30 SEP 2018

List of items sold 1 JUL 2018 - 30 SEP 2018

The "Sold" items are listed by the Inventory Control Number.

    Covers SOLD
    • AL533, AL556
    • FL181, FL192
    • GA856, GA919, GA940, GA987, GA1111, GA1115
    • KY38
    • LA342, LA360
    • MS436
    • NC692, NC698, NC711, NC749, NC759, NC806, NC809, NC817
    • SC915, SC993, SC1005, SC1016, SC1034, SC1035, SC1042
    • TN374
    • TX342
    • VA2621,VA2672, VA2680, VA2701, VA2751, VA2772, VA2777, VA2779, VA2791, VA2802, VA2804, VA2805, VA2866, VA2867, VA2874, VA2876
    • AF184, AF211, AF217, AF220
    • PAT345, PAT347, PAT 352, PAT353, PAT365
    • RR47, RR49, RR55
    • MSC174, MSC177
    • BES18, BES25, BES28, BES31, BES35
    • BE22, BE23, BE123, BE159
    Stamps SOLD
    • PV472, PV486
    • CS03-104
    • CS05-107, CS05-114, CS05-116, CS05-122
    • CS07-582, CS07-609, CS07-611
    • CS08-204
    • CS-0987, CS-0990
    • CS11-655, CS11-690, CS11-704, CS11-715, CS11-783
    • CS12-544
    • CS14-150, CS14-170
    Currency SOLD
    • CC1898
    • CC1969, CC1978
    • CC2059, CC2089
    • CC2112, CC2135
    • CC2230, CC2285, CC2290
    • CC2336, CC2379
    • CC2436, CC2469, CC2479
    • CC2523
    Removed From Listing and No Longer Available
    • CC2486, CC2487, CC2488, CC2489, CC2490, CC2491, CC2492, CC2493, CC2494, CC2495, CC2496, CC2497, CC2498, CC2499  

BOOK -- 1 JUL 2018 -- Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately Second Edition is available and can be ordered using the Guidebook Order Form. The original first edition of the book is long since sold out but can occasionally be found on the secondary market.

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