Show Schedule

11 JUN 2024

Below is my upcoming Show Schedule. My list of planned shows will be periodically updated as schedules are confirmed. I am now cutting way back on attending shows and will only attend the CWPS functions during the year (convention and mid-year meeting) plus only 1 or 2 additional select shows during the year. My main focus will continue to be this website.

  • Middle Tennessee (Nashville-Franklin) Civil War Show 2024 -- Franklin, Tennessee (Williamson County Agricultural Center) 7-8 DEC 2024. (I will only bring my paper money stock to this show and some miscellaneous items. If you are attending the show and want me to bring something special for you in CSA stamps and/or covers, please let me know in advance.)
  • Boston 2026 World Expo -- Boston Convention and Exhibition Center  23-30 MAY 2026. (I will have a booth for only the first 4 days of the show 23-26 MAY 2026).

Washington 2006 International Random Photos (New Window)

Washington 2006 Washington DC 27 MAY - 3 JUN 2006

APS StampShow Random Photos (New Window)
APS StampShow 2003
Columbus OH
7-10 AUG 2003
APS StampShow 2004
Sacramento CA
5-8 AUG 2004
APS Winter Show 2005
Atlanta GA
18-20 FEB 2005
APS StampShow 2005
Grand Rapids MI
4-7 AUG 2005
APS StampShow 2008
Hartford, Conn
14-17 AUG 2008