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2 APR 1997

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Q 1 - I have a CSA #11 stamp perforated in Gauge 8 1/2. How can I be sure if it is genuine or not?

A 1 - Confederate Regular Issue stamps were all issued imperforate. However, a perforating machine did arrive through the blockade from England in 1863. Officials of the CSA Postal Service used this machine to experimentally perforate a number of sheets of stamps to see how well it worked. A number of sheets of the Archer & Daly printing of CSA #11 and CSA #12 were experimentally perforated. The machine was too difficult to use, and the perforating process was too laborious and imprecise to be practical. It is not know exactly how many sheets were actually perforated, but it could not have been many. The few sheets that were perforated were released for use so they would not be wasted. Therefore, legimate perforated CSA #11's and CSA #12's do exist both unused and used on and off cover. Unfortunately, there are also many CSA stamps floating around that have phony perforations. The legitimate perforated stamps have the following characteristics --

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