List of items sold 1 JAN 2021 - 31 MAR 2021

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • AL559
    • GA1158, GA1197
    • LA303, LA376
    • MS344, MS390, MS413, MS417, MS419, MS461, MS469, MS471, MS474, MS478, MS481, MS483, MS488, MS491, MS502, MS504, MS505, MS512, MS513, MS521
    • NC746, NC845, NC848, NC869
    • SC1109
    • TN386, TN391
    • VA2425, VA2442, VA2845, VA2905, VA2930, VA3020, VA3044, VA3073, VA3081, VA3083, VA3087, VA3090, VA3093, VA3095, VA3094, VA3097, VA3098, VA3116, VA3118, VA3120, VA3121, VA3122, VA3123, VA3124, VA3128, VA3130, VA3132, VA3142
    • AF235
    • PAT386, PAT395, PAT396
    • POW188
    • MSC186
    • OTC6, OTC7, OTC11, OTC12
    • NE20
    • SR35
    • HB15
    • BE14, BE36, BE54, BE55, BE65, BE84, BE85, BE118, BE138
    Stamps SOLD
    • PV498, PV513, PV528, PV529, PV531
    • USCS-8
    • CS01-355, CS01-379
    • CS02-275, CS02-291, CS02-303
    • CS03-100
    • CS06-140
    • CS07-572, CS07-647
    • CS-0996
    • CS11-630, CS11-702, CS11-730, CS11-760, CS11-810
    • CS12-500
    • CS14-177
    Currency SOLD
    • CC1903, CC1910, CC1932, CC1952, CC1965, CC1988
    • CC2026, CC2071
    • CC2126
    • CC2221, CC2282, CC2296
    • CC2318, CC2337, CC2338, CC2359, CC2360, CC2361
    • CC2408, CC2413, CC2415, CC2420, CC2427, CC2430, CC2439, CC2447, CC2452
    • CC2533, CC2534, CC2542, CC2562, CC2563, CC2564, CC2572, CC2576, CC2578, CC2586, CC2588, CC2589, CC2596
    • CC2604, CC2622, CC2629, CC2638, CC2641

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