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28 JUL 2013 -- Below are 29 covers from a collection formed in 1949. The covers have been together in that collection and have not seen the collector's market in over 60 years. Confederate Postal History collecting more than half a century ago was far different from what it is today. The collection is very general with different usages and has no particular theme to it with one exception -- all the covers have General Issue stamps. There were no provisional covers and no stampless covers in this collection. The collection contains some very unusual usages not previously seen. However, the condition of the covers is highly variable. There were an additional 8 covers in the collection that are not presented due to condition problems. This collection was exhibited as a general Confederate cover collection at the Birmingham (Ala) Philatelic Society Exhibition in May, 1949 and received an Honorable Mention Award certificate. The covers are offered for individual sale, but they are presented as they were originally collected. The detailed researched descriptions are current as the original collector in 1949 never researched or wrote up any of the covers. 


CSA #1 Horz Pair Stone 1 Positions 15-16 (margin touches at bottom and minor preaffixing faults with a little edge gum toning) tied by a full strike of the Tudor Hall, Va CDS 7 MAR 1862. Addressed to Mrs. E. C. Steele, North Port, Alabama. The original letter is present datelined “Camp Near Lewis House in Bull Run, Virginia.” The letter is from 1st Lieut A. N. Steele of Co G 11th Ala Inf to his wife. This is a very well written and easy to read lengthy four page camp letter by an educated soldier. No battle content but has much war information, news about family members, and the soldiers own personal thoughts on the war which he fully supports. A. Newton Steele was a 35 year old merchant when he entered service as the First Lieutenant of Co G 11th Ala Infantry in 1861. The regiment was in Virginia by June 1861. By July 1861, the regiment was part of the Confederate Army of the Potomac, the forerunner of the Army of Northern Virginia. Lt Steele did not survive as he is listed as Killed-in-Action at Fraziers Farm (Va) 6/30/1862 (Seven Days) and is buried in Richmond. The cover is extremely clean with a minor reduction at the left not affecting anything. Very nice cover with an excellent camp letter. 

CSA #1 Stone 2 Position 48 (4-Margin but close on the right and part of adjacent stamp visible on the left) tied by a partial strike of the Tuscaloosa, Ala CDS (date not apparent). Addressed to Mrs. E. D. Tracy, Huntsville, Alabama. The addressee was the wife of CSA Brig-Gen Edward Dorr Tracy (1833-1863). Gen Tracy, a Huntsville lawyer, entered service as Captain of Co I 4th Ala Inf 5/2/1861. He was promoted Major and transferred to the 12th Ala Inf 8/1/1861. However, he declined the promotion and fought with the 4th Ala Inf at 1st Manassas. On 10/12/1861, he was promoted Lt Col and transferred to the 19th Ala Inf. He fought well at Shiloh and had a horse killed under him. He was promoted Brig-Gen to date from 8/16/1862. In early 1863, Gen Tracy’s brigade of 5 Alabama regiments was sent to the Vicksburg theater and took part in the Battle of Port Gibson (Miss) 5/1/1863. Gen Tracy was Killed-in-Action near the front lines at Port Gibson. This cover would date from early 1862 from the time when he was with the 4th Ala Inf. However, this cover was not sent by then Captain E. D. Tracy to his wife as he was in Virginia at the time. The letter is not present, but a note on the reverse states that the cover was sent by Mrs. B. F. Borden who must have either been a relative or a friend of the addressee. Cover is reduced a bit at the left close to but not involving the address and shows just a little edge wear atthe top.    

CSA #1 Stone 1 (not plated) (margin touches at the top and edge gum toning) tied by the small double circle Charleston SC CDS 25 FEB 1862. Addressed to Miss Pattie McCutchen, Indiantown PO, Williamsburg Dist SC. Square shaped complete cover with a very clean appearance. 

CSA #1 Stone 2 Position 3 (4-Margin but a little edge gum toning and very minor preaffixing faults) tied by the Memphis, Ten CDS 24 JAN 1862. Orange paper cover addressed to Charles L. Peyton Esq Care Saml Price Esq, Lewisburg, (West) Virginia. Manuscript “Due 5” for underpayment because of distance over 500 miles. Lewisburg is in Greenbrier County which would later in 1863 be incorporated into the Union State of West Virginia. Charles Lewis Peyton (1806-1880) was a member of a prominent Virginia family and a great-nephew of Thomas Jefferson. Samuel Price (1805-1884) would become the Confederate Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 1863 and after the war a US Senator from West Virginia. 

CSA #1 Stone 2 Position 40 (4-Margin) tied by the small double circle Mobile, Ala CDS 18 MAR 1862. Addressed to Master Willie Silver Care of Joseph Silver, Tensaw, Ala. The use of “Master” in the address indicates that the addressee was a minor child. According to the Census of 1860, Joseph Silver’s son, William H. Silver, was 13 in 1860. Records show that William H. Silver later served in Co A Alabama State Cadets. Sealed edge tear top right but still a very clean cover. 

CSA #1 Stone 1 Position 43 (93) (margin just in at right but with a large lower sheet margin Olive Green) tied by a partial strike of the small double circle Knoxville, Ten CDS (date not apparent). Coarse brown paper cover with Military Address to Capt S. R. Bachman, Cumberland Gap, Tenn. Capt Samuel R. Bachman served as a staff officer in the Commissary Department of the Confederate Army. The original enclosure is still with the cover datelined “Com(missary) Department Knoxville Tenn Jany 18 1862” which is a short communication from Capt Bachman’s superior in the Commissary Department, (Major) R. G. Fain Brig(ade) Com(missary), concerning rations for Chaplains and instructing Capt Bachman to comply with the order. Major Fain would later be appointed as the Commissary General for the Army of Tennessee. Capt Bachman Died of Disease in camp at Cumberland Gap in June 1862. Cover has an unobtrusive corner repair at the upper left, a missing backflap and mathematical calculations on the back. Cover is otherwise very clean. The enclosure is Very Fine. 

CSA #2 Paterson (4-Margin with very minor small preaffixing surface scuffs) tied by two strikes of the BLUE Raleigh NC CDS 14 OCT 1862. Addressed to Miss Annie Roulhac, Hillsboro NC. The addressee was the Sister-in-Law of Major D. H. Hamilton Jr of the 3rd NC Inf. From the known Hamilton Correspondence, this cover is not from either Major Hamilton or his wife but most likely from another family member or a friend. Sealed backflap opening tear but overall a Very Fine Appearance. 

CSA #2 Paterson (4-Margin with very light soiling at the upper right corner) tied by a full strike of the small single rim Enterprise, Miss CDS 7 OCT (1862). Commercially made black bordered Mourning Cover addressed to Mrs. Anna de’Yampert Care Mr. Tom de’Yampert, Uniontown, Ala. De’Yampert was a prominent plantation family in Perry County, Alabama. Cover has a nice stamp but there is a major repair along the left edge which includes part of the black border. Still quite a presentable Mourning Cover. 

CSA #2 H&L (margin close at the top with a little toning at top right) tied by the Tudor Hall, Va CDS 25 FEB 1862. Addressed to Miss M. S. Thomas, Trenton Smith County, Miss. Most likely sent by a soldier in a Mississippi regiment back home to a perhaps a sister or a girl friend. Clean cover with an unobtrusive repair to the left lower corner. Signed “Dietz” on the back. 

CSA #4 (3 pairs) paying a 3x rate for weight (1-1.5oz) tied together and to the cover by four strikes of the Mobile, Ala small double circle CDS 26 JUL 1862. The stamps are affixed in a horizontal row across the top of the cover and all appear to come from the same Stone 2 sheet. The first pair at the left cannot be accurately plated. The middle pair is Stone 2 Positions 5-6 (Position 5 has the line through the “E” and is a listed variety 4-2-v2), and the far right pair is Stone 2 Positions 8-9. The stamps have decent but irregular margins, and the Position 8 stamp has a large surface scuff. Addressed to Mr. Strenna, Montgomery, Ala. The addressee was a Montgomery merchant. This is a cover FRONT only with condition problems. Two vertical file folds which do not go through the stamps, and a significant ragged right edge which has been repaired. However, the usage of six CSA #4 stamps on cover to pay a 3x rate is incredibly scarce. It is almost impossible to find a cover or a usage with more than a pair of CSA #4 stamps paying a higher rate. I know of one other cover which passed through Siegel Auctions in 2006 also from Mobile with eight CSA #4 stamps (a Strip of 4 and two pairs). Despite the condition and the faults, this cover front is still quite presentable with a neat matched repair and can easily be exhibited. 

CSA #4 Horz Pair Positions 2-3 (margin in at left and touches at top with gum toning at bottom center) tied by the Tupelo, Miss CDS 30 JUL 1862. Addressed to Mr. R. H. Browne Care Robert P. Rieves Esq, Bunton Lowndes Co, Ala. On arrival in Bunton, the cover was fowarded to Talledega, Ala with the application of the Bunton, Ala CDS 24 JUL (1862) and manuscript “Forwarded 10” to assess the forwarding fee. Adversity Cover made from a merchant’s lettersheet but cannot be displayed as such. Sealed edge tear at upper left and part of backflaps missing. Still a clean appearing forwarded cover. 

CSA #5 Position 11 (circular flaw upper left star variety) (4-Margin Light Rose with gum toning) tied by the Gordonsville, Va 28 AUG 1862. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Miss S. R. Byars, Limestone Springs, Spartanburg Dist SC. Sarah R. Byars of Limestone Springs SC was 13 years old in 1862 and had two brothers, Junias Byars and Luther Byars, in Co K 18th SC Inf with the ANV at this time. Cover most likely sent by one of the brothers back home to his sister. Clean and complete cover. 

CSA #6 Vert Strip of 4 affixed sideways (margins tight) tied by two partial strikes of the Natchez, Miss CDS 22 MAT (1862) (double rate for distance over 500 miles), Addressed to Miss Bankhead Care of Mrs. E. L. W. Garth, Charlottesville, Virginia. Notation at left indicates that this is Letter No 25 in the correspondence. Edge wear and part of backflap missing. Period ink stain upper left corner not affecting anything. Still a clean appearing cover and a scarce double rate distance cover with CSA #6 just before the rate change. 

CSA #6 (single use prior to the rate change) (4-margin but a little tight in spots) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3a 23 MAY 1862. Advertising Cover with printed boxed corner card “West & Johnston, Publishers, Bookseller, and Stationers, 145 Main Street Richmond, Va.” Addressed to Mrs. Thomas C. Elder, Lunenberg C House, Virginia. Part of backflap missing and minor light staining in the address. Still an overall Very Fine appearance. 

CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 3f 11 SEP 1862. Addressed to W. E. Leverich Esq, Orange Court House, Virginia. On arrival at Orange Court House, the cover was fowarded back to Richmond Care of Dunlop Moncure & Co with the application of a partial strike of the Orange CH, Va CDS 11 SEP (1862) and manuscript “Ford 10” to assess the forwarding fee. The addressee was an attorney and Dunlop, Moncure & Co were Commission Merchants located at 11th and Cary Streets in Richmond. The notations at upper left refer to the original contents which are no longer with the cover. Very Fine Forwarded Cover.

CSA #7 Horz Pair (margin close at top left and filled in frame at right) pen-cancelled and manuscript “Lime Kiln, Ala June 25th (1863)” at the left. Addressed to A. T. Jones Prest, Shelby Iron Co, Columbiana (Alabama). Blue paper folded letter complete. Short business letter concerning the purchase of iron. Very Fine.

CSA #7 Horz Pair affixed upside down (margin close at left) tied by the Montgomery, Ala CDS 26 MAR 1863. Coarse brown paper cover addressed to Judge of Probate, Marion, Ala. Backflap opening tears otherwise Very Fine.

CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin with filled-in frames at the top) tied by the Fayetteville NC CDS 10 JUN 1863. Coarse brown paper cover with Military Address to Lieut D. A. Patterson Care of Capt J. R. Murchison Co E 8th Regt NCT Clingman’s Brigade, Willmington N. Ca. Duncan A. Patterson, a 30 year old farmer, enlisted as a Sergt in Co E 8th NC Inf 8/1/1861 and was commissioned 2nd Lieut 10/1/1862. He is listed as killed at Plymouth (NC) 4/20/1864. John Reed Murchison, a 24 year old merchant, entered service as a 1st Lieut Co E 8th NC Inf 5/16 1861 and was promoted Captain 1/1/1862. Capt Murchison was captured as a POW at Roanoke Island (NC) 2/8/1862 and later paroled and exchanged in August 1862 rejoining his unit and promoted Major 10/1/1863 and Lt Col 2/1/1864. Col Murchison commanded the regiment at Cold Harbor. While leading his regiment in a charge of the Union lines, he was Mortally Wounded in Action at Cold Harbor 6/1/1864 and died of his wounds a week later. Very Fine Cover.

CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by the small double circle BLUE Hillsboro NC CDS 27 JAN (1863). Addressed to Mr. Frederick Nash, Chapel Hill NC. Very Fine.

CSA #7 Vert Pair affixed sideways (4-Margin) tied by the Marion CH SC CDS 18 NOV (1862). Military Address to Capt Jno C. McClenaghan, 21st Regmt SCT Col Graham, Charleston SC Morris Island. Capt John C. McClenaghan is mentioned once in the Official Records cited for bravery at First Manassas while serving as the regimental Quartermaster for the 8th SC Inf. He later transferred to the 21st SC Inf which was assigned to the defenses of Charleston Harbor. Capt McClenaghan is listed as having Died of Disease on Morris Island 3/15/1863. Minor backflap opening tear, otherwiseVery Fine.

CSA #11c Horz Pair paying a double weight rate (AD) (margin touches at left Greenish-Blue) Pen-Canceled and manuscript “Bellevue (Ala) Nov 11” at the left. Small but complete ladies type cover with embossed fancy design around the edges addressed to Mrs. Y. W. de’Yampert, Demopolis, Ala Care of Rev H. A. M. Henderson. Backflap opening tears with a little edge wear and light foxing.

CSA #12a (AD) (margin close at bottom Milky Blue) tied by the Tuscaloosa, Ala CDS 5 AUG. Addressed to Mrs. Thom de’Yampert Care Dr. W. T. Webb, Greensborough, Ala. Very clean cover reduced a bit at left not affecting anything.

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by the Atlanta, Ga CDS 25 OCT (1863). Addressed to Mrs. Nancy C. Bell, Coffeeville Clarke County, Alabama. The addressee’s husband was Capt John W. Bell of Co H 32nd Ala Inf, an Army of Tennessee unit, and most likely sent this letter home to his wife. Capt Bell Died of Disease at the Cassville, Ga hospital 2/14/1864. Very Fine Cover. 

CSA #12a (AD) (4-Margin Milky Blue) tied by the Columbus, Miss CDS 23 NOV. Military Address to Maj John M. Billups QM (Quartermaster) Care of Gen John Adams Loring’s Division, Canton, Miss. John M. Billups (b1824), a wealthy planter from a prominent Lowndes County family, entered service as Capt of Co B 43rd Miss Inf 4/1/1862. He was later promoted Major and transferred to the Quartermaster service. Cover most likely sent by his wife back home in Columbus. Cover shows some staining and foxing but is still quite presentable.

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin with a large left sheet margin) tied by a full strike of the Charlotte NC dateless CDS in black. Docketing at left dates the cover to 4 FEB 1864. Addressed to Mr. R. C. M Alexander, Chestervill(e) SC. Coarse brown paper complete cover which appears to be homemade with minor overall light foxing. 

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin and affixed on the reverse to seal the backflap but not damaged in opening) pen-cancel with the matching manuscript “Lewisburg (West) Va March 7 (1864)” on the face of the cover along with a notation “stamp on flap.” Addressed to Miss Mary Price Care  B- Crawford Esq, Staunton, Virginia. On arrival in Staunton, the cover was forwarded back to Lewisburg by affixing a CSA #12c (AD) (4-margin Greenish-Blue) stamp to the upper right corner to pay the forwarding fee and applying the Staunton, Va CDS to cancel the stamp 12 MAR (1864). Because of the stamps used, year of use must be 1864. Lewisburg is in Greenbrier County which was incorporated into the Union State of West Virginia in June 1863. Cover therefore goes from Union West Virgina to Confederate Virginia and then forwarded back to Union West Virginia all through the Confederate postal system. Greenbrier County is a border county with Virginia and was apparently still under Confederate control at this time. There are other covers known with manuscript “Lewisburg” postal markings. And at least one other cover known with a CSA #11 stamp which goes from Staunton, Va into Lewisburg, (West) Virginia in December 1863. Very scarce West Virginia usage. Small but complete commercially made ladies type cover with an embossed floral border around the edges. Very Fine.

CSA #12 (AD) tied by the BLUE Ringgold, Ga CDS 7 AUG. Wallpaper Cover with a gray, white and brown floral design and a geometric border displayed flapped up from the bottom. Addressed to Mrs. Lucy Holladay,Tollersville, Louisa Co., Va. Spotty light foxing.

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) tied by the Atlanta, Ga CDS 20 MAR. Blue paper cover addressed to Mrs. Andrew J. McLemore, Montgomery, Ala. Top edge repairs and backflap replaced to a very presentable appearance.

CSA #4 Stone 2 Position 48 (4-Margin with a slight corner clip in the margin only at the upper right and a distinct short transfer at lower left) tied by the Fredericksburg, Va CDS 1 APR (1862). Patriotic Stars and Bars Cover Type F11-16 in full color with Verse 30 (“On, on to the rescue...”), Slogan 24 (“Confederate States of America”), and Imprint 31 (“Sold by J. W, Randolph, Richm’d”). Addressed to Ruben Robertson, Martins Lime Kiln, Stokes Co NC. The addressee had two sons who enlisted in Co H 22nd NC Inf in June 1861 -- James Robertson and William Robertson. Pvt James Robertson (most likely the sender of this cover) is listed as wounded at Gettysburg 7/2/1863 and captured as a POW at Jericho Mills (Va) 5/23/1864 and confined at Point Lookout until exchanged 3/18/1865. Pvt William Robertson Died of Disease at Fredericksburg, Va 9/25/1861 and therefore could not have sent this cover. The F11-16 patriotic design is well known in black only. Dietz listed the design as black only in his 1959 catalog, but the 1986 catalog does mention both black and color. When the Patriotic Section was compiled for the new catalog, this design could not be confirmed in color. So far as is known this is now the confirmatory cover for an F11-16 design in color and is the only one currently recorded in color. The cover has been lost in this Old Time Collection since at least 1949, but Dietz either saw it or may even have owned it at one time as his signature is on the reverse. When Dietz compiled his 1959 catalog, he must have forgotten about it as he did not list the design in color. When the cover was received with this collection, it was in poor condition. The cover has been professionally restored to exhibitable quality. The restoration did not involve any part of the patriotic design (flag, verse, slogan or imprint), the stamp, the postmark, or the address. An exceptional item of Confederate Patriotic Postal History.  SOLD

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