UPDATED  31 DEC 2020

List of items sold 1 OCT 2020 - 31 DEC 2020

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • GA987, GA1006, GA1106, GA1130, GA1142, GA1146, GA1176, GA1197
    • MS356, MS349, MS404, MS410, MS423, MS424, MS462, MS845,  MS846, MS499
    • NC691, NC751, NC776, NC861, NC865, NC867
    • SC859, SC947, SC969, SC1036, SC1069, SC1087
    • TX216, TX252, TX359
    • VA2574, VA2656, VA2746, VA2868, VA2870, VA2896, VA2941, VA2975, VA2982, VA2986, VA2990, VA2992, VA3025, VA3026, VA3061, VA3065, VA3066
    • AF162, AF230
    • POW155, POW184, POW185
    • MSC169
    • HB34
    • BBK34
    Stamps SOLD
    • PV484
    • CS01-347
    • CS02-281
    • CS05-106, CS05-132
    • CS06-191
    • CS07-566, CS07-603
    • CS-1037
    • CS12-569
    • CS13-240, CS13-277, CS13-286
    • CS14-179
    Currency SOLD
    • CC2005
    • CC2449
    • CC2506, CC2548, CC2566, CC2575, CC2592
    • CC2631
Items removed from the listing and no longer available for sale -- The items below will be sold hopefully in the next Schuyler Rumsey auction which is now scheduled for December 2020.
  • BE14, BE36, BE54, BE55, BE65, BE84, BE85, BE118, BE119, BE137, BE138
  • OTC6, OTC7, OTC11, OTC12
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