Dietz Die Proof
Genuine Stamp

CSA #8 -- 2c Red-Brown -- Andrew Jackson


1. Designer: Frederick Halpin

2. Engraver: Frederick Halpin

3. Printing Method: Steel Plate Line Engraved

4. Printer: Archer & Daly -- Richmond, Va

5. Number Printed: 1,650,000

6. Number of Plates: One

7. Earliest Recorded Date of Use: 21 APR 1863

8. Plating: Full sheets still remain

9. Inscription: None

10. Plate Numbers: None

11. Arrangement: Sheets of 200, Panes of 100

12. Major Colors: Light Red-Brown, Dark Red-Brown

13. Minor Colors: Pale Rose-Red and various shades of Brown

14. Largest Known Multiple Unused: Sheet of 200

15. Largest Known Multiple Used: Block of 12 (Strip of 10)

16. Major Print Varieties: A number of Double Transfers and minor shifts with the most prominent at Pos R1 and Pos R48

17. Most Typical Use: 2c drop letter and circular rate

18. Secondary Use: A variety of configurations of 5 used to pay the 10c letter rate.

19. Miscellaneous Data: Used stamps are much more valuable than unused stamps. Beware of phony cancellations.