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1929 - 2000

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Welcome to my USA Philatelic Web Site. Please bookmark this page if you intend to return to the site. I have been told by many collectors both at shows and through the Internet, that it is often difficult for them to obtain many of the individual modern USA stamps to fill in the holes in their collections. This is particularly true if the collector is not able to attend a stamp show or visit a local stamp store. I have therefore established this web site devoted solely to modern mint USA stamps (1929-2000) so that these stamps can be easily ordered on-line.

11 MAR 2001 -- With much thought and debate, I have decided to end this listing with the stamps issued in the year 2000. It seems like a natural ending. With frequent rate increases and endless varieties, it is now simply too difficult and too expensive for me to keep up with all the myriad new issues and varieties. I will leave that area to others. But if you are looking for stamps to fill USA album holes between the years 1929 and 2000, then this is your website.  (Update 15 JAN 2019 -- This website continues to remain quite active - JLK.)

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To find out more about me and my Philatelic Business, please visit my primary web site (link below) which is a philatelic site devoted to the Stamps and Postal History of the Confederate States of America.

-- CSA Stamps and Postal History --

There are many collectors of USA stamps who live around the world. Hopefully this web site will be of some service to those collectors outside the USA so that they also can obtain the stamps required to fill in their USA collections.

Before reviewing the Net-Price Listings, please review the "Terms of Sale and How to Order" document below. 

-- Terms of Sale and How to Order --

USA Stamps Mint Never Hinged F-VF
1929 to 2000 (Begins with Scott #680)

Net Price Listings -- Please note that I am not a wholesaler. I am not able to provide the stamps in large quantities. If large quantities of a single stamp are what you require, then send me an E-Mail and I will be happy to refer you to dealers that handle large quantities. Also please note that I do not handle used stamps. Nor do I handle Plate Blocks or Plate Number Strips. Every effort is made to have the stamps listed available and in stock. However, certain items may be out-of-stock when requested due to heavy demand. If that should happen, I will let you know when or if I expect to have the stamp replaced. The minimum price of an individual stamp is 20c. Pricing is based on the current USA market trends with prices adjusted as needed when stocks have to be replaced.

1 JAN 2022 -- I am trying very hard to hold the line on the prices and to make no changes in the prices as long as the present stock levels allow. When items have to be restocked, then and only then, will a price change be made when necessary. There have been no price changes since January 2016. (JLK)

E-Mail: jlkcsa@aol.com

Abbreviations used on the listings --

  1. Commemoratives and Regulars 1929-1949

  2. Commemoratives and Regulars 1950-1969

  3. Commemoratives and Regulars 1970-1984

  4. Commemoratives and Regulars 1985-1994

  5. Commemoratives and Regulars 1995-2000

  6. Great Americans Regular Issues 1980-1999

  7. Flora and Fauna Series 1990-2000 including coils

  8. Regular Issue Coils 1930-1989 -- Singles, Pairs, Line Pairs

  9. Regular Issue Coils 1990-2000 -- Singles, Pairs

  10. Transportation Coils -- Singles, Pairs

  11. Air Mails including Air Mail Coils

  12. Official Stamps including the Official Coils

1 JAN 2022 (no price changes since January 2016) -- My entire USA Price List can be downloaded and/or printed out for easy reference by opening the link below. The listing is a large .pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat to open and print. Once opened, the document can be searched by Scott Number using the PC Ctrl-F function.

-- USA Price List (.PDF File) --


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