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The Confederate Stamp Alliance Unofficial Bulletin was started several years ago by myself and Conrad L. Bush as we saw a need at the time for an expedient distribution of information. This has been somewhat alleviated by the advent in 2004 of a separate Official CSA Newsletter distributed by the Alliance to all members on a quarterly basis and posted on the CSA Official Home Page. But we still see the CSA Unofficial Bulletin as fulfilling a need and have carried it on as a periodic E-Mail distribution sent only to those CSA members who wish to receive it. Any opinions and conclusions stated in this unofficial newsletter are solely the responsibilties of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the views of the CSA Trustees or of the Confederate Stamp Alliance as a whole. These archives begin with the July 2004 distribution.

John L. Kimbrough MD

25 JUL 2004 --

Fellow members:

In my reading of an article in "OPINIONS 4," I found a paragraph that I would like to share with you.

"In addition to its value as a key to analysis of authenticity, a cover which is an earliest-known-date-of-use is, in itself, a most desirable item. However, many collectors are leery about attaching a significant economic value to an earliest-known-date-of-use cover because that quality is so fragile. Its value can be lost in a twinkling with the discovery of a still earlier usage. As an object of philatelic esteem, an "early use" cannot hold a candle to an "earliest known date of use." Thus the decision to pay a substantial premium for an earliest-known-date-of-use cover should be made only on the basis of in-depth knowledge regarding the current state of philatelic research on the item in question, knowledge sufficient to make a judgment as to the likelihood of the future discovery of a superseding earlier date. Even then, the decision must be accompanied by a liberal dose of a riverboat gambler's fatalism."


The NEW official professionally designed CSA Website is nearing completion, and you will be advised how to find it in a future newsletter. Meanwhile, The old Website that John Kimbrough designed and maintained for a number of years is being redesigned and will be on line as part of John's Website when the new site goes up. As with this Unofficial Bulletin, this will be an Unofficial Website. It is hoped that both these Websites will complement each other, and the membership will benefit by having both of them available. (Clarification - There will not be a separate Alliance unofficial stand alone website. The Confederate Stamp Alliance Section of my main website is at this time being redesigned to complement the new official CSA Home Page and not as a rival website. -- JLK)

We hope you are enjoying your summer (which is fast becoming over) and are ready to get back to your collecting interests.


1 SEP 2004 --

Fellow Members:

By now we are sure you have heard that 11 blocks of downtown Richmond, VA have been condemned due to street cave-ins and building collapses. We can only hope that a goodly part of the historical district was saved. Our thoughts go out to Peter Powell and his family hoping that they did not suffer any damage.

And there is more bad news --- It looks like, as of this morning, Hurricane Frances is bearing down on the East Coast of Florida. I received. an E-Mail from Alex Hall this morning saying that people are really afraid that this will be another big one just like Andrew was a few years ago. Even though it is not predicted to make landfall until Saurday morning, the residents of that area are preparing for the worst. We are all hoping that it turns North and veers out to sea, but as of this writing that does not look like it is going to happen.

On a more cheerful note -- Our book Collectors Guide to Confederate Philately took a Large Vermeil award at the International Stamp Exhibition Singapore 2004 this week. We have been informed that this is a very respectable and prestigious award and are very happy about it. Connie was pleased to have garnered a GOLD at the APS Stampshow 2004 in Sacramento CA for his eight frame exhibit "Cancels and Handstamps on the Confederate General Issue Stamps."

As another matter of interest for our readers; The CSA (Confederate Stamp Alliance) Website is still under construction by Randy Neil but is functional. The old original Alliance website has been taken down. If you would like to see the progress being made, the site can be found at www.csalliance.org .

Connie has just completed and sent to the APRL two CD Roms -- one of his large eight frame exhibit and the second of his one frame exhibit. Those of you who are computer literate may want to follow his lead and do the same with your exhibits.

I'm sure our thoughts are with Peter Powell in Richmond and Alex Hall in Florida, and we wish them well. All for now!!

"Connie" & John

15 OCT 2004 --

Fellow members:

We have just finished going through the new 2004 MUSTER ROLL and have found over 200 new people with E-mail addresses to add to our mailing list. If you do not wish to receive the Unofficial Bulletin, please reply to sender with the word "remove" and you will be taken off the list. Remember also the views expressed herein are ours and are not necessarily those of the Trustees of the CSA. For many of you this is the first Unofficial Bulletin you have received. WELCOME! The bulletin is written by us and sent out about every 4 to 6 weeks or more often as needed. We are happy to send along your suggestions, want lists or a request for information that you might desire.

The Fall Gathering in Asheville NC is coming up in a few weeks. We hope most of you are able to attend. John will be there with his complete stock of stamps and covers and will take orders for our book. If you can't make it to Asheville, we will be at the large (800 tables) Civil War Show at the Nashville TN State Fairgrounds on Dec 4th (all day ) and Dec 5th till noon.

Some things you might like to think about prior to the Asheville meeting:

Membership is down about 150 over the past few years. We know the Trustees are working on turning this around, but we are sure if you have any valid suggestions they would be most happy to hear them. Any help you can provide should be most welcome. If you will not be attending the Asheville meeting, send them an E-mail with your suggestions.

One suggestion we have is that the CSA might consider having a table at the APS shows (the one in ATLANTA in FEB could be a start). The table costs $200.00 but is provided free if it is staffed only 50% of the time. Any volunteers?? Let the Trustees know if you are willing to help.

It also might be a good idea to put the Confederate Philatelist back into the APS literature competitions. We have done remarkably well with the publicity generated by our book in the various competitions we have entered.

The Trustees are a small group, but they represent all of us as members. We know that they are always open to suggestions from the membership and are always willing to listen to suggestions and constructive criticisms. They do not know what you want or need unless you communicate with them.

One last thing - the CSA member dealers usually give a 10% discount on stamps and covers to members of the CSA. If you are an active collector you can get your dues back just in the discounts. Think about it.

John & "Connie"

Response from Trish Kaufmann (CSA Second Vice-President)

It's (CSA Society Table at APS Shows) on the agenda to discuss at the Trustees' meeting in Asheville. Thanks for the suggestion. We had already discussed having a table at the 2006 International in DC if we can get volunteers to commit to a day each to man it. (The key to having a Society Table at a major show is to have it staffed so that potential new members have a live person to talk with. Any CSA member who is willing to staff a CSA society table at a major show even if just for a few hours please let one of the Trustees know. The E-mail addressses of the Trustees can be found on the Confederate Stamp Alliance Home Page (new window) - JLK)

The Confederate Philatelist won't be put back into the APS literature competition until we feel it's worthy. With the new format as of January 2005, we need to get the kinks out and then we'll do just that with the "new" CP. It had already been discussed.

See you in Asheville,

5 NOV 2004 --

Fellow members:

Last weekend was the Fall Muster in Asheville NC. We hope that those of you who were in attendance had a good time.

The Trustees met for over 4 hours in two seprate meetings, and I am sure we will soon hear about their plans for the future of the organization.

If you would like to read a report about the Asheville meeting and view some photographs go to http://www.jlkstamps.com/csa/gather.htm

We would like to extend an invitation to all members to visit our table at the following up-coming shows:

  • Civil War Show at the Tennessee State Fair Grounds in Nashville TN on Dec 4 - 5 2004. This is the largest CW show in the South with over 800 tables of merchandise for sale (all CW related).
  • John will have a table at the Sarasota FL Show Feb 4 - 6 2005.
  • APS Winter Stampshow Feb 18 - 20 2005 at the Cobb County Galleria in Atlanta, GA. This is the show that features one frame exhibits with the one frame C of C competition. This is a great chance to see how one frame exhibits are put together and how they are judged.
  • The CSA convention at NAPEX on June 3 - 5 2005. Much more on this as the date approaches but mark it on your calendar now.

That's all for now - hope you'all are enjoying the Fall weather and colors.

John & "Connie"

20 DEC 2004 --

Fellow Members:

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year.

The CSA will have a recruiting society table at the APS AmeriStamp Expo in Atlanta Ga 18-20 FEB 2005. It has been approved by the Trustees. We will also have a booth and will coordinate members staffing the table. Col Newton Crouch crouchwn@mindspring.com will be in charge of the CSA Society Table. If you can volunteer to sit at the table for an hour or more, please contact him or us and let us know when will be most convenient for you. If we staff the table for 50% of the time, then there will be no charge for the table. So please help if you can. It is always fun to meet new people and tell them all about Confederate Philately and the benefits of joining the CSA.

There are some new exhibit categories at the show this year, and the exhibits should be most interesting. The allocation of frames has closed so we hope you got your application in early if you wanted to exhibit.

Our books, Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately along with the Color Companion, are still in print. However, we lost our original printer and had to make arrangements with another printer. Unfortunately this will necessitate a price increase in the books to cover the increased printing costs. After more than 500 copies of the main book sold, we are now only printing copies as we need them. The only place the books can be ordered at present is from the www.csastamps.com website. Since the first printing, we have made some updates to subsequent printings when new information came to light such as the new EKU for the CSA #7 stamp and the addition of two more CSA Railroad postmarks. The printing number of your copy can be found at the bottom of the Title-Copyright page. All updates to the book can be found at the following URL www.jlkstamps.com/intro/errata.htm. To keep your copy of the Collector's Guide current, just print out the update page and keep it with your book.

Again HAPPY HOLIDAYS and we hope to see you'all in Atlanta.

John will have a table in Sarasota 4-6 FEB 2004 at the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition. Please stop by and say hello.

John & "Connie"

28 FEB 2005 --

Fellow members;

We have been informed that the CSA is still about 40 frames short of having a good exhibit showing at NAPEX 3-5 JUN 2005 at the CSA Convention. Those of you who have an exhibit and want to exhibit and have not sent in a prospectus as yet, please do so as soon as you can. The deadline for submitting the prospectus to NAPEX is 15 APR 2005. The Exhibits Prospectus forms are available at the NAPEX Website . Hotel information at the McLean Hilton is also available at the NAPEX website.

We were at STAMPSHOW in Atlanta 2 weeks ago, and we would like to thank those who came and helped man the CSA table. Southern Vice President Newton Crouch did a fantastic job of seeing that the table had someone at it over 90% of the time. There were very nice displays and free hand outs. They also signed up 2 new members. Thanks again to all who helped man the table and especially to Newton for a great job.

Our next meeting after NAPEX will be held in Mobile, Ala in November. Van Koppersmith is in charge. He is already planning an outstanding meeting. There will be frames available for four one-frame exhibits. These exhibits are to be new and never shown previously and of course CSA material. If you wish one of the frames, please let Van know when you send in your registration fee of $65.00. There will be no entry fee for your exhibit and there will be an appropriate award for the exhibit judged the best. The frames will be assigned on a first come basis. The 4 exhibits that are accepted will be notified by postcard at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The exhibit must be in the frames no later than 10:00 AM on Saturday and removed by 9:00 AM on Sunday. Sorry but there can be no mail-in exhibits. You have plenty of time between now and November to put together an exhibit so especially those of you who have not exhibited previously now is a great chance to get started.

We hope that our members who experienced damage due to the three hurricanes that hit Florida are finally getting back to normal. We also hope that the sickness and flu associated with this winter has not put a crimp in your stamp collecting.

"Connie" & John

11 MAR 2005 --

Fellow members:

It is with a sad heart that we report the death of Gordon McHenry Col USAF (ret). For many years Gordon could be found at the Happening, most of the CSA functions and many stamp shows. We counted Gordon as a dear friend. His health had been failing for the past 3 or 4 years and he died on March 3rd of a heart attack. He will be missed by many of the CSA members who knew him.

We have been requested by Tom Lera to ask the help of the membership in providing him with any and all "Niter & Mining Bureau" material that you might have so he can write a definitive article for the CP. He would appreciate Xerox copies of anything you have.

John & "Connie"

10 MAY 2005 --

Fellow Members:

By this time you probably have received your Alliance Newsletter. The results of the voting to change portions of the Constitution & By-Laws were apparently not yet available as they were not included. But assuming that these changes did pass, we will continue with the remainder of this message. The Nominating Committee has been chosen and, if the changes have been approved, now is your chance to make it known to the chairman (Gen Tony Crumbly) (tcrumbley@charlottechamber.com) that you are interested in placing your name on the ballot for an office. With the new changes, there are to be four trustees-at-large with the geographical location requirement having been eliminated. We hope that this year there will be at least six or eight members willing to be trustees-at-large and that the ballot will read "vote for four." Of course there is no reason to not run for one of the officer positions if you are interested and qualified. Now is the time to step up and be willing to work for the Alliance. Please contact Tony if you are interested in running for any position, officer or trustee-at-large.

We have always felt that before purchasing your first Confederate stamp, or any stamps for that matter, that you purchase the appropriate reference books. Gen Dick Byne has made a great offer to the membership in making all of the CSA publications available for sale to the members. Now is your chance to acquire a fabulous library. Don't let this one go by.

We hope all your plans are firmed up for the CSA convention on 3-5 June 2005 at NAPEX. The Southern Supper to be held at the National Postal Museum is sure to be a fabulous event. It is not too soon to start making plans for the Mobile, Ala mid-year meeting 11-13 November 2005. Information about the 2005 Convention and the Mid-Year Meeting is in the current Newsletter.

Thanks to James Monroe for keeping the membership informed about news of interest to all the members. You are doing a great job, James, and a much needed one.

There will be more news as it arrives on our desk.

"Connie" & John

27 OCT 2005 --

Fellow members:

The election is over and the results are in the hands of the Secretary. Thank you to all who voted.

The Mobile meeting is just 2 weeks away. We hope you are packed and ready as it promises to be a great meeting.

We have just contracted for our table at the Mega-Show in NY in March 2006 and made our hotel reservations. If you are sure you will be attending the CSA Convention, it would be prudent to make your hotel reservations now. It also might be a good idea to make your flight reservations also as there are some cheap fares right now.

Our book "COLLECTORS GUIDE TO CONFEDERATE PHILATELY" has been accepted into competition at the International in May 2006 at Washington DC. Connie's one frame exhibit of STRAIGHTLINE CANCELS has also been accepted. We are both very happy that we will be in the competition and are looking forward to a great show.


John & "Connie"

14 NOV 2006 --

Fellow members:

WOW!! What a meeting in Jacksonville! We heard not one disparaging remark the whole weekend. It seemed a great time was had by all.

A special thanks goes out to Ed Joyce for all the work of getting it organized, to the Trustees who spent much time organizing many things that needed completing, and to Van Kopersmith for getting the frames to the show.

It is now official - We have the copyright to the "Dietz Catalog." The new chief editors have been appointed, and there will be many members asked to contribute to special sections of the new catalog. They hope to have it ready and in color by our 75th anniversary meeting in Richmond in 2010. This is a great undertaking and we hope those of you who are asked to help will lend your support. You will be receiving a Bulletin from the president probably this week and it will have much more information in it.

Photographs from the meeting will soon be on the CSA Website and John Kimbrough's website so take a look and see what you missed. (A report of the meeting and photos can be found at www.jlkstamps.com/csa/gather.htm)

One very sad note -- We learned of the passing of Col. Buck Boshwit two weeks ago. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

All for now - be sure to read more on the websites and see the photographs.

John & "Connie"

22 MAY 2007 --

Fellow Members:

WOW!!! What a meeting. We are sure that all of you that attended had a great time as did we. For those of you who were not able to be there, you missed a great weekend. We hope all of you who attended were able to add something to your exhibit / collection. (Memphis, Tennessee CSA Annual Mid-Year Gathering 18-20 MAY 2007)

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Jerry Palozolo and Sandra for being the hosts for the meeting. They did a magnificent job in everything they did. The discussion concerning the new catalog / handbook was enlightening and well presented as were the other presentations. There were a lot of new faces, and I hope you'all were pleased with the festivities.

A CSA Newsletter should be in your hands by now. Be sure to make your plans early for our CSA convention in Williamsburg, Va. in November 2007

We know there are a few of you who collect Civil War letters. There is a very large auction coming up of this type of material. If you are interested E-mail mishoes @bellsouth.net

There are two big auctions coming up in the Fall 2007. Schuyler Rumsey (California ) & Robert A. Siegel ( New York). They are packed with Confederate material, and we are sure they will have something everyone can use.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

"Connie" & John