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Below is a selection of miscellaneous items, some are Confederate and some are not, from the estate of my late partner Conrad L. Bush who passed away in February, 2017. The proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the Bush family. Items will be added to this listing from time to time as they become available for sale. Last item added 18 JAN 2020. CSA member and dealer discounts do apply to these items.

Books from the Bush Estate Library added to the listing. CSA member and dealer discounts do not apply to books.


Stars and Bars Confederate Patriotic Cover UNUSED Type F11-3 with Imprint 23 "R. Coburn, Bookseller, N.O." Printed in New Orleans. Very Fine.

Manuscript Slave Document from Alabama dated at Cahaba May 17, 1854. The document is a receipt from the State of Alabama for the payment of $79.00 which was the cost of keeping "Bobb a Slave" in jail for 244 days. Does not state why the slave was in jail. Very Fine and Very Unusual.

Adversity Cover undated handcarried outside the postal system addressed to Maj Gen Howell Cobb, Macon, Georgia. At lower left "politeness of Major Lamar Cobb. The cover is made from a profusely illustrated unused insurance policy form from Philadelphia. Howell Cobb (1815-1868) was the most prominent Georgia politician of his day, and his history is well known. Former Speaker of the USA House of Representatives, former Governor of Georgia among other offices, and later a CSA Major-General. Lamar Cobb (1840-1907) was Howell Cobb's son. Lamar Cobb entered service as a private in Co B 2nd Batt Ga Inf in April 1861 and was soon appointed Sergt-Maj of the 16th Ga Inf. In Sept 1862, he was commssioned as 1st Lieut (promoted Capt in June 1863 and Maj in December 1863) and served on his father's staff as an ADC and AAG. Because of the use of the "Major" rank. this cover most likely dates some time in 1864. Few edge faults and small sealed tears. Still a very attractive cover. $250.00

Unused blue paper cover with a colorless embossed seal of the Old Dominion Trading Company Richmond, Va 1863. The center of the seal shows a steamship. This company was incorporated in Richmond in March 1863 as a freight company and engaged in blockade running. Very Fine. $60.00

Period 1862 engraved portrait of Union Major General John C. Fremont by Elias Dexter, 562 Broadway (New York City) on card  2 1/2 x 4 inches Very Fine. $25.00

Folded Letter Complete handcarried outside the postal system and dated 20 NOV 1861 but no town identified. Addressed to Dr. Morris and carried by A. C. Horne. Short letter on blue lined notebook paper: "Sir: Carrie is better this morning. Free from headach; Another glorious victory reported in Kentucky - Slidell & Mason taken from on board a British vessel and now in Fortress Monroe. With all respect (cannot decipher the signature)."  Not sure as to what the victory in Kentucky refers to as there apparently was only skirmishing in Kentucky at this time. Mason and Slidell (the "Trent Affair" which is well known) were taken from the British ship on 11/8/1861. Interesting item.$150.00

CSA Assistant Treasurer's Office Charleston SC March 18th 1864. Receipt for the purchase of a $100 bond at 4% per annum interest.$100.00

Group of 4 Fractional Notes (5c, 10c, 25c, 50c) with different designs from the Summit County Bank in Cuyahoga Falls, O(hio). 1862. Unissued and Uncirculated remainders.$75.00
Four Notes

Philatelically prepared envelope with the Confederate Veterans Reunion October 5, 1948 at Montgomery, Ala cache. A period 1863 Alabama $1.00 note is affixed to the envelope with the left side of the note folded over the edge of the envelope onto the back. The note is tied by the cache. The Montgomery, Ala postmark ties the note and $1.10 in postage. The envelope is unaddressed and did not go through the mails. Souvenir of the 1948 UCV Reunion. The final UCV Reunion was held in Norfolk, Va in 1951.$25.00



Listed below in no particular order are individual books from the personal library of my late partner Conrad L. Bush which are now for sale. The books are related to Confederate philately, USA philately, or to Civil War history in general. All books are in very usable condition and many have barely been touched. For each book, please add $5.00 for Media Mail shipping within the USA. For shipping outside the USA, please contact me at JLKCSA@aol.com for a shipping quote. Books can be ordered using the Confederate Order Form link below. Books are mostly hardbound. Those that are softcover or paperback are so designated.

Confederate Order Form

The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America by August Dietz. This is the original 1929 edition in the standard cloth grey binding. Book is in excellent condition with just a little light foxing on the pages inside the cover. $200.00
BBK2 The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America by August Dietz. This is the original 1929 edition in the half-leather (red leather and grey cloth semi-deluxe) binding and signed by the author. Most of the copies of this half-leather edition are in poor condition. This copy is in much better than average condition. $300.00
BBK6A Confederate Patriotic Covers and Their Usages by Benjamin Wishnietsky 1991. Softcover. $15.00
BBK7 Confederate Post Offices, Postmasters and Postmarks of the Trans-Mississippi Department by Warren M. Sanders and Erin R. Gunter 2007. $50.00
BBK8 The George Walcott Collection of Used Civil War Patriotic Covers catalog compiled by Robert Laurence 1934 with prices realized. $50.00
BBK16 A Guidebook of Southern States Currency (The Official Red Book) by Hugh Shull 2007. Conrad Bush's personal copy inscribed and signed by the author directly to Connie. Spiral bound in excellent condition. $125.00
BBK19 Confederate and Southern States Bonds Second Edition by Grover C. Criswell 1979. Conrad Bush's personal copy inscribed and signed by the author directly to Connie. $50.00
BBK20 Collecting Confederate Paper Money Field Edition 2008 by Pierre Fricke. Conrad Bush's personal copy inscribed and signed by the author directly to Connie. $20.00
BBK21 The Organization of the Confederate Post Office Department at Montgomery by Peter A. Brannon 1960. $12.00
BBK22 Confederate Treasury Notes by Philip H. Chase 1947. $35.00
BBK23 The Types and Plates of the U. S. One Cent 1851-1857 by Stanley B. Ashbrook 1926. Paperback Monograph. $30.00
BBK25 The DK Collection of Southern Postmasters' Provisionals of the American Civil War Sale 1022 March 28, 2012. Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Hardbound Auction Catalog. Excellent reference book with hammer prices annotated in pencil for each lot by Connie Bush. $75.00
BBK26 Confederate Stamps, Old Letters and History by Raynor Hubbell  (undated but from the 1950's). Signed by the author. $15.00
BBK28 Civil War Patriotic Covers Postally Used Featuring the Collection of Professor Jon E. Bishel. Large paperback Nutmeg Auction Catalog 2000.  Excellent reference with Prices Realized.. $15.00
BBK29 American Illustrated Cover Catalog  - The Collection of John R. Biddle. Large paperback Phillips Auction Catalog 1981 with Prices realized. $15.00
BBK30 Autographs of the Confederacy compiled by Michael Reese II. First Edition 1981. $45.00
BBK31 Confederate Arms by William A. Albaugh III and Edward N. Simmons 1957. Handbook of Confederate firearms, edged weapons, and accoutrements. $20.00
BBK32 The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philately by R. Scott Carlton.1997. $25.00
BBK33 The New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook by Hubert C. Skinner, Erin R. Gunter, and Warren H. Sanders 1986. Original deluxe edition with padded cover and slipcase signed by the three editors and two publishers (all are now deceased) No. 143 of 300. New condition never been used. $75.00
BBK36 A Lifetime of Collecting Confederate States of America Postal History by James L. D. Monroe 2009. $40.00
BBK37 American Illustrated Letter Stationery 1819-1899 by James W. Milgram MD. $45.00
BBK39 The Rush 1847 Cover Sale 912 May 13, 2006. Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Hardbound Auction Catalog. $20.00

-- Confederate Order Form --

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