CSA #6 (margin just in at the right) tied to small piece by a full strike of the Pensacola, Fla CDS 22 MAY (1862). The postmark is dated 12 days after the fall of Pensacola to the Union and represents an example of the Pensacola Evacuation postmark. The Pensacola postmaster evacuated north with the Confederate Army toward Pollard, Ala when the city fell to the Union and took his postmarking device with him. He serviced army mail only for a very short period of time in late MAY 1862 along the evacuation route. Refer to Page 202 of the Collector’s Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition for more information on the Pensacola and Warrington postmarks found on Military Mail after the Union occupation of those towns. There are currently only four recorded Pensacola evacuation full covers and are dated 20, 24, 25, 28 MAY 1862. This example dated 25 MAY (1862) is currently believed to be the only example of the Pensacola Evacuation postmark on a stamp that is not on a full cover and the only example on a Typograph stamp. But it is possble that other examples could exist that are not as yet identified. PF Certificate 1984.

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