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William F. Sharp

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This article is from the April 5, 1999 issue of Linn's Stamp News . Copyright 1999 by Linn's Stamp News of Sidney, Ohio. Republished with their permission.

Collectors of Confederate States of America stamps and covers can find a wealth of information about their topic on the Internet.

The Confederate Stamp Alliance publishes an official, concise one-page summary of the group's activities on its web site.

The site, operated by Richard Byne, provides information about membership, services and the group's annual convention and exhibition.

You can download an application to join the group from this site.

Links to other sites of interest to collectors of these subjects are also listed.

One such link is as an article by Patricia Kaufmann, "The Rebel Post: Collecting Era."

Byne also provides a link to his book publisher for information on reference books and journals on Confederate philatelic subjects. That site is the one operated by Leonard Hartmann.

John Kimbrough's site, the home page of which is shown nearby (figure omitted), provides illustrated information about all the general-issue Confederate stamps, fakes and forgeries, other stamps of the Confederacy, and patriotic covers.

If your browser includes the proper plug-ins, you can play Dixie or the Bonnie Blue Flag through your speakers as you peruse the information available here.

Kimbrough wrote a pamphlet titled "Introduction to Confederate States Stamps and Postal History" in 1996 to help collectors get started in the field.

He rewrote it into an illustrated magazine article that appeared in the January 1999 issue of Scott Stamp Monthly. His site includes the complete article with illustrations.

You can also find illustrations of the 14 major Confederate general-issue stamps, selected articles from the Confederate Philatelist (the Alliance's journal), a net price catalog of Confederate items for sale, and a show schedule where Kimbrough will have a sales table.

Kimbrough also includes his complete award-winning 48-page exhibit of Confederate patriotic covers, which show the Confederate flag, using a novel rotation approach to ensure that visitors will return to his site.

His title and explanation page are posted completely, but he displays additional pages one at a time in rotation. He posted page 37 Feb. 20, and he changes the rotating page every two weeks or so.

He figures it will take about a year for collectors to see his entire exhibit.

He has reformatted the pages for an improved screen display, but they contain exactly the same text, data, and composition as the original exhibit pages.

(Since this article was originally published, the rotation method of showing my exhibit has been abandoned. The entire 48-Page Exhibit is now posted to browse at leisure. -- JLK)

The site also includes a message board where visitors can ask questions or make comments. Other visitors can respond to these questions.

In addition, Kimbrough offers to respond to e-mail questions that can be posted through this site.

There's also a guest book that you can sign to indicate that you have visited the site. And, if you like cats, there are five pictures of Kimbrough's cat, Georgie.

Despite the extensive material, the site is well designed and easy to navigate. A table of contents near the top of the page allows you to jump to your area of interest.

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