Confederate States of America
Postal History
Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries

Added Stamps

Genuine 5c Blue Typograph Local Prints pair added over an
item of USA Postal Stationery. Address looks to be period.

The above cover represents a very common way of faking Confederate covers. That is by simply taking a period non-Confederate cover, in this case an item of USA Postal Stationery, with a period address and simply adding genuine CSA stamps to the cover (in this case a pair of the 5c Blue Typograph Local Prints with a pen cancel).

We can identify this item as a somewhat less than genuine cover by the lack of any sort of postal markings such as a town of origin and a date and also by the fact that the stamps are not tied to the cover. While I grant that there is a remote chance that this cover is a genuine usage, the lack of any postal markings should always raise red flags.

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