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Below is a selection of 20 covers from the Frank P. Northcutt Collection / Exhibit "Confederate Faces" last shown at the WESTPEX (San Francisco) CSA Convention in 2011 where the exhibit received an APS Silver Medal and the Brian and Maria Green Award for the best CSA exhibit with military related items. The covers are presented on their original exhibit pages. Where two covers were on one page, the exhibit page was cropped so that only the individual cover is displayed. Mr. Northcutt did extensive research and writeups with each cover The covers are offered for individual sale, but they are presented as they were originally exhibited. A copy of the original exhibit page (or part page) with the full exhibit description will be included with each cover. This is not the entire exhibit but only a selection. The main focus of the exhibit was on the people involved with the covers, both sender (if known,) and adressee. Consequently, these are miscellaneous covers with a variety of postal uses.


CSA #123xu1 Barnwell CH SC PAID 5 Provisional (undated) addressed to Rev I. L. Brookes, Hamburg, So. Carolina.  A little water staining visible only at the top of the back of the cover. Otherwise, a Very Fine appearance. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #7 Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by the Greenville SC CDS 5 APR. Furman University Overall College Cover in Green Type SC-04. Addressed to Rev. Iverson L. Brooks, Hamburgh SC. Minor back flap opening tears, otherwise Very Fine. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #1 Stone 2 Plated as Position 49 and a very dry printing (margins just a little tight) affixed on the reverse to seal the backflap but undamaged in opening tied by a Grid Cancel with the a full strike of the matching Chapel Hill NC CDS on the face of the cover 5 APR (1862). Overall University of North Carolina College Cover in Gray addressed to Miss Carrie Miller, Pendleton SC. This cover has been fully and extensively researched as to the addressee and the family and was the cover illustration and feature article in the July-September 2007 issue of The Confederate Philatelist. Extremely Fine. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #11 (AD) (lower right corner missing prior to affixing) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type  6p 20 AUG (1864). "Office of Commisioner of Taxes" Semi-Official Imprint Type TD-13 with embossed "De La Rue & Co. London" under the back flap. The exhibit left out some details on William E. Smith (1829-1890). He was a planter, lawyer, and politician from Albany, Ga. When the war broke out, he enlisted as a Lieutenant in the 4th Ga Inf and was promoted Captain in April 1862. In 1864, he was elected as a representative to the 2nd Confederate Congress. After the war, he practiced law in Albany. Most of back flap missing. Very clean cover. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Hardeeville SC CDS 26 JUN 1862 with the PAID 5 handstamp Type A. Orange paper cover with Military Address to Capt Joseph Glover Care of Brig Gen Gist, James Island via Charleston SC. Capt Joseph Glover was an officer on Gen Gists's staff. At the time of this cover, Gen Gist was in command at James Island. No further record on Capt Glover. States Rights Gist was a prominent CSA Brigadier General killed at the Battle of Franklin (Ten) in November 1864.  Most of back flap missing and a minor sealed edge tear at top center. Very clean cover. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #1 Stone 1 Position 10 (margin touches on left) tied by the BLUE Columbia SC CDS 21 MAR (1862). Addressed to Mrs. W. H. Gist, Unionville SC. The addressee was the second wife of William Henry Gist (1807-1874) of Rose Hill Plantation, former Governor of South Carolina (1858-1860), a signer of the South Carolina Ordnance of Secession, and cousin to CSA Brig-Gen States Rights Gist. However, the cover is not addressed by the former governor as the handwriting does not match. Period docketing at the left "Letters from father in 1862" indicates that the cover may have been from the addressee's father. Period note on the top back flap in the same hand as the address "Wm will be pleased to know that the proud Minnesota has gone to the bottom." That statement on the cover is not entirely true, The USS Minnesota was involved in the Battle of Hampton Roads 3/8/1862 with the CSS Virginia (Merrimack) and was damaged and ran aground. The USS Minnesota was not sunk but was refloated, repaired, and returned to service. Clean cover. Ex Cantey Collection. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #4 Vert Pair (not plated as to stone) (margin just in at the left but with a large upper sheet margin and the adjacent stamps visible to the right) tied by the Pittsylvania CH, Va CDS 21 JUL (1862). Addressed to George D. Wise Esq Care of Gen H. W. Wise, Richmond, Va. Period receiving docketing at left "July 21st/62 containing letters from mother."George D. Wise (1831-1908), a Richmond Lawyer, in 1862 was a Lt of Inf and VADC to his uncle Gen Henry A. Wise (1806-1876), a former Governor of Virginia (1856-1860. Later, George D. Wise was in various staff assignments. He was taken as a POW at the Vicksburg surrender in 1863 and paroled and exchanged to be later wounded at Resaca, Ga in 1864. After the war, he resumed law practice in Richmond and is buried at Hollywood Cemetery. Gen Wise had two nephews both named George Douglas Wise and both born in 1831 who served at various times on his staff. The second nephew was wounded at Petersburg 6/17/1864 and died of his wounds 7/5/1864. Not sure which George D. Wise this cover refers to as both were on Gen Wise’s staff in 1862. Sealed tears at top center. Clean cover. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Charleston SC large single rim CDS 25 AUG (1863) with large handstamp soldier's (Due) 10 Type K. Blue paper cover from the Grimball Correspondence addressed to J. Berkley Grimball, Spartanburg, Spartanburg (District). So. Ca. Receiving docketing at left "W. H. Grimball 24th Aug 1863." Endorsed at upper left "Fort Sumter Lt W. H. Grimball 1st SC Artillery." John Berkley Grimball (1800-1892) was a prominent South Carolina planter and plantation owner with sons in Confederate service. The family correspondence is extensive and is known also for blockade covers. The correspondence is archived at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. William Heyward Grimball (1837-1864) was one of J. Berkley Grimball's sons and served as a Lieut in the 1st SC Art at Fort Sumter and James Island. He died of Typhoid Fever at Charleston SC 7/27/1864 contracted while serving on James Island. Very Fine Cover. Ex- Brian Green. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Turned Cover -- 1st Use (inside) CSA #7 Horz Pair (margins tight on three sides) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6d 26 APR 1863. "Confederate States of America Treasury Department" Semi-Official Imprint Type TD-02 with "De La Rue & Co. London" embossed imprint under a side flap. Addressed to B. C. Purdy, Asst Treas, Charleston SC. 2nd Use (outside) CSA #9 T-E-N (3 large margins but touches at the top) tied by the large single rim Charleston SC CDS 5 MAY (1863) to Rev James P. Boyce, Greenville SC. Period receiving docketing at the left confirms 1863 use which is an early use for this stamp less than two weeks after the Earliest Known Use.James Petigru Boyce (1827-1888) was a prominent Southern Baptist pastor and a founder of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Greenville SC which opened in 1859. Very scarce cover with the T-E-N stamp used on an Adversity Turned Cover with a Semi-Official Imprint. The cover is complete and can be unfolded and has not been cut for display.  Few flap folds have been reinforced from the inside with nearly invisible archival tape. Very Clean Cover. Ex-Ferrari Collection. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Pendleton SC CDS 14 APR with handstamp PAID 10 Type D all in a light VIOLET. Orange paper cover addressed to James E. Hagood Esq, Pickens CH, S. Ca. James E. Hagood was the clerk of the circuit court at Pickens CH and his business correspondence is extensive. Period receiving docketing on the reverse indicates that the cover was from Col J. T. Sloan in Pendleton SC. John Trimmier Sloan (1811-1895) was a prominent citizen of means in South Carolina who held a number of public offices among which was Quartermaster General of South Carolina during the war. The title of "Col" was honorary and not associated with the Confederate Army. Part of top back flap missing, and a very minor edge repair at the top left. Otherwise a very clean cover. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #5 (margin just in at right with edge gum stains) tied by the Richmond, Va CDS 26 JUL 1862. Addressed to J. E. Hagood Esq, Pickens CH SC. James E. Hagood was the clerk of the circuit court at Pickens CH and his business correspondence is extensive. CSA Certificate 2000. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Charleston SC large single rim CDS 24 JUN Soldiers (Due) 5 handstamp Type I. Addressed to Mrs. C. M. Croft, Greenville, So. Ca. Endorsed at top left "Capt T. C. Croft, 16th Regt SCV Simmons Bluff." Overall College Cover "THE GREENVILLE BAPTIST FEMALE COLLEGE GREENVILLE So, Ca." in Green Type SC-01b. Theodore G. Croft (1844-1876) was Captain of Co C 16th SC Inf even though he was very young. He was later promoted Major near the end of the war. There was a skirmish at Simmons Bluff SC on 7/21/1862 in which Capt Croft's unit took part. Included with the cover is a lengthy and detailed letter from Capt Croft to his mother giving an excellent account and new insights of the Confederate side of the Simmons Bluff skirmish. Transcript of the letter is included. The College Cover is Very Fine. The letter written in pencil but easy to read has some folds reinforced with archival tape and some older tape repairs. This cover is the listing cover and the illustration used in the College Cover section of the new CSA catalog. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup and to read the transcript of the letter.

CSA #13 (4-Margin with a large lower sheet margin) tied by a full strike of the Abbeville SC CDS 7 FEB. Coarse brown paper large business size envelope to account for the double rate postage "Head-quarters Conscript Department, COLUMBIA, S. C. OFFICIAL BUSINESS" Semi-Official Imprint Type WD-CN-09. Addressed to Lt. J. T. Aldritch A. E. O. (Assistant Enrolling Officer), Columbia SC. Lieutenant (later promoted Captain) James T. Aldrich (1819-1875) (lawyer, orator, poet) served the Confederacy in Columbia SC in departmental duties including that of enrolling officer as well as representing the Confederate government in legal matters. He was considered  to be one of the most distinguished lawyers of his day. The CSA #13 stamp is quite scarce on a governmental semi-official inprinted cover. Despite being oversized, the cover is Very Fine and can be displayed. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

Charleston SC small double circle CDS 30 JUN 1861 PAID 5 handstamp Type E. Addressed to Hon A. H. Boykin, Richmond, Va. Alexander Hamilton Boykin (1815-1866), a wealthy planter and member of the South Carolina State Legislature and State Senate, at the beginning of the war raised an independent company of cavalry known as "Boykin's Rangers" which became Co A 2nd SC Cav. He commanded the company as its Captain from First Manassas to the Penisular Campaign when failing health forced him to resign in October 1862. The original letter remains with the cover which is from Louis DeSaussure, his factor in Charleston, concerning supplies, uniforms, etc for his company of rangers. Capt Boykin's wife was from the DeSaussure family. In the letter, three men are recommended to join the Rangers - Robert H. Nesbit, Thomas W. Nowell, and (James) Thurston. All three appear as enlisted soldiers on the company's roster. Very Fine Cover and Letter. Ex- Cantey Collection. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #1 Stone 1 Olive Green (not plated) (4-Margin) tied by the BLUE Columbia SC CDS 6 JAN (1862). Commercially made Mourning Cover with a wide black border addressed to Mrs. Wm B. Pringle, Richfield, North Santee, Georgetown SC. "Richfield" was the name of one of the Pringle family plantations on the North Santee River. There is no enclosure, but the family apparently suffered the death of a child (grand-daughter) about the time of this cover which may be the reason for the mourning use. Cover with a little minor nibbling at the lower right. Ex- Cantey Collection. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #6 Horz Pair (4-Margin) tied by an indistinct CDS not otherwise identified. Blue paper commercially made Mourning Cover with a narrow black border. Addressed to Miss Lizzie Ewell Care Rev. Dr. Hoge, Richmond, Va. This cover is from the “Miss Lizzie Ewell” correspondence. A little research has shown that the Miss Lizzie Ewell of this correspondence was the daughter of Col Benjamin S. Ewell. Benjamin Stoddert Ewell (1810-1894) was an instructor at West Point in the 1830’s and later a college professor at Hampden-Sidney College. In 1861 he became Colonel of the 32nd Va Inf and served in that capacity until he was dropped during the army reorganization in APR 1862. He later served as an AAG on the staff of Gen Joseph E. Johnston. After the war, he was the President of William and Mary. Col Benjamin S. Ewell was the brother of CSA Gen Richard S. Ewell. Rev Moses D. Hoge (1819-1899) was pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond for 54 years. During the war, he served as Chaplain to the troops in Richmond and as Chaplain to the Confederate government. There is no enclosure, so the reason for the mouring use is not known. Small part of back flap missing, otherwise a Very Fine Mourning Cover. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #11 (AD) (4-Margin) Pen-Canceled and the matching "Manchester SC June 4th" manuscript postal markings at the top left. Military Address to Capt Brown Manning ADC Brig Gen James Cantey, Pollard, Alabama. Brown Manning (1824-1881) (brother of former South Carolina governor John Laurence Manning 1852-1854) served as Captain of Co C Hampton's SC Infantry Legion and transerred to a staff position as ADC to Gen Cantey in 1863. Capt Manning's wife was the daughter of Gen Cantey. Small part of back flap missing, otherwise Very Fine. Ex- Brian Green. Ex- Cantey Collection. Capt Manning was captured as a POW at Lynch's Creek SC (a small skirmish) on 2/25/1865 and confined for a time at the Point Lookout, Md prison. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

North-to-South POW Through-the-Lines cover from Point Lookout (Md) with USA #65 (faults) with a Target cancel and with the Point Lookout, MD CDS to the left 14 FEB (1864). The stamp is also tied by a full strike of the Richmond, Va CDS Powell Type 6m dated 10 MAR (1864) with the Richmond DUE 10 to the left Dietz Type P. Also to the left is a full strike of the large Point Lookout "Approved" oval Dietz Type A. Light orange paper cover addressed to John Foreman, Silverton, Barnwell District S.Co. At upper left corner in manuscript "per Flag of Truce." At lower right in manuscript "Care Maj-Gen Butler Com Dept Virginia & N. Carolina via Fortress Monroe." Gen Butler referred to on the cover was Union Maj-Gen Benjamin F. "Beast" Butler who was in command at Fortress Monroe at the time. Unable to identify the POW who sent the cover. All postal markings and the "Approved' mark are full and clear. Cover is exceptionally clean, but the manuscript markings are just a little light but still fully legible. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #68xu1 Raleigh NC PAID 5 Provisional with the Raleigh NC double circle CDS in BLUE 12 NOV (1861) and the PAID 5 Control Mark in RED. Small but complete cover with Military Address to Lt. Col Bradley Johnson 1st Maryland Regiment 3 Brigade under Gen Elzey Centreville, Va. Bradley Tyler Johnson (1829-1903) was later promoted Brig-Gen 28 JUN 1864. It was Gen Johnson who executed the orders to burn Chambersburg, Pa in 1864. Any item referencing a Maryland Confederate Regiment is scarce. But there are several other Raleigh Provisional covers addressed to Lt Col Johnson from the same correspondence. Very Fine signed “Dietz” at the lower left corner and with PF Certificate 2002. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

CSA #4 Vert Pair affixed sideways Stone 2 Positions 12, 22 (4-Margin with a minimal light pre-affixing crease) at the upper left corner of the top stamp) Pen-Canceled and a partial strike of the RED Camden SC CDS at the left which just barely ties the pair to the cover 21 JUL (1862). Military Address to Capt E. B. Cantey, 6 Regt SCV, Genl Anderson's Brigade, Genl Longstreet's Division, Richmond, Va. Edward B. Cantey (1836-1916) was Captain of  Co C 6th SC Inf and is listed as wounded at Sharpsburg (Antietam) 9/16/1862. Part of back flap missing, otherwise Very Fine. Ex-Cantey Collection. Click the image at left to reveal the full exhibit writeup.

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