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Here's the section where I am offering items for sale. After all, this is how I currently make my living. I must sell an item or two now and then to stay in business and to keep this website running. I hope when browsing the listings that you will find something for your collection.

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This Confederate States Stamps and Postal History dealership is now strictly Internet. Printed listings of the CSA stamps, covers, and currency are no longer offered by mail. The printed listings were simply too large, too labor intensive, and too expensive to produce with too little return from non Internet using mail buyers to justify continuing the practice. The vast majority of collectors are now well versed in using the Internet. Please check the "Show Section" of this website to see which shows I will be attending as I usually attend all the Civil War Philatelic Society Conventions and Meetings as well as a few major shows throughout the year.

These on-line CSA Net Price Lists are updated frequently by removing the items as soon as they are no longer available. New material is posted to these listings on a continuous basis as it comes in and is prepared for sale. Next to the links below are the dates when new material was last added to that particular listing. In order to take advantage of newly listed material, it is recommended that this website be checked on a periodic and regular basis. One never knows what I may come up with as I am constantly on the lookout for good quality material. Newly listed material very often sells quite quickly after posting.

Before examining the Net Price Lists, please review the "Sales Policies and How to Order" section. All images of the stamps, covers, and currency can be viewed with any browser. The images are all 300 dpi and should all be sharp and clear. Images of ALL the covers, stamps, and currency items on these listings are available for immediate viewing. These images can be easily accessed within the documents.

-- Sales Policies and How to Order -- .

  • Updated 21 JAN 2024 due to postage rate increases.
  • Visa / Mastercard and America Express accepted.
  • Payment can be made through PAYPAL if so desired.
  • Checks and Money Orders accepted.
  • Access to my secure order form can be gained from this "Sales Policies and How to Order" page, from any of the Net Price pages below, and from the toolbar button at the left.
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The CSA Postal History and CSA Stamp Databases are fully searchable. If you are looking for a cover or a stamp related to a specific city or town, or perhaps a cover with your family name on the address, or perhaps a military address or endorsement related to a specific unit, then just enter your keyword(s) below. Click CSA SEARCH for a short tutorial and explanation (opens in new window) of how best to use the Search Engine with my databases. Those who actually read the short search tutorial and follow the guidelines will have much better success with their searches. This tutorial is more detailed than the "Search Tips" accessed from the Search Engine itself. The search will show results in the CSA Postal History, CSA Stamps, and CSA Currency databases. The USA Modern Mint Stamps on my secondary website are NOT included in this local search engine. Search results appear in a new window or separate tab. For a more detailed or more refined search, use the "Advanced Search" option which also opens in a new window or separate tab.

21 JUL 2024

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  CSA Covers: 1323
 CSA Stamps:  510
CSA Currency: 354
Total: 2187

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Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition

-- Guidebook Order Form -- 

4 JUN 2012 -- NAPEX 2012 -- Gold Medal and Grand Award
19 AUG 2012 -- APS StampShow 2012 -- Gold Medal
18 NOV 2012 -- CHICAGOPEX 2012 -- Gold Medal

The Second Edition of the Guidebook was noted to have several typographical errors in the Secession Table presented on Page 7 and Page 423. For a copy of the current Secession Table which can be printed out for reference, click the link below (opens in a new window and requires Adobe Acrobat). This is Appendix A Page 423 (corrected and up-to-date with the typos removed) in the Second Edition Guidebook.

-- Secession Table -- 

Published in 2012 and still available new for $95.00 postpaid in the USA, the Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition is an explanatory narrative of the story of Confederate Philately completely illustrated in full color and is an excellent complement to the new Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History. The new CSA catalog is now sold out and out-of-print. Copies may still be available occasionally on the secondary market.

The new CSA Catalog published in 2012 has changed the Secession Table to reflect only 2 MAR 1861 as the secession date for Texas with a three day Independent State period as Texas joined the CSA 5 MAR 1861. Texas history and Texas tradition have long accepted 1 FEB 1861 as the actual de facto date of Texas secession and will continue to do so. The Texas Ordinance of Secession was adopted by the state legislature 1 FEB 1861 but technically went into effect on 2 MAR 1861 after a referendum vote of the people approved it. It needs to be pointed out that the change in the Texas secession date in the new CSA catalog with the resulting radical change in the Independent State period, even though technically correct, is considered to be historically inaccurate by Texas historians. The change was made over the objections of the Texas postal historians.

8 JUN 2013 -- Dynamic Duo -- Read what Randy Neil, editor of the Confederate Philatelist and the ASD&C magazine, had to say about the two new major publications on Confederate philately -- Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition and the new CSA Catalog -- in an editorial published in the April-June 2013 issue of the Confederate Philatelist.

5 JUN 2016 -- Large Vermeil International Medal -- New York 2016 International Show Philatelic Literature Competition.


14 APR 2019 -- Just Published -- Confederate Patriotic Stationery by James W. Milgram MD and John L. Kimbrough MD. The book explains the story of Confederate Patriotic Covers and Lettersheets with full color illustrations of postally used examples of the CSA catalog listed designs as well as a number of newly discovered unlisted designs. Included is a section of southern themed designs printed in the North with much new information. The Patriotic Stationery book (216 Pages, 394 illustrations) very much complements the Collector's Guidebook and the Patriotic Section of the 2012 CSA catalog. The book sells for $50.00 postpaid within the USA. Both the Collector's Guidebook and the Patriotic Stationery book can be ordered on the Guidebook Order Form.

The long awaited book on Confederate fakes is now completed.

Confederate States of America

Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Peter W. W. Powell

John L. Kimbrough MD

This book represents 10 years of research and preparation and is an excellent companion volume to the Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition and the new CSA catalog. The book is 432 pages plus introductory pages and includes over 150 fake cancellations photographically illustrated and compared to the genuine marking. The descriptions are all original and never before published including most known John A. Fox Confederate creations. In addition to the fake postmarks, the book also contains profuse illustrations of the fake general issue stamps, fake provisional stamps, and the fantasies. The book is available for immediate shipping. The price of the book is $95.00 post-paid within the USA by Media Mail. Collectors outside the USA can contact me for the additional shipping charges. The printing is limited to 500 copies. Bonafide philatelic dealers can contact me ( for the special dealer price. The book can be ordered using my "Confederate Order Form."

-- Confederate Order Form --

The printed book has a error page. Click Page 95 to open a .pdf file of the corrected page and print it out to put with your copy of the fake book.

17 DEC 2015 - Spine labels for the Fake Book are now available. Anyone who already has a copy of the Fake Book can obtain a spine label by sending me an E-Mail at

APR 2016 - The book received the August Dietz Award for research, writing, and publishing from the Confedertate Stamp Alliance.

AUG 2016 - At the APS StampShow 2016 literature competition, the book was awarded a Gold Medal and the APS Literature Reserve Grand Award for 2016.

NOV 2016 - At the Chicagopex 2016 literature competition, the book was awarded a Gold Medal.

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From Georgie III and Penny III

-- Net Price List Part 1 --

 Covers Posted 6 JUL 2024
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida
-- Net Price List Part 2 --

Covers Posted 6 JUL 2024
Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana
-- Net Price List Part 3 --

Covers Posted 21 JUL 2024
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina
-- Net Price List Part 4 --

Covers Posted 7 JUL 2024
Tennessee, Texas
-- Net Price List Part 5 --

New listings in Virginia Part II.
Virginia -- Part I
-- Net Price List Part 6 --

Covers Posted 20 JUL 2024
Virginia -- Part II
-- Net Price List Part 7 --

Covers Posted 7 JUL 2024
Army Field Cancels, Patriotics, Railroads, POW, Blockade, Miscellaneous
  • Bidwell Collection -- A general collection of  38 Confederate covers formed by long time Confederate Stamp Alliance member Henry W. (Hank) Bidwell between the years 2000 - 2010. There are no stampless covers in the collection, only covers with CSA General Issue stamps of excellent quality.
  • Roth Collection Part I and Part II -- Part I of the Steven Roth Collection (35 premium covers) demonstrates postal use from the time of secession through 31 MAY 1861 the last day that the USPOD operated in the seceded states. The collection contains some trans-Atlantic covers and some waterway covers used to illustrate the postal uses. Part II of the Steven Roth collection (20 premium covers) demonstrates Confederate postal use on the rivers (Mississippi River, Alabama River System, James River, and others) and Trans-Atlantic Blockade Mail. This collection was exhibited by invitation in the Court of Honor at the International World Stamp Show in New York City 28 May-4 June 2016, and at EUROPHILEX London 2015. Presented as formed by the collector. The covers are all priced to sell individually.
  • Bush Estate -- A selection of miscellaneous items including books from the Bush philatelic and Civil War library. Some are Confederate and some are not. All are from the estate of my late partner Conrad L. Bush who passed away in February 2017. The proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the Bush family. 
  • Northcutt Collection / Exhibit -- A selection of 20 covers for sale individually from the Frank P. Northcutt Collection / Exhibit titled "Confederate Faces" last shown at the WESTPEX (San Francisco) CSA Convention in 2011 where the exhibit received an APS Silver Medal and the Brian and Maria Green Award for the best CSA exhibit with military related items.
  • Old Time Collection -- A collection of 29 General Issue covers formed in 1949 that has not seen the collector's market in over 60 years. This is a very general collection of various stamps and postal uses. The covers are presented together as they were originally collected . All the covers in this collection have been SOLD. The collection remains posted for study.
  • Old Bush Exhibit -- A grouping of both covers and off-cover stamps from the first Conrad Bush Collection / Exhibit of CSA Fancy and Unusual Cancels on General Issue Stamps many of which were used as illustrations in his definitive 1997 book on the subject. All the covers listed in this section have been SOLD, but the listing remains posted for examination and reference purposes only.
  • Teffs Collection of Independent State and USA Used in the CSA Postal History. All the covers from this collection have been SOLD. But since these covers are so significant, the collection remains posted for examination and reference purposes only.
  • 17 APR 2022 -- Section added for BOOKS.

The Bush Exhibit / Collection

-- Bush Exhibit --


5 SEP 2022 -- All the items in this exhibit have been sold. The entire exhibit remains posted so that the entire exhibit / collection can be viewed and studied as many of the stamps, postmarks, and covers are quite scarce and illustrate obscure areas and postal uses of Confederate philately.

The original pages of the exhibit itself can be viewed as .pdf files by accessing the links below.
  • Frame 1 -- Title Page, Synopsis, Outline of the Exhibit, Straight-Line Cancels
  • Frame 2 -- Fancy Cancels
  • Frame 3 -- Uncommon Circle Date Stamps
  • Frame 4 -- Grid Cancels, Army Field Cancels, College Cancels, Other Seldom Seen Cancels
  • Frame 5 -- Railroad and Express Cancels, CSA Handstamps including Provisional Handstamps used as Cancels, Union Handstamps Canceling CSA Stamps, Foreign Cancels on CSA Stamps

-- Net Price List Part 1 --

Stamps Posted 4 JUL 2024
Provisionals, CSA #1, CSA #2, CSA #3
-- Net Price List Part 2 --

Stamps Posted 2 JUL 2024
CSA #4, CSA #5
-- Net Price List Part 3 --

Stamps Posted 20 JUL 2024
CSA #6, CSA #7
-- Net Price List Part 4 --

Stamps Posted 19 JUL 2024
CSA #8, CSA #9, CSA #10, CSA #11
-- Net Price List Part 5 --

Stamps Posted 6 APR 2024
CSA #12, CSA #13, CSA #14


-- CSA Currency Net Price List --

Currency Posted 20 JAN 2024


-- Items "SOLD" Since 1 JUL 2024 --

20 JUL 2024
  • Items SOLD 1 JUL 2023 - 30 SEP 2023
  • Items SOLD 1 OCT 2023 - 31 DEC 2023
  • Items SOLD 1 JAN 2024 - 31 MAR 2024
  • Items SOLD 1 APR 2024 - 30 JUN 2024


In response to numerous requests from CSA collectors both beginning and advanced, I have designed a set of preprinted Confederate Stamp Album Pages which I am offering for sale. There are three separate sets --

General Issue Stamps
Detailed Set
General Issue Stamps
Type Set
Provisional Issue Stamps
If you are interested in CSA Stamp Album Pages, click the link below for more information. 


In order to have CSA material to sell, I must first buy it. I am always on the lookout to buy good quality Confederate stamps, covers and currency.

If you have any Confederate material to sell (individual items, multiple items, or an entire collection), please contact me with your asking price. I will pay a fair price for good quality material. The emphasis is on "good quality material." Significantly damaged material and "Spacefiller" type material is not desired. Please no fakes, facsimiles, or reprints. Please be advised that under no circumstances will a valuation or an offer be made on Confederate material sight unseen. An offer can only be made after the material has actually been examined in hand for authenticity and condition.

I am a major buyer of Confederate States of America Stamps, Postal History, and Currency. To see my full page color advertisement which has appeared in various publications, use the link below. 


I have a secondary web site with its own separate domain strictly for the sale of mint modern USA stamps from the year 1929 through 2000 . Many collectors have told me that there is a need for such a site as it can be difficult to acquire odd individual USA stamps to fill holes in a modern collection. If you need to fill a few holes in your USA collection or would just like to visit my secondary USA site, please use the direct link below.

-- USA Modern Mint Stamps --

From time to time I offer philatelic items (both Confederate and non-Confederate) for sale on E-Bay Auctions. Click below for a listing of my current E-Bay Auction Lots.

-- E-Bay Auction Lots --

Of late there has been much publicity both on the Internet and in Linn's Stamp News concerning various Internet Philatelic Auction Scams. I am asked frequently by collectors who do not understand these scams and have little or no experience with the Internet Auctions to explain some of these scams and also to give suggestions about how to protect oneself from these scams. Many collectors are understandably apprehensive about bidding in Internet Philatelic Auctions. I have therefore prepared a short page explaining some of these auction scams with suggestions about how to bid as safely as possible in such an environment. I hope this will be of some assistance.

-- Internet Auction Scams --

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