Personal Background

Many of you are here because you already know me. For those of you who do not, allow me to give you a little introduction. You have reached the web site of John L. Kimbrough MD -- dealer, collector, exhibitor, and sometime philatelic writer.

The purpose of this site is to introduce the collector to the wonders of Confederate Philately by providing information on CSA stamps and covers, answering any questions from collectors and other dealers, and certainly to offer Confederate material for sale.

Just to give you a little information about myself, I am a full time dealer specializing in the stamps and postal history of the Confederate States of America. I have been a lifelong stamp collector since I bought my first pack of stamps at the local five and dime store back in the 1950's. I began collecting Confederates in 1982, and it has been my passion ever since.

I retired after 24 years of service in the US Air Force in the summer of 1991 (after my Desert Storm deployment I figured I was getting too old for that sort of thing and finally put in my retirement papers). I was a military surgeon and was fortunate enough to retire with the rank of Colonel. Since then, I have been pursuing a second career in philately. My mailing address is below.

  • John L. Kimbrough
  • 10140 Wandering Way
  • Benbrook TX 76126
  • Phone: (817) 249-2447 (9:00am - 10:00pm Central)
  • FAX: (817) 249-5213 (anytime)
  • E-Mail:

Before you ask "Where's Benbrook?" ( I am asked that question a thousand times at each stamp show that I attend), it's a small residential community located just Southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. I am a member of the following philatelic organizations:

  • APS (American Philatelic Society)
  • ASDA (American Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • CSA (Confederate Stamp Alliance)
  • TSDA (Texas Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • FSDA (Florida Stamp Dealer's Association)
  • AAPE (American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors)
  • USPCS (US Philatelic Classics Society)
  • RPSL (Royal Philatelic Society of London)

In the July/August 2007 issue of The American Stamp Dealer & Collector, I was the subject of the philatelic profile article on Page 68. The photo used in this article was taken at my booth at the Washington 2006 International show in June 2006. If you wish to read the article, click the link below which opens in a new window. The article is posted on this website courtesy of the magazine's editor, Randy L. Neil. (Warning: this is a large 2 MB file in .pdf format which requires the Adobe Acrobat reader).

-- John L. Kimbrough MD - Philatelic Profile --

My partner in these philatelic endeavors for many years was Conrad L. "Connie" Bush of Fort Walton Beach, Florida -- a well-known and respected Confederate collector, exhibitor, and contributing writer to The Confederate Philatelist journal. Connie's book Straightline, Fancy & Unusual Cancels & Handstamps on Confederate General Issue Stamps was published in 1997. The book is a superb reference that should be in the library of every Confederate collector.

Sadly, Connie Bush passed away unexpectedly on February 9, 2017. We had a lasting 37 year philatelic friendship, and I will miss him greatly. Click the link below to read his Closed Album report written for the Confederate Stamp Alliance journal The Confederate Philatelist.

-- Gen Conrad L. Bush CSA - CLOSED ALBUM 1931-2017 --

Conrad L. Bush (left) and John L. Kimbrough (right).
APS StampShow 2003 Columbus OH