CSA #11c Bristol V. & T.R.R

The above cover is the very first CSA Cover that I obtained when I developed an interest in Confederates back in 1982. The cover remains in my personal collection today. This is the cover that started it all for me. The cover is a CSA #11c (Greenish-Blue Archer & Daly printing) tied by a somewhat weak strike of the Bristol (Va) V. & T.R.R. (Virginia and Tennessee Railroad) postmark and therefore represents a somewhat scarce CSA railroad usage. The cover is addressed to Master Freddie P. Calhoun, Alleghany Springs, Montgomery Co., Virginia. At the time I purchased the cover, I paid the then princely sum of $40.00 for it. A fair retail estimate of the cover today would be approximately $250.00. From the collection of John L. Kimbrough MD.