Dietz Die Proof
Genuine Stamp

CSA #13 -- 20c Green -- George Washington


1. Designer: Frederick Halpin

2. Engraver: Frederick Halpin

3. Printing Method: Steel Plate Line Engraved

4. Printer: Archer & Daly -- Richmond, Va

5. Number Printed: 2,350,000

6. Number of Plates: One

7. Earliest Recorded Date of Use: 1 JUN 1863

8. Plating: Full panes still remain

9. Inscription: Archer & Daly, Richmond, Va (in Gothic script) found only on the sheets of the 1st printing (the 2nd printing sheets have no inscription)

10. Plate Numbers: None

11. Arrangement: Sheets of 200, Panes of 100

12. Major Colors: Green, Milky Green, Bluish Green, Yellow Green

13. Minor Colors: Deep Green

14. Largest Known Multiple Unused: Pane of 100

15. Largest Known Multiple Used: Block of 14

16. Major Print Varieties: Double Transfers Pos R35 and L24, "20" on Forehead (very scarce)

17. Most Typical Use: 20c overweight double letter rate

18. Secondary Use: Pairs paying 40c Trans-Mississippi rate, Bisect paying 10c letter rate

19. Miscellaneous Data: Used stamps are much more valuable than unused stamps. Beware of phony cancellations. The 20c Green was printed primarily to be used as small change as the lowest denominated CSA currency was a 50c Fractional Note, and the Confederacy had no coins.