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The book that numerous collectors have been asking for over the years is now here. This book is the product of 5 years of research and 1 year in the actual writing and tells the story of Confederate Philately in a straight forward easy to read narrative form of 25 major sections comprising over 360 pages with 550+ illustrations of the actual stamps and covers. The text will remain informative for many years to come. Included also is a comprehensive Glossary of Confederate Philatelic Terms as well as an extensive Bibliography. The book is soft cover and spiral bound in 8 1/2 x 11 format and designed to lay flat on the desk when opened so that it can be easily used while working on your collection. We stress that the book is NOT a catalog and does NOT contain pricing. It is instead a guidebook to help the collector through the basics as well as the intricacies of Confederate Philately. The book will reach its full potential when used in conjunction with the New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook 1986 and not in place of it.

14 APR 2006 -- After selling more than 600 copies, the Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately is sold out and is OUT-OF-PRINT. The book can occasionally be found for sale on the secondary market such as E-Bay.

12 SEP 2006 -- The Color Companion supplement published in OCT 2003 is also sold out and is OUT-OF-PRINT

UPDATE -- 11 FEB 2012 -- The decision was made some time ago that a second edition of the Guidebook would be published as the demand appears to be there and is very real.  After over one year of work and preparation, The Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition is now finished and is ready to ship. The new second edition is a complete revision of the original book with updated and added new material and is a full 100 pages longer. The original edition was Black & White and soft cover spiral bound with approximately 550 illustrations. The second edition is a formal hardbound book in full color on glossy paper with over 750 illustrations. Please use the Guidebook Order Form if you wish to order the book. Price of the new Second Edition is $95.00 postpaid anywhere within the USA by Media Mail. For shipping outside the USA, please contact me by E-Mail for shipping information and costs.

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Second Edition Errata -- Two typographical errors in the Second Edition Secession Table on Page 7 -- The Texas date for the passage of the ordinance of secession is 1 FEB 1861 (not 2 FEB 1861 as is in the table). And the secession date for North Carolina is 20 MAY 1861 (not 10 MAY 1861 as is in the table). The Secession Table in Appendex A on Page 423 has the correct Texas date but the incorrect North Carolina date. Everything else is currently correct. The current Secession Table appears below. Click Secession Table to pull up a new window with the table which can be printed out.

The corrected pages can be accessed below and printed out (opens in a new window and requires Adobe Acrobat) --

Page 7 (.pdf file)

Page 423 (.pdf file)

Secession Table

Updated 16 JUN 2012

Secession Date Joined CSA Independent USA Used CSA
South Carolina 20 Dec 1860 4 Feb 1861 46 days 117 days
Mississippi 9 Jan 1861 4 Feb 1861 26 days 117 days
Florida 10 Jan 1861 4 Feb 1861 25 days 117 days
Alabama 11 Jan 1861 4 Feb 1861 24 days 117 days
Georgia 19 Jan 1861 4 Feb 1861 16 days 117 days
Louisiana 26 Jan 1861 4 Feb 1861 9 days 117 days
Texas 1 Feb 1861 (ordinance)
2 Mar 1861 (effective)
5 Mar 1861 32 days
3 Days 
88 days
Virginia 17 Apr 1861 7 May 1861 20 days 25 days
Arkansas 6 May 1861 18 May 1861 12 days 14 days
North Carolina 20 May 1861 27 May 1861 7 days 5 Days
Tennessee 8 Jun 1861 2 Jul 1861  24 days None
Missouri 28 Nov 1861 None None
Kentucky 9 Dec 1861 None None

The Edition and Printing designation of your original first edition book can be found at the bottom of the Title / Copyright Page.
  • The 1st Printing had a few typographical errors which were corrected.
  • In the 2nd Printing, two short paragraphs were rewritten to correct errors.
  • In the 3rd Printing, a few additional insignificant typographical errors were corrected, and two additional pages were ammended for better clarification.
  • In the 4th Printing, one paragraph was deleted and slight changes made to another.
  • Two updates were made in the 7th Printing.
  • Another update was made in the 8th Printing as well as one minor correction.
  • Two census updates were made in the 10th Printing.
  • The 11th Printing saw an update in the number of confirmed CSA Railroad Postmarks.
  • The 12th Printing has a new Earliest Known Usage (EKU) for the 5c Blue Richmond Print.
Click ERRATA and UPDATES to review the changes and updates made in the various printings. For anyone who purchased a copy of an earlier printing 1-10, this ERRATA and UPDATES page can be easily printed out and placed with your copy of the book to bring the earlier printings up-to-date. We will also be happy to supply on request at no charge copies of the corrected pages if so desired. Just send me an E-mail ( and let me know which printing you have, and I will send out the corrected pages.

AWARDS -- First Edition

  • FEB 2003 -- COLOPEX 2003 (Columbus OH) Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal and Literature GRAND Award.
  • MAR 2003 -- Confederate Stamp Alliance AUGUST DIETZ Award for Research and Publishing.
  • JUN 2003 -- US Philatelic Classics Society Stanley B. Ashbrook Cup -- (PHOTO) -- Citation Accompanying the Award of the Stanley B. Ashbrook Cup -- For their excellent and readable ready reference for the Confederate philatelist, whether experienced or neophyte. Well illustrated and clearly organized, Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately should serve as a necessary adjunct to the Dietz handbook and catalog. Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Kimbrough and Mr. Bush for producing a well-illustrated and much needed overview of a sometimes daunting area of philately.
  • AUG 2003 -- APS StampShow 2003 (Columbus OH) Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal and APS Literature GRAND Award.
  • OCT 2003 -- SESCAL 2003 (Los Angeles CA) Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal.
  • SEP 2004 -- Singapore 2004 International Philatelic Literature Competition -- International Large Vermeil Award.
  • JUN 2006 -- Washington 2006 International Philatelic Literature Competition -- International Large Vermeil Award. (Final Competition)

AWARDS -- Second Edition

  • JUN 2012 -- NAPEX 2012 (Tysons Corner VA) Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal and Literature GRAND Award.
  • AUG 2012 -- APS StampShow 2012 (Sacramento CA) Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal.
  • NOV 2012 -- Chicagopex 2012 Philatelic Literature Competition -- GOLD Medal.
  • JUN 2016 -- New York 2016 International Philatelic Literature Competition  -- International Large Vermeil Award. (Final Competition)

APS Writers Unit #30
GOLD Medal

If anyone who buys the book wishes to make some comments about it, please E-Mail me your comments and I will post them here for all to see (

Here are some comments made by collectors about the original first edition book.
Jim Monroe
Mechanicsburg PA
John, You made my day - the book arrived today in good order. It is terrific - congrats to you and Connie! Thanks for sending so promptly via priority mail - you were most kind. I noticed with great pleasure that you referenced my Lee cover research. Thanks again.
Jack Molesworth
Boston MA
Dear John: Your opus arrived today, and it is exceptional for which I commend you. It will make an invaluable handbook for any CSA collector, but most especially for one who is relatively new to the field. I am sure that we will be ordering more copies in time from you.
Jim Hopkins
Austin TX
Dear John: I have only just begun to enjoy your book, but I find it hard to put down! I don't want to read it too quickly though since then I wouldn't have that to look forward to. I really do think it will be a big help in my understanding of CSA material, and in the continued development of my collection.
Frank Mandel
New York NY
Dear John: Excellent CSA Primer which I find to be an "easy read" and very informative. It proves that something useful can still be made out of an old story...Congratulations on a great book.
John Hotchner
Falls Church VA
Dear John: Terrific Book. This is exactly what CSA philately needs as a shot in the arm - available well packaged information.
Dick Byne
San Antonio TX
Dear John and Connie: Re your collectors' guide to CSA collecting: a splendid piece of work! I hope that APS will do a review on it; it deserves wide distribution to others than those already collecting Confederate States. Thanks for your good words about my subject index. Enjoyed, too, the "Army of Tenn" cancel on a cover addressed to "Mrs Kimbrough."! Good show!
Roger Ballard
Northport AL
Dear Dr. Kimbrough: Just a note to tell you what an outstanding job you and Mr. Bush have done on the new book. It is a great collector's book, and I'm enjoying reading different chapters - almost every night. It is just what I needed to add to the few books and articles that I already have. All collectors will appreciate your hard work that you two have put into this effort.
Michael Schreiber
Linn's Stamp News
Book Review
John L. Kimbrough and Conrad L. Bush, two collectors and dealers, self-published the Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately in October (2002). The spiralbound book is a welcome guidebook for the beginner, and it is filled with sage reassurance for the experienced collector. It has 366 pages with more than 550 fine black-and-white images of stamps and covers. The authors discuss and illustrate each facet of Confederate States of America collecting in 25 separate sections that are designed to be read alone. The text is filled with many collecting insights, and Kimbrough's essay "How to Start a CSA Collection" is worth the price of the book by itself. If you've been thinking of beginning a CSA stamp or cover collection, this very helpful book is the place to start. Highly recommended.
Peggy Dillard
Nashville TN
Received your book yesterday and spent a couple of hours with it. You and Conrad did a magnificant job with it and am so pleased to get so much of your hard earned knowledge for only $35. Thanks for sending it so quickly.
William Marshall
Paisley, Scotland
It is a wonderful publication and is particularly beneficial for new collectors such as myself. A book like this helps to keep enthusiasm going as living outside the USA there are almost no fellow collectors of Confederates to interact with. Once again, many thanks for your prompt response.
Jack Solomon
Delray Beach FL
Congratulations on the book. You did a wonderful job on it, and it fills a long overdue need.
Wilson S. Goold III
Dayton OH
Paging through your Collector's Guidebook is a pleasure. Thank you for a wonderful work.
Clive R. Stevens
Margate Kent
Thank you very much for sending me your Collectors Guide to Confederate Philately....What a fantastic piece of work! You've got me hooked on it - really fascinating.

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