CSA Postal History
Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries

Collecting Confederate Postal History can be very complex. The fact is that many fakes exist just ready to trap the collector. For example, is the cover illustrated above Genuine or is it a Fake? (The answer can be found on Page 15 of my "Fakes" exhibit.) I have put together an exhibit of Fake and Phony Confederate Postal History to help the collector recognize some of the ways covers can be faked. The displayed exhibit numbers 34 pages. Sixteen selected pages were shown as a one-frame exhibit at the Sarasota, Florida National Stamp Exhibition in February 1999. The exhibit was awarded a Silver Medal. Please take note of PAGE 32 in the exhibit which illustrates and explains an Old Capitol Prison Fake POW Cover. These covers are newly documented fakes which have been around and unrecognized as fakes for many years.

If you are a beginning collector, I strongly recommend that you buy Confederate Covers only from reputable dealers and auction houses that will stand behind what they sell. More expensive items should always be purchased subject to certification by one of the expertizing committees. I hope that you will enjoy the exhibit and will find it to be of some educational value. To view this exhibit, just click the link below.

-- Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries --

Confederate Philately is plagued by the existence of numerous reprints, fakes, counterfeits, and outright bogus issues of the General Issue and Provisional Stamps. I have put together in this section a demonstration of the more commonly seen fakes and fantasies. Items currently illustrated and discussed in this section are:

Springfield Facsimiles
Altered Plates
New York Counterfeit
Birmingham Counterfeits
Sperati Forgeries
Confederate Fantasies
CSA Fake Provisionals

To view this demonstration, just click the link below.

-- Fakes, Reprints, Counterfeits --