CSA #4ax1 3c Nashville Provisional -- For many decades it was believed that this stamp was prepared by the Nashville postmaster, W. D. McNish, to use for the US rate but was never issued. Recent research and historical evidence suggest that was not the case and that the stamp is really a fantasy item instead. This stamp shown is one that was considered to be genuine for over 150 years and listed as a Confederate 3c Provisional. Because of the recent research, the stamp cannot be certified as genuine. The CWPAS (Civil War Philatelic Authentication Service) will decline to examine the stamp and decline to issue a certificate either way. There are also known fakes of this stamp by Petrie and others. However, the stamp is still listed and priced in the Scott Catalogue but with the proviso that it is most likely a fantasy item. The 3c Nashville is also listed and priced in the 2012 CSA Catalog because that catalog was published before the new research came to light. The stamp is not for sale but posted for demonstration purposes only.

Not For Sale

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