CSA #7 (4-Margin) canceled by a BLUE double ring oval in Spanish. The mark is consistent with a foreign forwarding agent’s mark from either Cuba or Mexico meaning that the stamp could only have originated from a blockade cover through Cuba or from a trans-border cover between Mexico and Texas. Believed to be the only recorded CSA stamp canceled by a Spanish forwarding agent’s mark. PF Certificate 1972 which states “Genuine” but misidentifies the stamp as a CSA #6. The certificate also says “small crease” which cannot be seen from the front. This stamp was used as an illustration on Page 247 of the Collector’s Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition. Very Fine Appearance. Ex-Bush Straight Line, Fancy, and Unusual Cancels on Confederate General Issue Stamps exhibit. Also Ex-Weatherly, Birkinbine, and Walske.

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