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My apologies to all, but due to incessant and unrelentless Guestbook Spamming in the order of 50-100 entries per day, I have had to discontinue the automatic postings of Guestbook entries as there is as yet no way to filter out these junk postings many of which are pornographic. You can still view the prior legitimate Guestbook entries by using the link above.

If you wish to sign the Guestbook, this can still be done. Simply send me an E-Mail at JLKCSA@aol.com and include the following information:

And I will manually post the sign-in to the Guestbook myself. This is the ony way I can think of to try and circumvent the spammers. Otherwise, the Guestbook entries will have to be discontinued. Having to constantly remove all the spam garbage from the Guestbook mutliple times per day is just too much of a hassle.

John L. Kimbrough MD
Col USAF MC (Retired)