List of items sold 1 OCT 2022 - 31 DEC 2022

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • AL537, AL568, AL584
    • FL183
    • GA975, GA1091, GA1093, GA1126, GA1144, GA1148, GA1150, GA1159, GA1182, GA1190, GA1209, GA1228, GA1240
    • LA389
    • MS480, MS557, MS558, MS559, MS560, MS561, MS562, MS563, MS564, MS565, MS566, MS567, MS568, MS569, MS570, MS571, MS572, MS573, MS574
    • NC562, NC684, NC756, NC779, NC780, NC821, NC838, NC846, NC878
    • SC953, SC962, SC985, SC1072, SC1161, SC1169, SC1173, SC1188
    • TN350, TN371, TN399
    • TX275, TX352
    • VA2034, VA2405, VA2658, VA2839, VA2840, VA2841, VA2944, VA2948, VA2954, VA2963, VA2964, VA2994, VA2997, VA2939, VA3016, VA3038, VA3056, VA3070, VA3127, VA3131, VA3133, VA3136, VA3179, VA3182, VA3197, VA3223
    • PAT408, PAT418
    • RR65
    • SR49
    • CDV16, CDV24, CDV27
    Stamps SOLD
    • CS-0174, CS01-264, CS01-285, CS01-337, CS01-344
    • CS02-311
    • CS06-200, CS06-206
    • CS07-161, CS07-172, CS07-193, CS07-390, CS07-526, CS07-531, CS07-534, CS07-551, CS07-557
    • CS08-173
    • CS12-601
    • CS13-293
    • CS14-122, CS14-157, CS14-160, CS14-168, CS14-180, CS14-188, CS14-190
    Currency SOLD
    • CC1906
    • CC2069, CC2095, CC2099
    • CC2151, CC2171
    • CC2322, CC2354, CC2384
    • CC2433, CC2437, CC2451, CC2456
    • CC2505, CC2507, CC2517, CC2568, CC2580
    • CC2613, CC2647, CC2652, CC2653, CC2667, CC2671, CC2672, CC2675, CC2683, CC2684
    • CC2704, CC2708, CC2709, CC2722, CC2723, CC2728, CC2733, CC2761, CC2764, CC2769, CC2782