (AD) (4-Margin Greenish-Blue) tied by a partial strike of an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target Cancel. Orange paper cover addressed to Miss Lizzie Beard, Harrisonburg Rockingham County, Va. Cover most likely sent by Henry Clay Krebs (1839-1911) of Co H 13th Va Inf as Lizzie Beard and Pvt Krebs were married in 1865. Clean appearing cover but with a sealed tear at the left. APS Certificate 2008. $60.00

CSA #11 (AD) (4 Large Margins) with an Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel (ANV-11 with 10 Bars Unenclosed). Period docketting dates the cover to August 1864. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mr. Michael Walters, Wytheville, Va. The addressee had three sons who served in the Confederate Army -- 1) James Walters enlisted 5/1/1862 in Co C 51st Va Inf and deserted 8/5/1863, 2) John Walters enlisted 7/20/1861 in Co C 51st Va Inf and was captured as a POW at Waynesboro (Va) 3/2/1865 and confined at Fort Delaware, 3) Mitchel Walters enlisted 4/10/1862 in Co I 29th Va Inf and is the one most likely to have sent this cover home to his father as the 29th Va Inf was with the ANV in August 1864. James could not have sent it as he deserted the previous year, and John could not have sent it as his regiment was in the Valley in August 1864 and not with the ANV. Very Fine with an exceptionally nice stamp. $125.00

CSA #12c (AD) (4-Margin but ittegularly cut Greenish Blue) tied by two strikes of the Army of Tenn Straight Line Cancel (ATN-02a). Much better than average strike of the scarce military straight line. Coarse brown paper cover which appears to be homemade addressed to Miss T. L. Pittman, Athens, Ga. Sender is not identified but most likely a relative or boyfriend of the addressee in a Georgia regiment. $750.00

CSA #11c (AD) (4-Margin Greenish-Blue) tied by the Army of Northern Virginia Army Field Target Cancel (ANV-13). Light borwn coarse brown paper cover which appears to be homemade addressed in pencil to Mrs. C. G. Davenport, Cary Post Office, Wake County NC. The cover is from Sergt C. G. Davenport of Co F 11th NC Inf, an ANV unit of Pettigrew’s Brigade, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps. Minor reductions left and right, otherwise Very Fine. $150.00

CSA #12 (AD) Light Blue (4-Margin) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target Cancel (ANV-13). Addressed to Mrs. Amelia D. Strobel Care of Mrs. Oscar Johnson, Newbury, So. Ca. Turned Cover with the inside use showing a partial Charleston SC CDS (missing stamp inside) addressed to Wm E. Haskill Esqr, Cashier P & M (Planters & Merchants) Bank, Columbia SC.Very Fine. $125.00

CSA #12c (AD) (4-Margin but close on the left) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel Dietz Type ANV 1ED. Addressed to Miss Mollie L. Manning, Tangipaho Parish St Helena, La. Period pencil notation on the front of the cover dates the cover to 1 DEC 1864. Tangipaho, La in St. Helena Parish is in the small part of Louisiana that is on the east side of the Mississippi River. Therefore, the Trans-Mississippi Express rate in late 1864 would not apply. Minor backflap opening tears, otherwise Very Fine.$150.00

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel. Addressed to Mr. Robert Love Care John Wilson Esq, Swoops’ Depot Augusta Co., Va. Light pencil endorsement top center “9th La Inf, Hays Brigade, Earlys Division, Ewells Corps.” The 9th La Inf (Lousiana Tigers) was the most distinguished Louisiana unit in the entire war and served with distinction in the Louisiana Brigade of the 2nd Corps ANV (Jackson’s Foot Cavalry). The field cancel and endorsement would date this cover to either late 1864 or early 1865 when the unit was with the ANV at the Siege of Petersburg. The only “Love” in the unit was the regimental surgeon, William S. Love. So this cover most likely is from Surgeon William S. Love to a relative in Virginia. William S. Love was appointed Assistant Surgeon by the Secretary of War 10/1/1861 and Surgeon 7/1/1862 while in Clark County, Virginia. He was ordered to the 15th La Inf in Sept 1862 and is recorded as absent due to illness Nov-Dec 1862. He was ordered to the 9th La Inf 4/20/1863 but was on detached duty for a time at Winchester, Va beginning July 1864 rejoining the regiment later that year. His name appears on a roll of prisoners captured on 4/3/1865 at Richmond, Va and paroled 5/1/1865. Cover shows just a little light foxing and some minor edge wear but still has an overall Very Fine appearance.$150.00

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) with an Army Field Framed Grid Cancel.  Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Miss Kate M. Thornton, Forkland, Greene County, Alabama.  The addressee had a brother, Private B. B. Thornton, in the 3rd Ala Cav who is most likely the one who sent this cover home to his sister.  That unit was an Army of Tennessee unit.  The grid is consistent with a 7-Bar Framed Grid Army of Tennessee Field Cancel.  Reduced at left not affecting anything.  Edge wear at both lower corners.  Very clean cover.$90.00

CSA #11b (AD) Dark Blue (margin touches at left) tied by the Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel (10 Bars Unframed ANV-11). Coarse brown paper homemade cover addressed to Alexander Donnan Esqr, Attorney at law, Petersburg, Va. The addressee, Alexander Donnan (1818-1892), was a wealthy Petersburg merchant and lawyer. During the war years, he was a member of the Petersburg City Council. The addressee had no sons of military age, so the sender of the cover is unidentified but was most likely a relative as the Donnan family was very prominent in Petersburg. The period notation at top center is of unknown significance but appears to read “auditor (1864 date that is not fully legible) AD.” Minor horizontal central file fold not affecting anything. Very Clean Cover.$100.00

CSA #12c (AD) Greenish-Blue (margin close on the left) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Target Cancel. Adversity Cover made from recycled newsprint. Addressed to Mrs. Jno C Whitwell Care Capt J. C. Whitwell, VMI, Lexington, Va. Captain John Coyle Whitwell was in charge of the Commissary Department at VMI 1862-1864 and was with the Corps of Cadets at New Market. The sender of the cover is not identified. Turned handcarried use on the inside of the cover to Richmond, Va dated 20 JAN 1864. Backflap opening tears but a clean cover with a VMI connection. $150.00
CSA #12d (AD) Dark Blue (margin just in at right) tied by an Army of Northern Virginia Field Grid Cancel (10 Bars Unframed ANV-11). Addressed to Miss Jennie P. Barron, Charlotte C. House, Virginia. Backflap missing, otherwise a very clean cover.$75.00
Army of Northern Virginia Field (Due) 10 Handstamp (ANV-19 in the new CSA catalog) used during the Siege of Petersburg. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mr. J. J. Heath, Girard PO, Burke County, Georgia. Endorsed at left "W. O. M. Phillips Legion Wofford's Brigade." Small reduction at the right just to the address, otherwise a very clean cover.$75.00


Two very newly discovered CSA Patriotic Covers which at the present time represent the only two known CSA Patriotic covers used to a foreign destination during the Confederate period. Both covers are from the same correspondence with usage about one week apart. These two covers are the subject of an article ("Transatlantic CSA Patriotic Covers") which appeared in the June - September 2006 issue of the Confederate Philatelist journal. The first cover (PAT 138) was found in 2003, and the second (PAT 138A) was only discovered in January 2006 and is therefore offered here for sale for the very first time anywhere. (These two covers were previously sold but remain posted here for all to see since they are extremely important recent finds.  The first cover PAT138 currently resides in a major private collection.  The second cover PAT138A is currently part of a major Confederate Postal History exhibit.)

CSA Stars and Bars Flag Patriotic Cover in Full Color Dietz Type F7-19 Trans-Atlantic Usage from Augusta, Georgia to Liverpool, England March - April 1861. Cover was mailed unpaid from Augusta, Georgia with the small Augusta, Ga double circle CDS 26 MAR 1861. There is a manuscript “DUE 24” in pencil across the top to assess the 24c Trans-Atlantic rate applied in Augusta at the time of mailing (an unnecessary mark as postage due was to be collected in England on delivery). Cover arrived in New York City and received the “New York Br Packet 5” mark dated 2 APR (1861). The date of the New York City mark was a Sunday in 1861, and there were no sailings on that date from New York. The only sailing compatible with this cover is from Boston on 3 APR 1861, so the cover must have been transferred to Boston by closed mail and then sailed on the Cunard Packet “Canada” arriving in Queenstown 15 APR (1861) and then arriving in Liverpool, England the next day. Manuscript 1/- applied to the cover in England indicating 1 Shilling Due for the Trans-Atlantic crossing. The Liverpool receiving mark is on the face of the cover dated 16 APR 1861. This cover was only very recently discovered in an old collection in England and was in the collection as a FRONT only. The front was submitted to the PF for certification in 2003 and received PF Certificate #0394308. At the present time, this is one of only two known Confederate Patriotic Covers to a foreign destination during the Confederate Period. The second cover (also a front) was very recently discovered in England and is from the same correspondence in March 1861 but a different flag design (offered for sale below as PAT 138A). This covers is pre-blockade but falls into the USA Used in the CSA period for Georgia. Since the PF Certificate for this cover was issued, the cover front has been expertly rebacked for purposes of preservation and has a Very Fine appearance. A beautiful CSA Patriotic with a very scarce patriotic usage ready to exhibit.

Overall CSA Stars and Bars Flag Patriotic Cover in Full Color Dietz Type F7-2 Trans-Atlantic Usage from Augusta, Georgia to Liverpool, England March - April 1861. Cover was mailed unpaid from Augusta, Georgia with the small Augusta, Ga double circle CDS 20 MAR 1861. Cover arrived in New York City and received the “New York Br Packet 5” mark dated 27 MAR (1861). This cover sailed on the Cunard British Packet "Arabia" which departed that date from New York. The Liverpool receiving mark is at the lower left dated 8 APR 1861. The prominent British manuscript “1/-” is quite apparent for the 1 shilling due on delivery. This cover was only very recently discovered in January 2006 in an old collection in England and was in the collection as a FRONT only and is offered here for sale for the first time. The front was recently submitted to the CSA for certification and received CSA Certificate #4738. At the present time, this is the second of only two known Confederate Patriotic Covers to a foreign destination during the Confederate Period. This cover is pre-blockade but falls into the USA Used in the CSA period for Georgia. Since the CSA Certificate for this cover was issued, the cover front has been expertly rebacked for purposes of preservation and has a Very Fine appearance. A beautiful CSA Patriotic with a very scarce patriotic usage ready to exhibit.

CSA #2 Paterson (4-Margin but with a little foxing and toning) tied by the Augusta, Ga CDS (date not full apparent). Stars and Bars Patriotic Cover Dietz Type F11-16 in Black with Verse 2 (“On, on to the rescue, the Vandals are coming...”), Slogan 2 (“Confederate States of America”), and Imprint 11 (“Sold by J. W. Randolph, Richm’d”). Very coarse dark brown paper cover addressed to Mr. Joseph S. Thurman, Hamburg So. Ca. Care T. Reese. Cover with a little light foxing and very slightly reduced at the left.

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin but close at left) tied by two partial strikes of the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6p 13 OCT (1864).  Patriotic Cover showing the Large Dragoon Design Dietz Type SM-1 in balck with Verse 9 (“Gather around your Country’s flag,...”).  Very late use of a Patriotic Cover.  Addressed to Capt R. H. Branch, Oakville Appomattox, Va.  Could not find a Capt R. H. Branch as either a staff or field officer in the Confederate Army, so rank most likely local, state or pre-war.  There was a prominent family named Branch living in Appomattox County at that time.  The cover was very likely sent by the addressee’s son, Private James Peter Branch Co A 20th Va Battn Heavy Artillery whose unit was assigned as part of the Richmond defenses in 1864.  Private Branch enlisted at age 18 into Co A 44th Va Inf on 8/15/1861. He was transferred to the artillery 3/27/1862.  He was captured as a POW at Farmville (Va) near the end of the war 4/6/1865 and confined at Point Lookout, Md until released 6/23/1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance.  Backflap missing otherwise a Very Fine appearance.  Ex-Maroni Collection.

CSA #1 Stone 2 Position 18 (4-Margin with a small corner clip at the upper right in the margin only) tied by a partial strike of the Tudor Hall, Va CDS (date not fully apparent). Stars and Bars Patriotic Cover Type F11-16 in black with Verse 5 (“Bright banner of freedom...). Addressed to Mrs Sallie Whiting Care Wm T. Simmons Esq, Danville, Va. Cover most likely sent by a Virginia soldier home to his wife or mother but am not able to identify the soldier. Cover shows light water staining over the left half of the cover, a little edge wear top and bottom, and a missing backflap. Still quite a decent representative patriotic cover with a nice stamp. Ex-Bogg. $350.00

CSA #2b Paterson Dark Blue (margin just barely in at the top left and two small surface scrapes which do not detract) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3f 17 AUG 1862. Flag Over Cannon Patriotic Cover Type CN-1C (12 Stars) in Black with Verse 13 (“Gather around your country’s flag...). Addressed to Mrs. Mary C. Roberts, Yanceyville NC To the Care ofMr. Elijah Roberts. Elijah Roberts had a son, William A. Roberts, who enlisted as a private in Co A 14th NC Inf in the early summer of 1862. The regiment was an ANV unit, and Private Roberts is the most likely sender of this cover. Private Anderson was wounded in the hand at Sharpsburg and was with his unit at Gettysburg. After the war, William Anderson Roberts (1837-1900) became quite a well-known American portrait painter. The cover underwent a light cleaning in the past and very professional edge restorations to a Very Fine appearance. $1,750.00

CSA #2e Paterson Stone Y (4-Margin with stamp affixed on the reverse to seal the backflap) 28 OCT 1862 tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3f 17 AUG 1862. Flag Over Cannon Patriotic Cover Type CN-1C (12 Stars) in Black with Verse 56 (“With the cannon’s flash...). Addressed to Mr. J. W. Walker Esqr in care of Capt Waters, Salisbury NC. Capt Samuel B. Waters commanded a company of prison guards at the Salisbury Military Prison. The addressee was most likely a guard at the prison. The cover some time in the past underwent a professional restoration with a cleaning and the expert replacement of the two back side flaps. Very nice Stone Y stamp which was not damaged in opening. Ex-Knapp Collection. $850.00

CSA Patriotic Cover UNUSED Type F7-7B  in full color. Very Fine.$100.00

Handstamp PAID (no rate) with the Dawson, Ga CDS 21 NOV 1861 (part of date logo inverted) addressed to Henry Williford, Paoli, Madsion Co., Ga. Stars and Bars (11-Star) Patriotic Cover F11-14 in full color. Most of backflap missing and an edge repair at bottom right center. The repair is quite unobtrusive giving the cover an overall very clean appearance. $1,500.00

CSA #2 H&L tied by a full strike of the Tudor Hall, Va CDS 2 JAN 1862. Cover front only addressed to Mrs. Sarah Law, London, Cass County, Texas. Trans-Mississippi use most likely from a Texas soldier writing home to his wife or mother. Stars and Bars (11-Stars) Patriotic Cover Front F11-9 in full color with Slogan 52 (“I go to Illustrate Georgia...Bartow”). Edge repair top center. Very presentable appearance.$750.00

Soldiers Due 10 Handstamp (Type C) with the Culpeper CH, Va CDS 10 NOV. Addressed to Mr. John Campbell, Anderson CH, So. Ca. Endorsed at lower left “Corporal W. H. Campbell Co H 7th Regt SCV” at lower left. Stars and Bars (13-Stars) Patriotic Cover F13-2 in blue. Unsigned notation on the reverse by M. Hubert Judd. Minor light foxing and staining. Still a very clean cover.$1,000.00

“Fairfax Station (Va) July 13 (1861) Paid 5” all in manuscript. Addressed to Miss Mary E. Sangster Care Rev W. W. Bennett, Richmond, Virginia. Stars and Bars (7-Stars) Patriotic Cover in full color F7-4. The cover has been professionally restored involving the backflap, the top edge, and part of the manuscript to a Very Fine appearance.$750.00

Soldiers Due 10 Handstamp (Type Q) with a partial strike of the Richmond, Va CDS 7 JAN 1863. Stars and Bars (11 Stars) Patriotic Cover in black Type F11-16 with Verse 13 (Gather around your country’s flag...). Addressed to Mr. D. W. McCormack, Torrence, Mississippi. Endorsed at lower left “a soldiers letter J. W. Jones Co D 46 Reg Miss Vol.”  The letter was sent by Corpl John W. Jones of Co D 2nd Miss Infantry Battalion. The unit was redesignated as the 48th Miss Inf Regiment in January 1863. The regiment designation in the endorsement is incorrect as it was probably a bit confusing to the soldiers. The 46th Miss Inf was an Army of Tennessee unit and was never in Virginia. The original letter remains in the cover and contains detailed information of what the soldier observed on the battlefield at the Battle of Fredericksburg in December 1862. Excellent soldiers letter which has some creative spelling but is easy to read and has fascinating battle content. The letter is datelined “In Camp near Fredericksburg, Va January 4th 1863” and contains content such as “the yanks throw their dead men in piles and thrown dirt on them for brest works to fight behind and to keep us from going.” Cover is complete and shows a little wear and light foxing. The letter is very fine. $1,800.00



CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) Pen-Cancel with a light but legible strike of the Cobham Va C RR (Virginia Central Railroad) CDS to the left (date not fully apparent). Very clean cover which is not from the Rives Correspondence but is addressed instead to Major Wm S. Dabney, Charlottesville, Va. The addressee was not associated with the CSA Army but was a prominent planter in the Charlottesville area.

CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin with a small upper sheet margin tied by a somewhat blurry strike of the oval Wartrace N. & C. R.R. (Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad) postmark (date not apparent). The original letter remains with the cover datelined /“Wartrace, Tenn March 18, 1863.” The cover is from the Thompson Correspondence addressed to A. W. Thompson Esq, Jefferson PO Chesterfield Dist SC. From other letters in the correspondence, the sender was Private A. W. Thompson, Co C, 6th Ark Inf. In the letter Private Thompson is asking his father to enquire into the possibility of his transferring to a South Carolina unit in Adams Run SC and to followup with Capt Hough (Capt Hough’s Company Co K 6th SC Cav) as he had received no reply to his transfer request. Included with this group is a short letter from Capt Hough datelined “Adams Run March 13th 63” which is his reply. In this letter, Capt Hough outlines how complex such a transfer would be and and that basically the transfer would be impossible at this time. Private Thompson never received a transfer and remained with his unit subsequently receiving a severe wound at the Battle of Atlanta 7/22/1864 and did not survive the war. The cover is clean and complete. The letters are very legible as Private Thompson was very literate and wrote detailed letters. $500.00

CSA #2 Paterson (very faulty stamp with the left upper quarter of the stamp missing) tied by a much better than average strike of the Wartrace N. & C. R.R. (Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad) oval postmark FEB 9 1863. The original letter from the Thompson Correspondence remains with the cover datelined “Wartrace, Tenn Feb 2, 1863” and addressed to A. W. Thompson, Catarrh PO Chesterfield Dist SC. From other letters in the correspondence, the sender was Private A. W. Thompson, Co E, 6th Ark Inf. In the letter, Private Thompson gives details of the Battle of Murfreesboro (12/31/62-1/1/1863) “ regiment lost 25 men killed at the battle of last colonel was mortally wounded and taken prisoner...” In the letter he also requests that his father help him in getting a transfer to a South Carolina unit. Private Thompson was hospitlized in Knoxville 10/31/1863 - 12/31/1863. He served on detached duty as a police guard in the city of Knoxville in January 1863 before rejoining his regiment on 2/1/1863. He did not particiate in the Battle of Murfreesboro. He never received a transfer as he wanted but remained with his unit subsequently receiving a severe wound at the Battle of Atlanta 7/22/1864 and did not survive the war. Cover is clean with edge and corner wear and the faulty stamp. The letter is quite legible as Private Thompson was very literate and wrote detailed letters. $350.00

Soldiers “Due 10” (ms) with the dateless Bristol V & T RR (Virginia and Tennessee Railroad) CDS. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Mr. Bolling Hall, Montgomery, Ala. Endorsed at upper left “J. E. Hall Lt Company E 2nd Batt Ala Legion.” Bolling Hall was a prominent planter citizen of Montgomery, Ala who had sons in the Confederate Army. John E. Hall was his third son who enlisted in 1861 at age 19. The unit in the endorsement was Hilliard’s Alabama Legion which was dissolved in November 1863 with parts of the Legion incorporated into the 60th Ala Inf and the 59th Ala Inf. John E. Hall (later promoted Captain) with his two brothers, Bolling Jr and Crenshaw, continued service in the 59th Ala Inf. John E. Hall (1842-1882) is listed as wounded at Petersburg (Va) in 1864. Very clean cover.$500.00

CSA #12d (AD) Greenish-Blue (4-Margin with a small left sheet margin) tied by an excellent strike of the dateless Bristol V&T RR (Virginia & Tennessee Railroad) CDS. Addressed to Mrs. T. J. Thompson, Newberry CH SC Care of James Sloan. Not a full cover but a turned cover front with the second use CSA #11 (AD) (tight margins on three sides) tied by the Newberry CH SC small double circle CDS (date not apparent). Military Address to Mr. T. J. Thompson, Lynchburg, Va, Longstreets Corps, Kershaws Brigade, 3rd SC Regt Co C. Private T. J. Thompson, the sender of the first use to his wife and the recipient of the second use from his wife, is listed as wounded severely in the shoulder at The Wilderness 5/6/1864. No further record. A railroad use as part of a turned use is scarce. And this cover has an exceptionally nice strike of the Bristol railroad postmark. Most of the Bristol postmarks are only partial strikes. $575.00

CSA #11d (AD) Greenish-Blue (margin just in at bottom) tied by a full strike of the dateless Bristol V & T RR  (Virginia & Tennessee Railroad) CDS. Addressed to A. S. (cannot decipher the last name due to the handwriting), Spring Valley, Grayson County, Va. Top backflap missing, a little light soiling, and edge and corner wear. Excellent strike of the railroad postmark.  $250.00

CSA #12 (AD) (4-margin) tied by an excellent strike of the dateless Bristol V & T RR  (Virginia & Tennessee Railroad) CDS. Clean orange paper cover with a faded address to Laurens CH SC. $350.00
CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin with a little edge gum toning) pen-cancel with the small Fisherville Va C RR (Virginia Central Railroad) CDS at the left 1 NOV. The postmark almost looks red but is actually a somewhat degraded black. Addressed to Miss Mary M. Houser, Greenville, Augusta County, Virginia. Very Fine.$750.00



Libby Prison Richmond, Va Post War Photo.

Inside South-to-North Throuth-the-Lines POW Cover which originated in Charleston SC. Endorsed at left “Prisoner of War Letter Charleston SC” and “Per Flag of Truce” at upper left. Union Annapolis, Md double ring CDS and Target with handstamp “Due 6” dated 20 OCT 1864.  Flag of Truce Boat most likely skipped Fortress Monroe and went on up to Annapolis where the cover entered the Federal mail system.  Blue paper cover addressed to Mr. Samuel B. Talpey, Lynn, Mass.  Cannot identify who sent the cover as there is no Union soldier listed as a POW named Talpey.  Backflap opening tear and professional edge and corner repairs to a Very Fine appearance.  Unusual POW usage Ex-Kohn, Ex-Walske. $750.00

South-to-North cover from Thomaston, Ga to POW at Camp Douglas, Ill.  Cover originated in Thomaston, Ga with the Thomaston, Ga CDS (date not fully apparent) and manuscript “Paid 10” for the CSA postage.  Orange paper cover addressed to Mr. James F. White, Co B 55 Ga Regt, Barracks No 12, Camp Douglas, Ill and routed through Richmond, Va.  The Federal postage was paid with a USA #65 stamp also tied by a second strike of the same Thomaston, Ga CDS which shows that the stamp was applied to the cover by the sender in Georgia.  No Union postal markings.  Very unusual to see a POW cover with the Federal stamp canceled only by the CSA postmark. “By Flag of Truce” at left.  Manuscript “Ex” and pencil notation on the contents “$10 Confederate Money” and “$1 US Banknote.” Additional manuscript notation “Can’t be found.”  Most of Co B 55th Ga Inf was captured at Cumberland Gap, Ten in 1863 and sent to Camp Douglas. But there is no James F. White recorded on the roster of the 55th Ga Inf, and he apparently could not be found at the prison.  So uncertain of the soldier’s actual fate due to lack of records.  Cover clean but shows some edge and corner wear.  Ex-Walske. $1,250.00

South-to-North POW Folded Letter complete originating from the the Roper Hospital in Charleston SC.  Addressed to Mrs. Mary A. Day, Vassalboro Browns Corner, Maine.  “Via Flag of Truce” at lower left. There are no postal markings and no examiner’s marks.  Letter was handcarried outside the postal system to its final destination at least from the transfer point or perhaps from Charleston itself through the transfer point very likely carried by an exchanged prisoner returning home.  Another explanation is that it may have been an inner cover with the outer envelope discarded at the transfer point.  But most likely it never entered the mails at all.  The letter was sent by Capt John R. Day 3rd Maine Inf to his wife. The letter is a complete one page POW letter written on blue lined notebook paper which has been transcribed.  The letter is datelined “C. S. Mill Prison Charleston Aug 10 (`1864).”  In the letter, Capt Day states that the officers were removed from Libby Prison in Richmond to Macon, Ga on May 7th (1864) (Camp Oglelthorpe for Officers in Macon) and that they just arrived in Charleston on the day of the letter (Aug 10, 1864).  The officers transferred from Camp Oglethorpe were held at the Roper Hospital in Charleston.  These officers are sometimes referred to as the Union 600 as the housing of these Union officers in Charleston presumably under fire prompted the Union retaliation known as the Immortal 600.  The Union officer POWs did not remain long in Charleston as they were transferred in October 1864 to Camp Sorghum in Columbia SC.  So Capt Day had quite an odyssey as a POW.  John R. Day (1836-1889) entered service as a 2nd Lieut in Co H 3rd Me Inf 6/4/1861.  He was subsequently promoted 1st Lieut and Capt.  He was captured at Gum Springs (Va) 6/20/1863 (a minor action in Fairfax County). He remained confined at those various prisons until exchanged in late 1864.  Galen Harrison records only 19 covers from the Roper Hospital.  Despite its name, the Roper Hospital acted as a standard prison and did not care for sick or wounded POWs.  Very Fine item. $750.00

South-to-North POW Cover addressed to Mr. Wm Piper, Prisoner of War, Point Lookout, Maryland. USA #65 with a cork cancel and the Union Old Point Comfort, Va 16 JAN (1865) postmark at the lower left. This is the inside envelope bearing the Union postage. The outer envelope with the Confederate postage would have been discarded at the transfer point. Period docketing in red “Oct 23, 1864 B. S. Allen Chaffins Farm, Va” would refer to the original contents with the letter date and the sender. The large manuscript “P” at the lower left is very likely an examiner’s mark which is not identified. The POW was Private William Piper Co A 23rd Ten Inf who was captured in June 1864 during the Siege of Petersburg. Private Brackenridge S. Allen was a member of the same company. The cover most likely represents Private Allen sending a letter to his POW friend far from home. The two side flaps are missing as well as the bottom backflap. The top backflap is intact, so the item is a bit more than a front and is very clean. Ex-Bogg. $350.00

Through-the-Lines North-to-South POW cover from Johnson’s Island to Shelby Springs, Alabama with the Richmond, Va Powell Type 6q CDS 23 JAN (1865) and handstamp “Due 10” Type IV. This is an inside envelope obviously folded at the edges to fit inside another envelope of slightly smaller size with the outer envelope containing the Union postage and discarded at the transfer point. Endorsed at top “From Lt Mc Glasscock Prisoner of War” with notation “via Flag Truce” at lower left. Addressed to Col John F. Conoley, Shelby Springs, Alabama. The addressee was the Colonel of the 29th Alabama Infantry. The POW sending the cover was 2nd Lieut Macabees Glasscock (1823-1902) of Co B (Blount County Hornets) 29th Ala Inf. Lieut Glasscock entered service as a Sergeant on 9/22/1861 and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 7/31/1862. He was captured as a POW at the Battle of Nashville on 12/15/1864 (the last major engagement of the Army of Tennessee in the Western Theater) and held as a POW at Louisville before being transferred four days later to Johnson’s Island. He was released from prison 6/16/1865 and subsequently after the war relocated to Texas. Very Fine inside POW cover. $500.00

USA #65 (minor faults) with a Target Cancel and a partial strike of the Columbus, Ohio CDS 28 AUG (1863). Cover from the well-known Bullock Correspondence originating at the Ohio State Penitentiary Prison from Major Robert S. Bullock to his wife Mrs. Mary F. Bullock Care Revd John G. Simsall. Robert S, Bullock was major of the 8th Ky Cav (CSA) attached to Gen John Hunt Morgan’s command. He was captured as a POW at Buffington Island, Ohio 7/20/1863 during Morgan’s Raid into Ohio. Gen Morgan himself was captured a few days later on 7/26/1863. Major Bullock was first confined at Johnsons Island but was transferred to Columbus, Ohio on 8/1/1863 with Morgan and other officers from Morgan’s units. On 3/25/1864, Gen Morgan and six others from his command escaped from the Ohio State Penitentiary, but Major Bullock was not one of the escapees. Instead he was transferred to Fort Delaware where he remained until the end of the war. The cover bears the examiner’s mark in red ink at the left “Examined W. A. Judkins ADC.” W. A. Judkins was a 1st Lt in the 52nd Ohio Volunteers. The Lexington Ky address was in Union territory, so the cover did not cross the lines. Galen Harrison records 43 covers from the Ohio State Penitentiary Prison. Sealed backflap opening tears but otherwise a very clean cover. CSA Certificate 2009 which states “Genuine” but incorrectly identifies the sender as Major John H. Bullock instead of Robert S. Bullock $550.00

North-to-South through-the-lines POW cover from Johnsons Island with USA #65 (minor faults) paying the Union postage Sandusky, Ohio Target 8 MAY 1864. Cover crossed the lines at Fortress Monroe with “Per Flag of Truce via Fortress Monroe Va” at lower left. Cover taken to Richmond where a partial strike of a Richmond, Va Powell Type 6- CDS was applied over the Union postmarks with the handstamp “Due 10” Type P to assess the CSA postage. Endorsed at upper left “E. A. Holt Lt 38th Ala Regt Prisoner of War Johnsons Island.” Addressed to Miss Lizzie W. Shephard Care of Hinson and Holt, Mobile, Ala. On arrival in Mobile, the Mobile, Ala handstamp “10” Type F was applied as a receiving mark. Period notation on the reverse indicates that the cover was received 19 JUN 1864 and is the 4th one received. Lt Holt was captured as a POW at Missionary Ridge, Ten 11/25/1863 and confined at Johnsons Island until released in June 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. The Johnsons Island prison held mainly CSA officers, and the 38th Ala Inf was an Army of Tennessee unit. “Ex DSA” in manuscript at top which are the examining initials of DeAlva S. Alexander 128th Ohio Vols. Very clean cover. $1,000.00

USA #65 with a cork cancel and no postmark. POW address to Thomas G. Read, Co E Ninth Division Care of Maj Brady, Pt Lookout, Maryland. The addressee was Pvt Thomas Griffin Read (1836-1895) of Co I 33rd Va Inf. This regiment was part of the fame Stonewall Brigade. Pvt Read enlisted 7/11/1861 and is listed as captured as a POW at Winchester, Va 9/19/1864. He was confined at Point Lookout until exchanged 3/15/1865 and received his final parole at New Market, Va 4/20/1865. “Co E Ninth Division” in the address refers to a prison designation. Maj Brady mentioned in the address was Union Major Allen G. Brady who was the Provost Marshall of the prison in the final months of the war. Manuscript “L” is an examiner’s mark identified by Galen Harrison as having been used in JAN 1865, but the name of the examiner is not known. The cover would most likely have originated somewhere in Virginia from a family member of the POW with the outer envelope paying the CSA postage to the transfer point. This would be an inside cover with the Union stamp already affixed and then canceled at the transfer point where the outer envelope was discarded and the inside cover sent on to the prison. The cork cancel is consistent with the type of cancels used at Old Point Comfort at this time. Very Fine. $250.00

USA #65 (4-Margin) tied by a geometric cork cancel with the matching small double ring Old Point Comfort, Va CDS 8 MAR. Manuscript “Flag of Truce” at upper left. Addressed to Mr. Mark A. Hardin, Prisoner of War, Ft Warren, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. This is an inside South-to-North cover which from the correspondence is known to have originated in Kingston, Ga with the outside cover discarded at the transfer point. Manuscript “Exd” shows that the contents were examined at the transfer point. Mark A. Hardin was from a prominent Georgia family in Kingston and was commissioned Captain in the 1st Ga Cav. Records show that he was captured on 4/23/1863 by Union naval personnel on a blockade runner while attempting to run the blockade. He was sent to Fort Warren as a naval prisoner where he remained until the end of the war. There is no record of any significant service with the 1st Ga Cav other than his commission as Captain of Co H, so his service with that unit must have been brief and not associated with his capture. Very Fine cover. $350.00

USA #65 Target Cancel with the matching Sandusky, Ohio double ring CDS 8 JAN 1865. Orange paper POW cover from the Johnson’s Island prison to Miss Georgie C. Woods Care of B. B. Cheatham Esqr, Nashville, Tenn. Oval Prisoner’s Letter Examined CSB handstamp Type A from Johnson’s Island. Cover from an unidentified CSA POW at Johnson’s Island, most likely a Tennessee soldier (officer) writing home to a friend or relative. This is not a through-the-lines cover as Nashville was Union occupied early in the war. Ink stain at right edge.$150.00

USA #U34 Postal Stationery with a fancy geometric cork cancel (Union) and the matching Old Point Comfort, Va double ring CDS 25 JAN (1864). Inside South-to-North POW cover which originated at Libby Prison in Richmond. Endorsed at top “From Lieut Jno C. Roney, Prisoner of War, Richmond, Va Jany 4th 64.” Addressed to Miss H. M. Roney, Newark, Ohio. No examiners’s mark on the inside envelope. The original one page prisoner’s letter to his aunt remains and is datelined “Libby Prison Richmond Va Jany 4th 1864.” Letter states he has been a prisoner for eight months and his health is good and he is hoping to be exchanged. John C. Roney enlisted as a Corporal 4/27/1861 in Co H 3rd Ohio Inf and was commissioned 2nd Lieut 8/19/1862 and promoted 1st Lieut 1/1/1863. He is listed as captured as a POW at Rome, Ga 5/3/1863 (along with most of the regiment) and confined at Libby Prison until moved to Macon, Charleston, and Columbia as part of the “Union 600.” He was released at Wilmington NC 3/5/1865. Very Fine POW Cover and Letter.$1,250.00

USA #65 Target Cancel and matching Union Port Royal SC double ring CDS 17 SEP 1864. This is a POW cover originating at the Roper Hospital in Charlston. The cover was exchanged through Confederate Pocotalogo SC and Union Port Royal SC and sent on to Mrs. George Kies, West Killingly, Conn. Period notation at left “Prisoners Letter Lt George Kies Charleston SC. Stewart L. Woodford Lt Col 127 NY Agent of Exchange (Union).” Pencil manuscript “Examined.” George Kies entered service as 2nd Lt Co K 18th Conn Inf 8/10/1862 and was promoted 1st Lt 8/18/1862. He was captured as a POW at Winchester, Va 6/15/1863, initially confined at Libby Prison before moved to Macon, Charleston, and Columbia as part of the “Union 600.” He was paroled at Camp Asylum, Columbia SC 12/10/1864. Harrison records only 19 covers from the Roper Hospital. Stewart Lyndon Woodford (1835-1913) entered service as Lt Col of the 127th NY Inf on 9/1/1862. He was promoted Col of the 103rd Conn Inf on 3/5/1865 and Breveted a Brig-Gen on 5/12/1865 before resigning the service 8/23/1865. POW covers exchanged through Pocotaligo and Port Royal are decidedly uncommon. Cover has a very minor reduction at left not affecting anything and a little edge staining top and right. Otherwise a Very Fine and scarce through-the-lines POW cover.$1,250.00
Contemporary CDV of Libby Prison in Richmond, Va 1864. The CSA second national flag is flying from the top of the prison. The figures at the bottom right are two civilian men with a child between them and a Confederate officer in uniform with what appears to be a slave holding the officer's horse.
Enlargement of the figures showing the Confederate officer with the slave holding the horse.



Incoming Blockade Cover from New York City to Aiken SC via Nassau, Bahamas and Charleston SC -- The original letter remains with the cover dated New York City 19 Aug 1864. The cover arrived in Charleston SC on 3 DEC 1864 with the application of the small double circle Charleston SC CDS on that date. Records show that the blockade runner Laurel arrived in Charleston from Nassau on that date. Period receiving docketing at the left indicates that the letter was received 3 DEC 1864 and the sender’s name was Mrs. J. D. Parkinson. The full address is to The Revd J. H. Cornish, Aiken, South Carolina. Manuscript “12” in pencil indicating 10cts due for inland CSA postage plus 2cts ship rate with no SHIP or STEAM-SHIP handstamp. The cover is listed as BI-Ch-75 on Page 248 of the Walske-Trepel book. However, in the book the name of the addressee was misread as “McCormick.” Cover shows a little edge wear and part of the backflap is missing. Still a very fine inbound Charleston blockade cover with the original letter confirming the point of origin. $1,600.00

Incoming Blockade Cover from London, England to Staunton, Virginia via Charleston. Folded Letter complete (business) datelined in London 1 JUN 1864. “Via Bermuda” at upper left. Cover entered the CSA at Charleston receiving the Charleston SC CDS 29 JUN (1864) and the oval STEAMSHIP handstamp (Type B) with manuscript “12” in blue pencil (2c ship fee plus 10c inland CSA delivery fee) and then sent on to Virginia. Addressed to W. J. Hull Esq Care of Honbl L. P. Thompson, Staunton, Virginia. Cover is listed in Walske-Trepel as BI-Ch-57 carried into Charleston by the blockade runner Druid. Folded letter has some fold separations and some edge faults with a central vertical file fold. Still a very decent presentable blockade cover.$1,500.00

Handcarried and undated Blockade Cover with no postal markings addressed to Mrs. C. L. Burckmyer Care Messer Fraser Trenholm & Co, Liverpool, England. Envelope No 10 from the well-known Burckmyer Blockade Correspondence between Charleston SC and Liverpool, England. Photocopy of the original letter held in the South Carolina archives is included.$350.00
Incoming Blockade Cover through Bermuda into Wilmington NC and on to Wetumpka, Ala. Cov is from the known Lull Corrspondence addressed to Mrs. S. G. Lull, Wetumpka, Ala Care Messers DeRosset Brown & Co Wilmington NC. Cover received the Wilmington NC CDS dated 10 JAN (1864) and the handstamp SHIP with "12" manuscript indicating 12c due (10c for the inland CSA delivery plus 2c ship fee). Excellent strikes of the postal markings. "Presto" manuscript at upper left corner which is the name of the blockade runner that carried the cover. Very clean cover with just a little minor nibbling at the left center edge which does not detract from the overall appearance. There is no enclosure, so the precise origin of the cover is not known. This cover is listed as BI-WM-52 in the Walske-Trepel Census. Part of backflap missing, otherwise a Very Fine incoming Blockade Cover.

The Presto (original name Fergus) was built in Glasgow, Scotland by Alexander Stephens & Sons in 1863 for the specific purpose of running the blockade. She was consigned to DeRousset Brown & Co in Wilmington and made only two successful blockade runs before she was destroyed attempting to enter Charleston Harbor in February 1864. The Presto ran aground in fog right in front of Fort Moultrie. A New York Times article from 2/14/1864 describes what happened when the fog lifted -- "She was a splendid looking side-wheel steamer with two smokestacks and rakish masts. Forts Wagner and Gregg, aided by two monitors, at once commenced to shell her, and by noon she was a complete wreck. A two hundred pounder Parrot from Fort Wagner cut her nearly in two. Besides the shelling of the steamer, the City of Charleston, James Island, and Forts Johnson and Moultrie have received a tremendous cannonading."




Two Express Covers from the Howell Cobb Correspondence -- The first cover is addressed to Major General Howell Cobb CSA in Macon, Georgia and originated from his wife in Athens, Geo with “per Express” in manuscript at lower left and “Value $25” in manuscript at upper left. Manuscript “Free” with the express agent’s initials which are not decipherable. No postal markings as cover was a money letter carried entirely by the Southern Express Company. Why these covers were carried free by the Southern Express Company to important individuals is not entirely known. The second cover is addressed to Mrs. Howell Cobb in Macon, Geo. At lower left in manuscript “Per Express” and in manuscript at upper left “Value $20.” At upper right is the manuscript notation from the Southern Express Company “DH” which stood for “Dead Head” indicating that the cover was carried free of charge. This is an unusual designation which has been seen on other express covers about which little is known. I have included a copy of a short article titled “Deadhead Express Cover” by W. Clinton McGee in the Nov-Dec 1975 issue of the Confederate Philatelist. This article gives a little information on these covers, but certainly more research needs to be done in this area. Both covers have the wax seals on the reverse with the second cover having a seal with the Eagle and Anchor imprint of the Navy. The covers are clean and attractive with the first cover missing a backflap and with a minor edge repair at upper right. The second cover has a restored upper right corner which does not affect any of the markings. The covers are not dated but are clearly Confederate as the first cover has the Maj Gen CSA designation and the second cover complements the first. The second cover has a CSA Certificate 1997 which states that it is a genuine express cover but no opinion as to the year of usage. The two covers will only be sold as a pair.

Lettersheet only (no cover) with Confederate States of America Ordnance Depot Richmond Arsenal imprint. This is currently a Dietz unlisted imprint. The lettersheet is used and dated 31 JAN 1865 and deals with the delivery of Leather signed by a clerk for Capt J. Dinwiddie Commg. James Dinwiddie (1837-1907) was a staff officer assigned to the Richmond Arsenal 1863-1865. Very Fine imprinted lettersheet.

Immediate Post War Union Document dated 24 MAY 1865 from Union occupied Augusta, Ga granting permission for Mr. A. C. Hood to keep his Colts Revolver and D(ouble) B(arrel) Shotgun. Signed by Fred Wilkinson, Capt 128th N(ew) Y(ork) S(tate) T(roops), A(cting) A(ssistant) Provost Marshall. The “Permission Form” is printed on the back of an unused Requisition Form for stationery. Expected vertical file folds and some minor staining but still a Very Fine appearance. $100.00

Cover handcarried outside the postal system with no postal markings. The cover has the “Ochlockonee Light Infantry” boxed printed corner card at the upper left. Addressed to Miss E. C. MacLean, Thomasville, Geo Favor of J. R. Braswell. There was once a stamp on the cover but has since been removed. The original letter is with the cover datelined “Brunswick (Ga) Aug 1st 1862.” The Thomasville Zoaves was a pre-war militia unit which changed its designation to the “Ochlockonee Light Infantry” and entered Confederate service becoming Co B 29th Ga Inf. The letter is from John E. MacLean to his sister. John Ewen MacLean (1840-1865) entered service as 4th Sergt Co B 29th Ga Inf 7/27/1861 and was commissioned 2nd Lieut 3/5/1863. He survived the war only to die in Thomasville in Sept 1865 of unspecified causes. Short letter (transcription included) about a boat trip, dances, and shooting alligators. Brunswick is on the Georgia coast just north of the Florida state line. At this time, the regiment was assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. John R. Braswell, a private in the same company, handcarried the cover as a favor to his Lieutenant probably going home on furlough. Private Braswell survived the war. Not a commonly seen military corner card.$200.00

Adversity Cover with no postal markings (handcarried outside the postal system) addressed to Mr. John James, Grove Station, Greenville District, South Carolina. The cover is made from a used Port of Savannah shipping document dated 1857, so the handcarried use is very likely from the Conmfederate period. Displayed flapped up from the lower left cornershowing an eagle illustration. Backflap opening tears, otherwise Very Fine. $100.00


Old Time Confederate General Issue Cover Collection

28 JUL 2013 -- A collection of 28 General Issue covers formed in 1949 that has not seen the collector's market in over 60 years. This is a very general collection of various stamps and usages. The covers are presented together as they were originally collected but are for sale and priced individually. 

-- Old Time Collection --

 9 NOV 2013
The Bush Exhibit / Collection is now posted and ready for sale.
 The collection can be accessed using the link below.


-- Bush Exhibit --  

General Conrad L. Bush's Award Winning Exhibit/Collection


CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels

A grouping of both covers and off-cover stamps from the Conrad Bush Collection / Exhibit of CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels on General Issue Stamps many of which were used as illustrations in his definitive 1997 book on the subject. All the covers listed in this section have been sold, but the listing remains posted for examination and reference purposes only.

-- OLD Bush Exhibit --


Independent State and USA Used in the CSA

Presented here is the Independent State and USA Used in the CSA postal history collection (41 covers) formed by Confederate Stamp Alliance Past President Ron Teffs of California. The collection was formed over a number of years with an eye specifically for quality and rarity. The covers in this collection are all major items of Confederate Postal History. The collection is presented with the covers listed chronologically beginning with the First Day of the Confederate Period (20 DEC 1860) and extending into June 1861. All the covers in this collection have been sold individually. However, the entire collection is presented intact for all to review and enjoy as it is not often that such material is seen together in one place.

-- Teffs Collection --

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