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Restored Cover

Milledgeville, Ga apparent Handstamp Provisional cover restored by replacing the entire right upper corner of the cover and hand drawing in the upper part of the control mark on the right.

There is nothing wrong with repairing and restoring a cover as long as full disclosure is made and the buyer is fully aware of exactly what was done to the cover. The cover illustrated is a genuine cover but has been extensively restored. Problems do arise when there is a definite attempt to deceive by not disclosing the restoration.. The cover has been extensively repaired with the addition of a large piece which includes the upper part of the control mark on the right. The cover is a genuine early 1865 usage (dated by docketting on the reverse) from the Stephens Correspondence (CSA Vice-President) of the Milledgeville Handstamp Provisional but the "PAID 10" within the control mark is so weakly struck as not to be visible and was perhaps lost in the restoration. The manuscipt "EB" at upper left stands for "Executive Department" as Milledgeville, Ga was the state capital at that time. It is known that there were some very late usages of the left over provisional markings on official government covers.

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