CSA #11 and CSA #12 Color Shades

The CSA #11 and CSA #12 stamps exist in a variety of color shades from a deep Cobalt Blue to various shades of Blue and Greenish-Blue and even in a true Green color. These color shades can be very confusing to the average collector and can be difficult to distinguish especially when the stamps stand alone.

Here are a few basic rules when it comes to the color shades.

There are seven acknowledged main color shades

Cobalt Blue -- Dark Blue -- Blue -- Light Blue -- Milky Blue -- Greenish-Blue -- Green

In order to better tell the difference between the color shades, I have put together seven stamps which are the best examples I could find of these color shades which I use as my own reference copies. Having reference copies of these color shades particularly if you intend to collect CSA stamps in detail is a good idea. Below are the scans of my color shade reference copies. I have done my best to scan with true colors, but the shades may differ a bit depending on your own monitor settings. But this at least gives you an idea of how different and subtle these color shades really are.

Cobalt Blue
Dark Blue
Light Blue

Milky Blue
Greenish Blue