CSA #2 H&L Horz Pair and CSA #1 Stone 2 USED in combination and tied to a large piece and to each other with two partial strikes of the Chattanooga, Ten CDS 20 APR 1862. The postal use represents a 5x rate with the large piece containing part of an address “To the Adjutant General of Tennessee.” Most likely cut down from a large oversize envelope containing official documents. The CSA #1 stamp is 4-Margin although close at the top and the right and appears to be without faults and is plated as Stone 2 Position 49. The CSA #2 H&L Horz Pair (appears to be 4-Margin but the CSA #1 stamp slightly overlaps) has a top sheet margin and plates to Positions 6 and 7, but some faults are present. The right stamp has a slight surface scuff, and the left stamp also has a slight surface scuff and an apparent pre-affixing crease involving the lower left. Despite the faults, the item still has an overall Very Fine appearance (stamps affixed upside down with respect to each other) and represents a significantly scarce 5x rate combination use.

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