Questions and Answers

In this section, I will attempt to answer any questions that visitors to this site may have concerning Confederate Philately.

This is your chance to talk to me and hopefully obtain answers to some of your questions. However, "How much is it worth?" type questions which seem at times to dominate certain philatelic bulletin boards and newsgroups are respectfully declined and will not be answered. It is not possible to give a proper valuation to a Confederate philatelic item without examining it in hand because so much of the value is determined by the condition. The public "Message Board" function that was once a feature of this website has been discontinued because of the incessant and uncontrollable spamming.

E-mail me your question and I will do my best to answer it. E-Mail:

Questions which are of value to the entire group will be posted in the "Questions and Answers" section below. Questions currently discussed in this section are:

  1. CSA Perforated Stamps
  2. Differences between CSA #6 and CSA #7 on De La Rue Paper
  3. Condition of the CSA Stamps and Gum
  4. Identifying CSA #11 and CSA #12 stamps and their printings
  5. Differences between the CSA #2 Patterson and H&L stamps
  6. Altered Plates 2c and 10c
  7. Old Point Comfort, Va Covers
  8. CSA #8 and CSA #13 used stamps and fake cancellations
  9. Advice for beginning a CSA Collection

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