Dietz Die Proof
Genuine Stamp

CSA #3 -- 2c Green -- Andrew Jackson


1. Designer: Charles Ludwig

2. Engraver: Charles Ludwig

3. Printing Method: Stone Lithography

4. Lithographer: Hoyer & Ludwig -- Richmond, Virginia

5. Number Printed: 750,000

6. Number of Stones: One

7. Earliest Recorded Date of Use: 21 MAR 1862

8. Plating: Complete

9. Inscription: None

10. Plate Numbers: None

11. Arrangement: Sheets of 200, Panes of 100, Transfer Stone of 50

12. Major Colors: Green

13. Minor Colors: Bright Yellow Green, Dark Green, Bright Emerald Green (scarce)

14. Largest Known Multiple Unused: Pane of 100 (has not been seen in many years) at one time existed and each position was recorded thereby making plating unnecessary. There is a verifiable Block of 24.

15. Largest Known Multiple Used: Strip of 5

16. Major Print Varieties: Right "Top Knot" R81 (R31), Left "Top Knot" L80 (L30), "Spur" L60 (L10), "Color Dot" between R4 & R5 (R54 & R55), L4 & L5 (L54 &L55)

17. Most Typical Use: 2c drop letter and circular rates

18. Secondary Use: Strip of 5 to pay the 10c letter rate after 1 JUL 1862

19. Miscellaneous Data: Large pieces mint or used are very scarce. There are only approximately 250 covers recorded with the 2c Green usage either as a single stamp or a strip of 5.