Dietz Die Proof
Genuine Stamp

CSA #9 -- 10c (T-E-N) -- Jefferson Davis


1. Designer: John Archer

2. Engraver: John Archer

3. Printing Method: Copper Plate Intaglio

4. Printer: Archer & Daly -- Richmond, Va

5. Number Printed: 1,000,000

6. Number of Plates: One

7. Earliest Recorded Date of Use: 23 APR 1863

8. Plating: Complete

9. Inscription: None

10. Plate Numbers: None

11. Arrangement: Sheets of 200, Panes of 100

12. Major Colors: Milky Blue, Blue, Dark Blue

13. Minor Colors: Grey Blue

14. Largest Known Multiple Unused: Block of 30

15. Largest Known Multiple Used: Block of 4 (Strip of 7 known on cover)

16. Major Print Varieties: Minor recurring double and short transfers and a shadow indicating a damaged plate

17. Most Typical Use: 10c letter rate

18. Secondary Use: Pairs paying overweight double rate (only 6 covers recorded). Other multiples are extremely rare.

19. Miscellaneous Data: There is a story (which may or may not be true) that Varina Davis did not like the portrait of her husband on this stamp because she thought it looked too much like Abraham Lincoln and asked that the stamp be removed from usage. The more likely explanation for its low printing is the fact that the copper plates probably did not hold up very well.