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24 MAR 2015 -- The CSA Search Engine is capable of searching my entire CSA Postal History, CSA Stamps, and CSA Currency databases which at this time encompass over 1400 documents and files. The search is performed on the text of my written descriptions of the items.  But in order for the Search Engine to be most useful, it requires that the search strings be formed according to specific formats. I have prepared this short explanation page to assist you in getting the most use that you can from the search engine. You may want to print this out for future reference.

In "Advanced Search" are four choices 1) ALL of these words, 2) EXACT PHRASE,  3) ANY of these words, 4) NONE of these words.

Quotation Marks can be used in this search engine. All the items within the quotes are interpreted as an EXACT PHRASE. This can be very useful in forming detailed limited search strings using the ALL of these words option. If using Quotation Marks, DO NOT USE the EXACT PHRASE option.

  1. One Word Searches -- This is the easiest and most popular way to use the search engine. Just type in your one word name or description and see what happens. Some of the more popular one word searches are --

  2. Date Search -- To do a simple search of all items both stamps and covers related to a specific date, use the following format --

  3. City or Town Search -- The easiest way to do a city or town search is simply to enter the one word name. This will bring up all items associated with that city or town in either the postmark or the address.

  4. Military Unit Search -- I wrote all my Military Unit Designations in the descriptions using abbreviations. Your best chance of success in searching for a Military Unit related cover is to use the following formats but some trial and error may be in order --

  5. Stamp Search -- One of the big advantages to a Search Engine is that detailed searches can be constructed so that you will only look at specific items instead of browsing the entire database. I will use a stamp search to illustrate how this can be done with the CSA Search Engine. I have found that search strings work best when used with Quotation Marks and the "ALL of these words" option in Advanced Search.

  6. Here are some search strings related to specific details.

  7. If you have any questions or if you require a highly detailed search string to locate specific items and are unsure of how to construct such a search string because of the idiosyncrasies of the database descriptions, just send me an E-mail with your request. I will be happy to construct a workable search string for you which you can save and use whenever you want to.


John L. Kimbrough MD

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