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Color Photocopy on Cover

10c Blue Type I Archer & Daly Anderson CH SC

The above cover was actually offered to me for sale as a genuine cover at the Atlanta Civil War Show in 1999. I guess the seller was hoping that I would not take a careful look at the cover.

The cover is a genuine Anderson CH SC cover, but the original stamp was either removed for a collection or simply fell off and was lost. The original stamp was replaced with a modern color photocopy of a real stamp. It is really quite easy to distinguish between a real stamp and a color photocopy, but you have to look. It could easily be missed if all you did was take a quick look at it before handing over your money. I noticed the problem with the cover right off and was able to get it away from the seller in order to remove it from circulation. However, he had three additional photcopies on cover in his briefcase which he would not give up. These things are out there just ready to trap the careless collector.

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