List of items sold 1 APR 2021 - 30 JUN 2021

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • AL500, AL540, AL558
    • FL208
    • GA778, GA1157, GA1207
    • KY39
    • MS339, MS367, MS384, MS393, MS395, MS422, MS431, MS438, MS446, MS465, MS466, MS467, MS472, MS475, MS476, MS479, MS487, MS496, MS497, MS501, MS506, MS520
    • NC672, NC727, NC787, NC804, NC857, NC872, NC876
    • SC1079, SC1099, SC1103, SC1118
    • TN400
    • VA2512, VA2550, VA2647, VA2677, VA2700, VA2708, VA2727, VA2766, VA2917, VA2938, VA2987, VA3001, VA3104, VA3105, VA3114, VA3148, VA3151, VA3155, VA3160, VA3167, VA3170
    • PAT391
    • MSC178
    • HB14, HB27, HB36
    Stamps SOLD
    • PV505, PV522, PV533, PV535
    • CS01-375, CS01-376, CS01-381
    • CS02-297, CS02-301, CS02-307, CS02-308
    • CS03-110
    • CS04-357
    • CS05-130, CS05-134
    • CS06-207, CS06-208
    • CS07-536, CS07-565, CS07-646, CS07-652
    • CS08-200, CS08-226, CS0-8-227, CS08-228
    • CS-0969, CS-0983
    • CS11-648, CS11-809, CS11-818, CS11-819, CS11-823, CS11-829
    • CS12-583, CS12-594, CS12-595
    • CS13-287, CS13-290, CS13-291, CS13-292
    • CS14-167, CS14-178, CS14-182
    Currency SOLD

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