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I have been a member of the American Philatelic Society (APS) since 1972 and recommend the society to all who are interested in any aspect of philately. Click the logo below to visit the APS website for more information.

Click the logo below to join the APS. This link will bring up a .pdf form which can be printed out and mailed in. If you join the APS from this link, I would appreciate it if you would use my name (John L. Kimbrough) as the referring dealer (proposer). My APS Number is 077496.

Be sure to look for the dealer's American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) logo. It identifies the dealer as someone who subscribes to the ASDA Code of Conduct (Ethics). I have been a member since 1989. Click the logo below to visit the ASDA Website.

Below are a few more important links to the Philatelic Web. I am very selective about which links to post as I only add links on request to sites that I know practice the highest integrity. If you have a philatelic link that you would like to see posted here, send me an E-mail so that I can check it out. All the links open in new windows or tabs.


Civil War Philatelic Society (Confederate Stamp Alliance) -- In case you missed the link to our national and international organization for Confederate collectors and all Civil War period collectors, here it is again.


US Philatelic Classics Society (USPCS) -- The national organization for all those who are mainly interested in the classic (pre-1894) stamps of the USA.

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) -- The national organization for all those who are interested in philatelic exhibiting.

Florida Postal History Society.

Florida Stamp Dealers Association. 

Texas Stamp Dealers Association.

Ed Hines USA Postal History -- Ed has an extensive stock of USA 19th Century Postal History and is also a specialist in USA Fancy Cancels. We see each other fequently at major shows across the country. If you are looking for USA Postal History, give Ed's web site a try. (Ed passed away in early 2007. He was a good friend and will certainly be missed by his many friends and USA Postal History Collectors. His website is no longer active. -- JLK)

Subway Stamp Shop -- The Place on the Web for Philatelic Supplies.

Ray Coughlin's USA Possessions Ray is a friend of mine. We see each other frequently at stamp shows across the country. Ray specializes in the stamps and covers of the USA Possessions (Hawaii, Philippines, Canal Zone, etc.). If you have an interest in this area, then you should visit his site. (I knew Ray for many years, and he was a good friend. Ray sadly passed away in 2018. His website is no longer active. -- JLK)

"The Rebel Post - Collecting the Confederate Era." This is an article by Patricia Kaufmann which first appeared in Scott's Stamp Monthly in April 1976 and is a good general article about Confederate Philately. This article is part of her commercial Confederate philatelic website at

Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps is certainly a major site on the philatelic web for the Revenue Specialist.

StampAuctionNetwork is the best web site to learn about and participate in Stamp Auctions in the US and around the World. Research market values by accessing $1.2 Billion in prices realized from 240 auction firms and much more.

History of Postcards -- Although postcards as we know them today were not in use during the time of the Civil War, I found this link on the history of  postcard postal use and postcard collecting to be very interesting.