4 JUL 2020

List of items sold since 1 JUL 2020

ARCHIVE of Items SOLD 1 APR 2020 - 30 JUN 2020

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • GA1188
    Stamps SOLD
    • CS03-106
    • CS08-161
    Currency SOLD
Items removed from the listing and no longer available for sale -- Some were sold at auction earlier in June 2020. Others will be sold in a later auction.
  • BE3, BE10, BE14, BE16, BE32, BE36, BE46, BE54, BE55, BE63, BE65, BE84, BE85, BE98, BE118, BE119, BE124, BE137, BE138, BE149, BE158, BE160
  • OTC6, OTC7, OTC10, OTC11, OTC12, OTC15

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