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19 JAN 1998

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Q 4 - I am having trouble trying to identify CSA #11 from CSA #12 and also trying to identify which are the Archer and Daly printings and which are the Keatinge & Ball printings. Can you explain the differences?

A 4 - CSA #11 (also known as the 10c Blue Type I) and CSA #12 (also known as the 10c Blue Type 2) are very similar stamps. They were printed from steel engraved plates initially by the Archer and Daly firm in Richmond, Va and later by the Keatinge and Ball firm of Columbia SC.

CSA #11 is distinguished from CSA #12 mainly by the appearance of the scrolls at the lower right and left corners. The CSA #11 has open scrolls whereas the CSA #12 has filled-in scrolls. See illustration below. There are a number of other differences that are not easily seen, but this is the most prominent.

The two stamps printed by Archer & Daly made their appearance in April and May of 1863 respectively. Some time in the Fall of 1864, the plates were transferred to Keatinge & Ball. The two printers used the same plates, so the only distinguishing characteristics between the two printers are the appearance of the stamp in texture and color.

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