Confederate Stamp Album Pages

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For those who wish to collect CSA stamps, obtaining album pages has been difficult. Many of the collectors of CSA Stanps use either blank pages, stockpages or stockbooks, and a few make their own album pages using various computer programs. But there are still many collectors who prefer to use pre-printed album pages but cannot construct their own. I have been asked by a number of collectors if I would design a set of detailed CSA album pages for the general collector. This I have done with the help of my partner and General Issue Stamp Expert Conrad L. Bush. These album pages are now being offered for sale. These pages would be especially useful for the beginning collector.

The album pages (8 1/2 x 11 format only) are printed on 100# acid free paper and are safe for your stamps. However, the pages are designed to be used with stamp mounts. Mounts are recommended to further protect your stamps. The pages can also be placed in archival quality document holders for additional protection. There is space along the left side of the pages for a three hole punch if so desired.

16 OCT 2008 -- The album pages have been redesigned with new 300 dpi scans of the actual stamps and are now offered all in color.

Three different sets of Album Pages are available

Album Pages
Detailed General Issue Stamps Set of 15 pages which includes a title page and three pages of explanatory text for the three printing techniques. This is a detailed set which contains spaces for the General Issue Stamps with their major varieties and color shades. For collectors that are interested in forming a more detailed collection of the General Issue Stamps.
Plus Shipping
General Issue Stamps Type Set Set of 7 pages which includes a title page and three pages of explanatory text for the three printing techniques. These pages contain spaces and illustrations for the 17 major CSA General Issue Stamps which compose the Type Set. For collectors that are only interested in completing a Type Set without regard to the varieties.
Plus Shipping
Provisional Issue Stamps Set of 4 Pages which includes a title page. The three pages for stamps are fully illustrated and contain spaces for the Provisional Stamps that the general collector is most likely to acquire -- New Orleans (5), Mobile (2), Baton Rouge (1), Nashville (4), Memphis (2), Knoxville (2), Charleston (1), Athens (2), Fredericksburg (1), Petersburg (1).
Plus Shipping

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To see a sample page from each of these sets, click the links below.

SAMPLE PAGE -- Detailed General Issues

SAMPLE PAGE -- General Issues Type Set

SAMPLE PAGE -- Provisional Issues

If you wish to order any of these pages, you can send me an E-mail ( or use my "Confederate Order Form" (Visa/Mastercard). Just open my order form and type in which pages you want in the "Additional Comments" section.

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Please note that on the Album Pages Scott Numbers are not used. Below is a table comparing the Scott Numbers to the standard written descriptions of the CSA Stamps. On the Album pages, the stamps are presented and grouped according to the three different printing techniques. The pages are designed only for single stamps and stamp mounts are recommended.

Scott Number
Printing Process
CSA #1
Stone Lithography
5c Green
CSA #2 H&L
Stone Lithography
10c Blue Hoyer & Ludwig
CSA #2 Pat
Stone Lithography
10c Blue Paterson
CSA #3
Stone Lithography
2c Green
CSA #4
Stone Lithography
5c Blue
CSA #5
Stone Lithography
10c Rose
CSA #6
5c Blue London Print
CSA #7
5c Blue Richmond Print
CSA #8
Line Engraved
2c Red-Brown
CSA #9
Line Engraved
10c Blue T-E-N
CSA #10
Line Engraved
10c Blue Frame-Line
CSA #11 (AD)
Line Engraved
10c Blue Archer & Daly Type I
CSA #11 (KB)
Line Engraved
10c Blue Keatinge & Ball Type I
CSA #12 (AD)
Line Engraved
10c Blue Archer & Daly Type II
CSA #12 (KB)
Line Engraved
10c Blue Keatinge & Ball Type II
CSA #13
Line Engraved
20c Green
CSA #14
1c Yellow-Orange

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